Deal Alert: Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 available for free at TigerDirect with BT headset

The Lumia 928 is currently on offer at TigerDirect, slashing the price to absolutely nothing. Should you take out a new Verizon contract, you'll be able to pick up the unique Windows Phone with a free Bluetooth headset (worth $19.99). If you've not yet picked up a 928 for some reason, now's a perfect opportunity, especially if you're also looking at a new Verizon Wireless line.

Lumia 928 TigerDirect

The Lumia 928 (check out our unboxing and first impressions) sports LTE connectivity, an 8.7MP shooter, 1.5GHz dual-core and the usual specifications you'd expect from a premium Windows Phone. Should you be on the fence, do hurry as the deal closes in 7 hours.

Source: TigerDirect (opens in new tab); thanks, viciouzone, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • My brother-in-law is on sprint but I think he would want a Nokia so I sent this to him. He already has a Verizon account for his iPad. Keeping fingers crossed.
  • Altert!
  • You know it!
  • I use this phone daily. Doesn't look like they even offer it off contract. Weird.
  • I own this phone, and to those still hesitating... Holy **** this phone is amazing! By the way, all 928 by default come SIM unlocked. Double checked with Verizon's global support team, and I confirmed it by using this phone in Europe.
  • Agreed it's F'ing Amazing!
  • I picked up a 928 from NewEgg last week when it went free. Good thing I already have a Bluetooth headset or I'd be kicking myself.
  • Okay, so I'm like 8 months in on my 8x I got in November. Now can anyone explain like the process of getting this good deal? Do I start a new contract or what? Im not sure.
  • I would love to know the same thing.  I got my 8X the same time as you, right after Thanksgiving, and would love to know how someone in the middle of a two year contact could take advantage of this deal.  I like the 8X but I've had enough things going on with it to tell me that the Nokia might be a better choice.
  • There really is no good way to get the phone without paying in one way or another for it. If you prefer to defer the payments maybe you can get a secondary line, order the phone on that. than the day after you activated it you could switch that line to a dumb phone thus cancelling the data plan and activating the 928 on your main line. However I believe that adding even a dumb phone to your plan can cost as much as $30 a month with the share everything plans so that isn't really a frugal option. If you can get an additional line for $10 a month like they used to be, than you might find some value in it since it would cost you $120 and you could update the lines alternateingly in order to get a new phone every year. it's kind of a hack version of the early update plans haha.
    You might have to do some reserach and see. Another option is to just get the 822 off contract since that has all the nokia features and tough it out for a while. You will loose that slim profile and great screen of the HTC though. 
    I'm curious how you guys make out.
  • Thanks for the reply!  I actually like the idea of the plan "hack".  I never thought about that before.  I'm not even going to bother with it right now though.  Don't have the cash plus it's not like I hate the 8X, I actually like it a lot.  As anyone reading this site understands it's just always nice to have the latest and greatest, haha.  Once I hit the next powerball I'll definitely be upgrading though!
  • I own a 928, get the black one BC its not slick like the white one... It has a matte finish like a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. Can't go wrong with 32gb and built in wireless charging, hella deal if u ask me
  • It definitely is a wonderful deal. I went with the white one recently and ended up getting it for about $70. I just was ready to have a phone that was not all black and to be honest the slick finish feels pretty good in hand. I was actually surprised.
  • Additional deal alert. AT&T is currently selling the wireles charging pad online for $24.50. I got one for myself.
  • Why do people continue to ask how they can get in a great deal when they themselves are in the middle of a 2 year contract.  What do people not understand about the word CONTRACT.   If you want the latest and greatest you will need to pay for the full cost of the phone... How hard is that to understand?
    The only option that will help you reduce the cost of having to pay full price is taking your relatively new phone you're using and selling it on Craigslist, which should get you about half the cost of the full price that you pay for a newer phone while in a contract.  The right way to do things is to AVOID contracts, they are schemes....