Video reportedly shows Xiaomi Mi 4 running on Windows 10 for phone

A recently uncovered video shows a Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone running on Windows 10 for phone during the 2015 WinHEC hardware conference held in China in March.

Microsoft and Xiaomi first announced their plans to offer a select group of Chinese Mi 4 owners a way to flash their Android-based phones with the new Windows 10 for phones operating system during WinHEC. This new Xiaomi-branded video, narrated in Chinese, shows the OS running on the smartphone, including running its versions of Office, the Windows Phone Store and more.

Neither Microsoft nor Xiaomi have revealed when this experimental program will begin, but if it is successful we could see more Android-based smartphones flashed to run Windows 10 for phones in the future.

Some more images of the Mi 4 running Windows 10 were posted a few days ago in the Xiaomi forums, sourced below.

Source: Xiaomi forums; Via: Windowsblogitalia

John Callaham