Vizio cuts down their selection of PCs, but introduce new refinements

Vizio is better known for their HD televisions and sound bars than their selection of Windows PCs, but it is seen as no surprise considering they only jumped into the game two years ago. Their last selection of machines where simple and beautiful, while at the same time lacking the refinement and careful engineering that would really make them solid machines.

This year at CES, the company is having another go and have introduced their new Thin + Light machines.  

The new machines include a 15.6-inch Ultrabook and a 24-inch all in one desktop. Both new machines will see the introduction of Intel's Core i7 Haswell CPU and new Intel graphic solutions. If you are worried about future proofing your purchase, you have no need to worry; both units feature 1080p touch screens along with 802.11ac wireless chips. 

What may be more important than what the company has introduced and given us is what the company has taken away. On Vizio's laptop line, gone are the 14-inch touch screen and 15-inch non-touch screen notebooks – the company expects you to be in love with their 15-inch touch screen model and not desire anything smaller.

On the desktop side of the spectrum, Vizio has also killed off their 27-inch all in one unit and will be offering only the new 24-inch models.  

Vizio is one of the new companies trying to push into the personal computer market, and with PC sales continuing to decline - it may not be the best time to squeeze in. Many times, a company will downsize their selection if sales are not going as expected and it is safe to say that Vizio is nowhere near the sales of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other competitors.  

We wish the best for Vizio, and will be brining a full review to you in the coming future on the latest CES 2014 machines.  

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Source: TheVerge

Michael Archambault