VLC for Windows 8 and Windows Phone is almost ready, here’s the latest on its status

We’re inching closer and closer to seeing VLC on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The project started a little over a year ago and was funded by users via Kickstarter. The team gave the community updates at somewhat regular intervals, but has gone silent in recent months. We now have a new update on the status for the project for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Let’s find out the latest news and check out some new screenshots of the app. 

The team at VLC is working on making the app for the “WinRT” platform. To them, WinRT represents Windows 8, Windows Phone, and potentially the Xbox One. WinRT comes in two variants – ARM and x86. The team is working on making sure they’re available for both.

So what’s the status of the port of VLC to “WinRT”? Here’s what the team now has going for with VLC:

  • Support for all usual VLC formats, including MKV and FLAC
  • Audio
  • Video, (with correct aspect ratios)
  • Basic subtitles support
  • File and network stream support
  • A simple, but working UI
  • Passing the WACK certification
  • Working on Windows 8 and 8.1

VLC for Windows 8

Currently they’re getting ready for release to the Windows Store. They’re fixing important bugs, like the audio bug that resulted in a rejected from the Store. They’ll keep cleaning up VLC and submit it to the Store over the weekend. That’s for x86 though, ARM is another story at the moment.

Currently the team is still working on the ARM version of VLC for Windows 8. That’s the version required to get this app working on devices like your Nokia Lumia 2520 or Surface 2 – devices running Windows RT. They hope to deploy in a matter of weeks once the compiler issues are addressed in those builds.

Windows 8 VLC

That means a Windows Phone version might be the last piece of the puzzle to fall. They don’t anticipate a lot of extra API work for the Windows Phone version, but do suspect they’ll need to address file management and adapt the basic UI.

It’s been a long wait, but hopefully VLC for Windows Phone/Windows 8 will be worth it. Anyone else waiting for it or are you happy with Moliplayer Pro for Windows Phone?

