Verizon Trophy caught on video

This post is both gratuitous and a tease as we're just days from release of the long-awaited Verizon Trophy. Still, for would be buyers, seeing it being handled is well..cathartic phone pr0n, we suppose.

Gadget site Techno Buffalo mange to find a tipster who spent a few brief moments with the Trophy and set it to some of the most dramatic music you'll ever hear with a phone (and considering the drama with this device, it seems quite appropriate).

Unfortunately no quick tour of the OS, you just see the phone being fondled--eww, C'est la vie.

Source: Techno Buffalo; Thanks again, slayerjayslb

Daniel Rubino

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  • awesome, now i just need to see it torn down to find out how/if the memory's upgradabled
  • is there any diffrence between this trophy and the vodafone trophy which has been out since launch?
  • 16GB of storage instead of 8. Red speaker grill/battery compartment intead of yellow (which is good because the red looks so much better) and we're still unsure of the LCD vs SLCD situation.Also, this is obviously a dual CDMA/GSM device whereas the euro model is GSM only.
  • That's a pretty nice looking phone hardware wise. Verizon users should be pretty happy waiting for it. I'm curious how the screen compares to my Samsung Focus though. AMOLED looks awesome.
  • I really can't understand why u guys like these HTC devices... they are all horrible looking.... and all of them look the same no matter what name they name it trophy, etcthe samsung is the only good looking wp7 devicenuff saidExcelsior!
  • and about the AMOLED..... the LG wp7 screen is way better thatn the samsung focus amoled wp7 screenI tried them all side by side... and the LG screen is the best!