Verizon's limited, unlimited prepaid data

Verizon Wireless is now offering pre-paid monthly data plans without the need for service contracts. This includes a $30 pre-paid unlimited plan and a $10 pre-paid 25mb plan (anything over 25mb will cost you $.20 per MB).

The limitation is that these pre-paid data plans are only for 3G enabled phones and the list of eligible phones doesn't include any Windows Phones. On the list you have Blackberry devices, Palm devices, and Android devices but not a single Windows Phone.

The tiered data plans are similar to what AT&T moved to back in June and you can find all the fine print on these new plans over at Verizon.

While the new data plans might make smart phones more attractive, the lack of any Windows Phones being eligible gives us pause. We have seen indications that Verizon's existing Windows Phones may be short lived and there seems to be a lack of interest from Verizon on Windows Phone 7.

Could the new data plans be just another sign that Verizon will be dropping Microsoft completely from it's lineup? Or are we reading too much into this on a slow news day?

via: Android Central

George Ponder

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