Source: Kickstarter

Sam Sabri
  • Please give us updates on Firefox too! I can't dl the beta since I have a surface rt
  • Mozilla has that it will not bring Firefox to RT, because the rules for Microsoft's store won't allow it. There's no way to do a proper Firefox port using Microsoft's APIs.
  • Does that mean there will be no metro version for windows 8?
  • Maybe there will be a metro version for Windows 8, but it won't be available in the store and will not work in RT.
  • If it won't be available in the Store, it won't work in Metro mode of Windows 8
  • Yay!
  • I just got a surface 2 deff looking forward for this.. The surface is very powerful for a tablet
  • I think that VLC is THE best media player there is out there. I've been using it for a number of years and still haven't found any file format that I couldn't play. I'm really looking forward to it.
  • agree
  • Does it play bluray?
  • Its been a few years since I tried, but I want to say no to that. It seemed for bluerays you need either paid software or extra-legal software.
  • Yes it does, but only if it's not DRM protected. Like if you use anyDVD HD.
  • It plays bluerays perfectly on my Sony Vaio duo 13 and Vaio T Ultra book. I bought an LG blueray/3D slim External drive but the it came with Power DVD 11 which was unable to play blue ray so I was forced to pay $90 to upgrade to Cyberlink Power DVD 13 Ultra which plays both both 2D and 3D bluerays but cannot play bluray files from the hard drive or external hard drive. Surprisingly VLC is able to handle these files easily from either the built in hard drive or and external one.
  • Thanks guys!
  • You have to mount the bluray iso file to get cyberlink to play them off the hard dtive
  • KMPlayer and GOM Player win me over VLC with keyboard shortcuts and many options to tweak subtitles :) and yes, they play all those formats
  • Recently i love KMPlayer more than VLC.. but its great to have VLC on windows phone :)
  • I agree KMPlayer is avesome, still VLC is a must have player. It's way faster than KM and even eats up some damaged formats that I have. So yeah If only it would have more simple shortcuts and easy controls I'd be happy even more. It's a primary player on my Mac as well cause Quicktime just sucks Bigtime. Windows is KMPlayer then VLC. And yeah still don't get what some people find in Media Classic.
  • Media Player Classic? GPU decoding :-)
  • Also, as of right now my ver. 1.7.1 of Media Player Classic plays HEVC (H265) video flawlessly, whereas VLC 2.1.1 doesn't, though that can change in ver. 2.2. I know, maybe it's not so important right now (I do have at least 1 video in the format) but it's clearly the future.
  • No, it is not. Download Media Player Classic and compare them, same video, side by side. You will see how horrible VLC is.
  • Agreed. Mpc HD specifically
  • i use vlc for the ease of use. and better interface.
    nothing wrong on mpc. but it looks like windows classic OS
  • I personally prefer GOM  
  • Cool. The Xbox video app can't currently play a lot of camera formats, so choice is always good.
  • The Xbox video app on the One cannot play anything from my PC or USB stick..... Need this app for the One.
  • Yes! Finally someone displays the time on the playback screen. You'd think this came out of the box... but nooooo.
  • You can just swipe in from the right ... ?
  • Sorry, last thing I read was about windows phone... You can't do that there, and I don't see why that "feature" shouldn't carry over from the desktop app :)
  • Ah yes, that would be very handy, especially when locking to the phone to see the time pauses playback.
  • Yup. Currently the only way to see the time while viewing video is to hit the back button, lock the phone, or hit the start button, which all pause it. The time should pop up with the playback controls.
    I don't understand how differently entire groups of executives, testers, developers, and (sigh) graphic designers could let this one slip. Basic functionalityyyy.
  • I just look at my wrist. Old-fashioned multitasking
  • When I look at my wrist, all I see is hair and veins.
  • Lol :)
    ...that and a mole.
  • I look at my shadow. I win.
  • Yah, all you gotta do is just swipe from the right. It isn't that hard to do, but the VLC Player way is more convenient though. 
  • Well, I am happy with moliplayer pro, but VLC is VLC...
  • Agree
  • Just too bad that Moliplayer can't access the Video folder, and the file is saved in it's own folder
  • Agree.
  • That's probably a WP limitation, I doubt VLC will fare better in that regard.
  • Great news, ARM version definitely needed.
  • Yupie..here it comes...moliplayer too doing a decent job....
  • Awesome. Wonder if it will play flv files?
  • Pumped. Tired of getting the "unsupported" file error on plain vanilla video files that played on Windows before.
  • Great news!
  • Now, THIS is the kind of developer that we need to see interviewed.  Among what I feel are the most important questions, are "why is Windows RT and Windows Phone so much more difficult to develop for compared to iOS or Android" and "what do you think would be the biggest thing Microsoft could do to make development more attractive".  Because, let's face it, it seems obvious that if developing RICH apps for Windows Phone was significantly easier than the competitors, more of them would just make that part of their development plans because it would be silly not to.
  • From what I've been told, developing for Win8 and WP is pretty easy given the Visual Studio IDE tools available. Many devs don't because they don't understand the market potential represented by the coming convergence or they are stretched too thin spending all their time wrestling with crappy iOS tools.
  • Great news, it keeps getting better.
  • I can't wait. :)
  • I like the Xbox One idea. Yes, please.
  • I didn't know this was going to be an app on Xbox One! This is great news. I was already looking forward to the Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 version. Xbox One is icing on the cake.
  • Will videos open in vlc from the web browser? Like give u the choice?
  • This is great news but I think people with Winrt are more eager than the x86.
  • Agreed. Are there any other .avi and .mkv solutions on RT right now other than conversion?
  • Mobile.HD Player, I think...
