Verizon Trophy available on Verizon website

I'm late with the April fools jokes, so relax and take this in because it's really happening. The Verizon website now features the HTC Trophy and is available to purchase at full retail price with month-to-month ($429.99), or on a two year contract ($199.99). Currently there is a $50 mail-in rebate on the contract pricing. Today is the 26th, which is bang on target with the finalized date and completes the agonizing journey we've all been on (see our past coverage of the Verizon Trophy).

What's more is the availability of overnight shipping, so you can receive your long-awaited Trophy the next day. We previously mentioned that there would be a free Xbox 360 game included (opens in new tab) as a deal sweetener (and compensation for the long wait), which is online and ready to be taken advantage of at the promotion page (be sure to have your MEID number at hand). Act quickly, the offer is only valid until June 30th.

Via: WMPU (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ordered 2 this morning. Goodbye AT&T!
  • It is now listed as out of stock....
  • Yeah that was fast. Either they did not have many or there was a lot of built up demand for WP on Verizon. Hopefully my two ship since they were on an enterprise plan.
  • I am hoping for the latter. A significant demand for WP7 on Verizon might make them take less time to get new models out in the future. And hopefully they will get more Trophies in soon. $400 for an off-contract phone is not a bad deal at all, given that I paid $200 with a contract for the D2G less than six months ago.
  • I had that problem, did an online chat and they had me change my location to Alabama (36830) as it was in stock for that zip code and I was then able to order it. Change the zip in the upper right hand corner before you start your order. Unfortunately free overnight shipping was not available for my upgrade so I paid the $12.99 to get it on Friday.
  • I ordered mine at midnight and got the next day mail. With my new every two & the $50 discount, including next day shipping I paid $67 for some Verizon Windowsphone Sweetness!! Should be here by 3PM. Can't wait to try it with my Ford Focus sync system!! I'm jazzed!
  • The information presented above is incorrect. The two year contract price is $149.99 on the website plus the $50 online discount (instant, not mail in) which brings the price down to $99.99.I ordered two Trophy's as well. I got mine for $69.99 using my upgrade and the one for my roommate was $99.99 for a new line. Plus we get two free Xbox games! Their delivery tomorrow cannot come soon enough!! I have been waiting since WP7 was first announced to get it and that wait has been driving me mad!In addition, I work for a municipal government and we were in the process of upgrading our wireless devices for the city. When Verizon gave an official release date for the Trophy we called our rep and cancelled our current order. (of mostly Thunderbolts) We gave people a second chance to change their device since we could now give them a firm release date for the Trophy. I was REALLY happy to see that we've already had 21 of our users switch to the Trophy. Perhaps this is in part to all the good word that I have been spreading about the WP7 platform but it is encouraging that like me, others would pass on the 4G speeds in order to actually get a phone on the platform that we truly want. Take note Verizon. Release more WP7 devices! We want them!
  • I ordered two phones last night, or this morning, at 12:10am. Should be here tomorrow before 3pm. Can't wait....
  • You don't need to tell any of us to act quickly, some of us were frantically refreshing the Verizon page at midnight last night for when the deal went live :-p
  • I've already got my orders in but I just checked and it still seems to be available for me. (I'm in Wisconsin) ZIP: 53590 still has it available.