Vector 27: Xbox One and top tech trends of 2014!

Vector is our cross-platform news and analysis show where we bring you the biggest stories of the week with the best guests in the business. Today Ben Bajarin of TIME and Techpinions joins Rene to talk about the top tech trends of 2014, including 4K televisions, wearables and watches, embedded Android, Xbox One, and more!

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Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie has been covering the personal technology industry for almost a decade. Editorial Director at Mobile Nations, analyst at iMore, video and podcast host, you can follow him @reneritchie on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter.

  • Is that tv curved?
  • Yep.  And it's an amazing set.  
  • XBONE all day
  • I want that screen. 
  • Playing Titanfall and Skype chatting would be too awesome on that screen!
  • Vector have an app for wp8? (or other platforms)
  • What is the name of that screen?
  • Wow, amazing screen