  • If this comes out on Xbox One I'll be happy =D or if it does Play To perfectly well =) I REALLY want Plex on Xbox One =/
  • Hope one day MS will provide new API for accessing videos from any folder.
  • What's with the alignment issue on the 'skip back', 'pause', & 'skip ahead' buttons? I've noticed a few apps with the same problem, metrotube's refresh button is another one... Why can't they have it centered properly? Not a big deal, just annoying. Catches my eye every time.
  • Very interested in getting this for the Surface RT! Good news. Not so into it for normal Windows 8.1 as Windows Media Player plays any kind of format as long as you have the codecs installed.
  • Wow! DJCBS got Surface RT, that very impressive for someone who hates MS for buying Nokia Devices devision :)
  • See? You lost a nice opportunity to keep your mouth shut if you haven't been paying attention ;)
    I own several Microsoft products. I've been with Microsoft for decades. If I hated Microsoft as a hole, I would have switched to Apple or Chromebook or whatever. That doesn't mean I won't hate them for destroying Nokia and doesn't prevent me from wishing them all the worst for their Windows Phone platform once Nokia's gone. Because there's no "One" Microsoft. There are several Microsofts. There's the one I love which makes Windows and Office, there's the one I like that makes the Surface, there's the one I'm completely indifferent towards that makes the Xbox and pathetic though funny Scroogled ads, and there's the one I hate that destroys the company that even make Windows Phone a thing to try and take over the mobile business so that they can keep failing on a larger scale by removing the pressure Nokia made for them to innovate and move faster and making sure no OEM will ever tell them again that they're lazy and incompetent to develop a proper OS alone ;)
  • Yes, but you are _still_ overly (and immaturely) emotional toward a large company. You've "personified"  large behemoth like MS in a "they did it to them". And its also so out of kilter with reality. All phone companies, Motorola, Blackberry have all been slain by far eastern manufacturers and the disruptive influence of iPhone since 2007. Thats not MS fault. Nokia went Meego and failed, and Symbian was never modern enough for smartphones and new Ecos. Nokia was just another victim of a fast paced tech world. And even, even if MS did do it. Its not your child, its not your company. Just get popocorn like the rest of the adults and watch it unfold. To "hate" on a large compnay it too strong an emotion. You really, really need to change your perspective and re-assess your value system.
  • To be Frank I am happy at the moment with Moliplayer Pro, But getting VLC is like going back home from outta town ;)
  • Wow...so many people waiting for the RT version? Really? After we have been told by so many others that RT should be killed because none of us wanted it. Apparently that isn't true, just like we told those nay-sayers....
  • Windows RT is awesome. People who criticized it didn't understand it. Once it merges with Windows Phone, it'll be even more awesome.
  • Totally agree. Window RT has the advantages of a mobile OS (no malware -crucial point-, good touch first UI, easy to download tablet optimized apps...) with much of the power of a desktop OS (file explorer, real multitasking, user accounts, MS Office...). And it was born just one year ago!
  • File explorer....we have third party metro marketplace apps, but they all miss the mark. I cant believe that Microsoft did not include that in the basics with Calendar, People, Email. We have the desktop, but it becomes a real peck and guess game on a 10" screen without one of the snap on keyboards.
  • The Skydrive App includes a basic file explorer (just select "This PC" instead of "Skydrive"), and if you need more power just plug any USB mouse (or a BT one) and you have all the power of the Windows Explorer. It's not a perfect situation yet, but it's far better that what you can do in an iPad, the "Jesus tablet" :-P.
  • -Double post-
  • That's because x86 users are spoilt for choice and can use any software they want so don't have to wait for a Metro vlc version. Prime example of the limitations of RT and nothing to do with number of RT users.
  • For a 1 year old system, there are a LOT of modern apps. 100,000 in the first 8 months. In more than one year the Mac App store, for the much older and stablished OSX, had... 10,000. http://www.macrumors.com/2012/04/27/mac-app-store-hits-10000-available-a... http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/1/4484344/microsoft-100000-apps-windows-8
  • No. X86 users just cried louder. Already been told by a Microsoft employee that after the first week, every person that asks about a Pro, there are 5 that ask about the 2.
  • Asking is one thing, buying it, then keeping it is another....
  • Hopefully, the Windows Phone version will be able to access the Pictures and Videos directories (MoliPlayer can't).
  • It is not allowed by MS
  • Maybe they will relax the policy.
  • Everyone will be glad if that happens:D
  • Will VLC be a free application for a Windows Phone 8 or paid ? I don't think it will be free because somewhere i heard that VLC team was facing financial crisis.
  • Even if it's not free, paying for such a high quality app wouldn't be the worst, especially since it would be (probably) less than a cup of coffee. I wouldn't pay for a third party twitter client or such (not that some aren't very good), but stuff like this merits support, financial or otherwise (I like free, too).
  • They can only take donations, its an open source project and if they start charging for it they might get themselves entangled with the usual licensing and patent wrangles.
  • Don't get it. Why an x86 version? You already have the desktop program for that. Shouldn't the priority be for apps that can only run store apps?
    Regardless. A solution to play MKVs natively will be nice.
  • Because the desktop install base always prone to makes the registry and file system dirty. If uninstall or update handled incorectly, it will clog the system down. OTH, Windows Store App version will just install it on it's own isolated storage which when you uninstall or update, it just works without worrying about clogging the system. Sure we'll lose some desktop functionality, but it's non-essential for video playback. And it should be able to reduce our chance to force ourself reinstall the whole thing (or reset to factory setting) whenever the system was to dirty.
