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Verizon Trophy users now getting radio update

We're getting a lot of reports in from readers that Verizon is now pushing out their radio firmware update for the HTC Trophy. We reported on this a few days ago, noting that it would fix the GSM roaming issue that many faced when returning to the US.  The update brings users to the following:

  • OS version: 7.10.7720.68 (same)
  • Firmware revision number: 2305.13.20110.605
  • Radio software version:

Note, some users are reporting that this brings the 8107 OS update. As far as we can tell, it does not nor should users expect that update to happen anytime soon (though who knows what Verizon's plans are).

For users though who "forced" their Trophy's to 8107, you probably just blocked your radio update as the server's won't recognize your device as matching those needing this fix. We have a few reports from our forums of just a scenario and for you, we have no answer how to "force" this update. Of course, we did warn users on our Podcast that forcing the 8107 update may have unintended consequences and that's what we are seeing now.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Was gonna try and force the 8107 but glad that I didn't now! :P
  • Interesting stuff, my phone's not reporting an update available just yet, will have to see what plugging it in @ work tomorrow does for me... Anybody have a solid answer on the 8107 "rumor" to this?
  • I did not get 8107 with this update.
  • I have updated to 8107 and not received anything yet. Oh well, I don't think I'm gonna lose sleep over this.  Rather have 8107 because it really did fix those bugs.
  • Wow, i havent heard any friggin news about my HTC Trophy, i might just force the 8107 update since im never goin out of usa and if i do im never payin for the roaming
  • I need 8107 update. The disappearing keyboard is annoying!
  • Again im reminded why VZW hates their customers. Give us the freaking update to fix the keyboard. Microsoft should just by pass carriers all together.
  • Verizon has been trying to purge customers since last July. I still don't understand why the hardware, software, and carriers are not upfront and honest with us. After all we are the customers. If Verizon just wants Android and Apple then just tell us. I can find another carrier.
  • A prospective convert is a couple days away from getting the Trophy. Win?
  • I forced the 8107... Happier with that than this firmware update. I am still quite happy with my trophy... As much as I hate Verizon more by the day
  • I was just going to complain on the forums about the terrible reception on this phone.  It was nowhere near good as on my old Imagio.  Hopefully this will fix that.  Also, it is still 7720 on my phone.
  • The keyboard Houdini act is annoying, but I am glad they fixed the GSM issue as I have plans to be abroad in several months. Without this firmware update I was not going to use the phone, so I can avoid a total reset of the phone. Now that is not the case. 8170 update will come, and I have managed my phone's magician act, so I can be a bit more patient.
  • I got the update yesterday it shows up as HTC update I haven't noticed any differences other than the radio.
    is it ok to force the new update after u get the new radio update and does the old disconnect from the internet method work anymore
  • that's a good question....
  • how about Verizon giving us more phone options instead of holding up updates.  ATT does not work in the metro in DC and that is important here.  Only Verizon and Sprint. 
  • Still waiting... :-( and yes more options from big red would be nice.
  • While this firmware/radio update will NOT in fact upgrade you from 7720 to 8107, it does not however block you from getting the update if you already "forced" 8107 before. I successfully flashed the 8107.79 build on my Trophy last week using the steps posted on XDA, and yesterday I got the pop up on my phone telling me there is an update available and to plug it to my computer to get it. When I got home I did that and it updated my phone to the firmware/radio versions listed above, wihtout changing my 8107 build. So if you already have 8107.79 you will be get this update...just be patient.
  • I was running 8107...and the update came down for me...
  • I forced the 8107 update and was prompted for this update a couple of days ago.
  • me too, had the 8107 and finally got an update notification. Everything installed and no problems to report....yet
  • Does the 8107 fix the google sync bug as well? That's more annoying than the keyboard bug I think.
  • If you have advanced configuration tool, registry editor or WPDC don't download this crap, it renders all this useless, I am stuck with a custom background color and can't change it back to defualt black and can't create custom color tiles anymore, it's a scam to lock your phone even further and serves no purpose. If you missed out because you installed 8107 before hand, consider your self lucky you are better off because this update just made the keep board issue even worse and it seems to drain the battery a lil bit more in my case.