Lumia 920 Verion Lead

Here in the US, the only way to get a top notch Nokia device has always been with AT&T. That’s about to change with Verizon rumored to be getting two killer devices from Nokia. We’ve already covered some rumors in the past regarding Big Red and Espoo, but here’s another to get you stoked for the coming year.

The Verge is reporting that Verizon is going to receive a high-end variant of the Lumia 920. It is currently codenamed Laser. This device will receive an aggressive marketing push from all parties involved, including Microsoft.

No firm time frames for when to expect such a device. The only thing we know at this point is that it will be released later this year alongside a device codenamed Catwalk. That device is expected to introduce aluminum as its main build material.

We’ve already reported that Nokia has two main goals for this year: to introduce a variety of handsets and that they’re just getting starting in innovation and imaging. It’s almost as if we’re in the calm before the storm. Hopefully we’ll have some of these devices unveiled next month at Mobile World Congress.

Source: The Verge