  • Desktop app not optimized for touch - Metro is much better at it.  Also with the onslaught of new 8inch Baytrail tablets and judging by the popularity of those tablets from the internet forums Metro x86 version makes plenty of sense.
  • Yes, I am really waiting for it :)
  • What is VLC. Seems to be so popular.
  • Well, were you living under a rock all these years.....
  • Maybe. Anyways pull me out and rattle my brains a little.
  • It is amedia player that can handle almost all sorts of media from .mkv to .mov and also has subtitles support
  • Yes for the Windows Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes :-)
  • Moliplayer is much good app
  • Do we have an RT version of the Moliplayer? I have 3Tb of movies on 2 different external hard drives but I cannot play any of these movies on either of my first or second generation Surface. I'm extremely satisfied with my Surface Rt and Surface 2 but my Surface experience wouldn't be complete without Vlc or a good alternative.
  • HTTP support is ALL I ask. You know, click the play button on a mobile YouTube page, for example, then it opens up VLC. Would want that. Also, like I said, needs scrubbing on HTTP videos.
  • This is good news... I've always loved VLC and can't wait to have it on windows phone... Woo hoo!!!
  • I don't understand. How can VLC, something that had a lot of hard work and dedication behind it, be rejected from the store because of a little bug, yet a good number of crappy, unfinished, and/or scammy games and apps get accepted every day?
  • Does it also do 10bit playback for RT? Playing .mkvs is only half the story for my use case.
  • Is there any video player in the app store...tht can play mp4 vids..?
  •     Even the standard Win8 video app plays mp4.
  • I'm using Moliplayer and I'm really happy with it, worth buying. But if the VLC seems better I will switch.
  • Giggity
  • Cover Firefox!
  • Yes. WP and RT!!!!!
  • Nice
  • Yup,Moli Player is the best until then.Windows Phone 8 is finally getting all the basic apps.Keep up the good work!Android and Apple, just wait a bit till we kick ur A**.
  • Have been waiting for long time, searched for all possible news about the dvlpt. including yesterday, and here is some news... i hope the app comes fast before christmas....let me wish the team gud luck.
  • Great news about VLC for Windows Phone!! I hope WP will lets us the choice of which app use. I don't know how can Moliplayer Pro access to phone storage and sd storage as well. It is not denied by current APIs? If the player can access to our camera roll too I don't understand the limitation of other apps to access to the storage, such as Whatsapp to send video already recorded... Someone can explain this? thanks!!!
  • Considering the uglyness of standard VLC for desktop, I would argue they have had to educate them self's to be designers, and that's why its taken so long. Great software but calling it beautiful as it is would be just plain wrong.
    Great to see them coming to WP in the end. Just look what happens when you wait to long. You get your self's open for competition, and in this case, Moliplayer have stepped up where everybody else fails.
  • That's great news!!! Congrats, WP !!!
  • Something that allows MKV !
  • I'm dead at them needing WACK certification!
  • When will the VLC app hit the Windows store? I cant wait for it....plz release it this month as a Xmas present to all.
  • Even if they offer for $$, I'm buying it!!
  • Just can't wait for VLC to be released for Windows Phone. Been eagerly waiting for this app since a long time. It is the best video player I have used on my PC that supports all video formats. According to me I think it will be a free app because its open source. But I'm sure even if it turns out to be paid, hell lotta people aren't gonna care and would definitely grab it. :)
  • Thank you thank you thank YOU for the update. The non-backers supporters (like myself) were totally in the dark about update. I regreted the whole year not backing the VLC project on kickstarter. I was late.. but hey!   Just a question: would it support gestures (top/down on right for volume, left for brightness) like moliplayer?   and thank you Sam Sabri for the headsup! :)
  • Can anyone among the backers suggest those guys to change the tagline "VLC for Windows 8" to
    "VLC media player"
      ? Same as regular the desktop version.. Its more generic (8/8.1/phone/xbox) and I suppose it makes more sense too! :)
  • Or simply the traffic cone graphic (VLC logo) and remove the text!
  • I want this app so badly!
  • FLAC . . . enough said :)
  • media monkey on my rt plays flacs
  • Hell yeah! VLC, the best damn media player around! This is sooo awesome!
  • Media player classic
  • Hell yeah baby!
  • I have it on windows 7 for a very long time.
  • Gods of technology show them the path to the light! /me sacrifices several old gadgets to the capriously lords of the eletron.     I can't wait for this. No more converting my .mkv's.
  • I am still waiting for the ability to slide-seek on my songs without relying on the button.
  • Molliplayer is great.
  • Awesome! Anyone know if 'Play To Xbox' like Xbox Video does would be a possible feature, if not at launch, perhaps in the future?
  • I asked the same thing, this will be hugely popular if it can be used to "Play To" .mkv files to Xbox One. 
  • Moliplayer may be lone app but it wasn't the best one.
  • Im chuffed at this! Hope it arrives before christmas.
  • Does anyone know if this will support the "Play To" feature to allow us to play to Xbox One? Because you can't transcode, there is no way to play .mkv on Xbox One without first converting, it would be awesome if VLC player lets you "Play To" .mkv files to Xbox One.
  • I have nothing against Moliplayer Pro, I've never used it but I'll wait for VLC. I know and like them. This is why all phones need expandable storage. I am going to load so much anime' on my 928 when this program becomes available.
  • Any news about VLC Player for windows phone?
  • When will VLC and Mozilla Firefox really come to Windows 8? Can't wait
  • So they have all that stuff working already, where the heck is the beta release?
  • Yep, March now, still waiting...