Verizon Trophy now $99 on Newegg

The Verizon HTC Trophy has made its way on to Newegg.  Customers looking to renew their contract or open up a new line of service can get it for a measley $99.99.  If you want to purchase without a contract it will run you $489.99.  Free shipping via FedEx is included.

Source: NewEgg; Thanks go out to Thomas-Moffitt Stage for the tip!

  • the Trophy is also $99 on Amazon Wireless
  • Yeah, and according to the earlier posted article, if we wait till Monday, we can take advantage of that $25 Amazon gift card promo.
  • Sure would be nice to see some better off-contract prices ...
  • $429 (or $419) at Verizon. That's the beat you are going to see. Got my Surround from AT&T for $399 off contract (regular $499) which included a $100 loyalty discount. Maybe you need to ask. Can't hurt.
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