Verizon pushes LTE to second half of 2010

In a conference call late Wednesday, Verizon Wireless announced that it's shifting the planned rollout of its 4G LTE network to the second half of 2010, with national coverage in 2013 and complete coverage in 2015.

From Electronista:

Initially slated for early 2010, the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network is now said by wireless chief Lowell McAdam to be fully commercial for the second half of that year in 20 to 30 markets.

Also noted is that Verizon is scaling back its baseline speed to between 8Mbps and 12Mbps on average, which still should be faster than Sprint's upcoming WiMax network. But the near-term consideration is that as AT&T boosts its 3G network to HSPA+, Verizon and its EVDO Rev. A are going to be slower than its GSM competition.

And in other news ... We're still waiting on that promised GPS unlock. And, no, we haven't forgotten.

Phil Nickinson

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