VLC for Xbox One picks up improved controls and more

The recently released VLC app for Xbox One is snagging some controller tweaks and changes thanks to its latest update. While the update isn't major from a general features standpoint, it does add some quality of life improvements with the ability to seek using the controller triggers and close the playback overlay with the B button.

Outside of the controller tweaks, we're looking mainly at performance improvements and bug fixes with this update. Here's the full rundown of what's new in version 2.1.1 (via MSPU):

  • Added fast seek using gamepad triggers
  • B will now close the playback overlay when it's displayed
  • Fix default control panel button focus
  • Improved media discovering performances
  • Fixed tab colors
  • General performance improvement
  • Fix crash when browsing password protected network drives
  • Fix mixed up channels when playing 5.1/7.1
  • Fix too long media discovery
  • Fix wrong external drive being browsed when 2 or more drives are plugged in
  • Fix various hardware acceleration bugs
  • Fix crash when displaying teletext subtitles
  • Fix inconsistent background audio behavior
  • Fix duplicated display of network drives

As of this writing, the update is in the certification process, so it may take some time to show as available. Once you do have it installed, however, you should find controlling playback a little more intuitive overall.

Download VLC from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Can this thing play bluray? The bluray app is attrocious. The UI, the lack of volume control, it's just not a good experience.
  • wondering the same
  • It cant. Uwp vlc cant play bluray as they explicitly stated. You need desktop vlc for Blu-ray.
  • They stated it on the first version. That could have changed.
    The question remains: why can't it play Blu-Ray discs? Is it a UWP limitation? Is it their decision?
  • I am curious about this as well.
  • Licensing
  • This is due to an API limitation. We'd love to be able to do it, but can't so far.
  • Do you work with VLC team ? If by chance you do and see this, please add some alternate UI modes to the Xbox VLC app, the tile/listing view is not to everyones taste. A simple toggle between a straight list mode would be great, thanks.
  • I still can't see it in the store
  • It's still in "beta" so not publically listed but if you use the search feature it will appear there.
  • Good. this program needs these updates. currently its a little unstable and crashes and freezes. also, seeking through video files is painful.   this program is way too bloated on the pc (Use mpc instead),   since there is nothing else on the xbox one. it will do for now.
  • MPC is dead no one is working on it any more. MPC-HC fork has one person left on that but it is pretty dead. MPC-BE fork has people working on it but very unstable. VLC desktop still has people working on it and I hardly call it bloated in comparison to MPC. The UWP version of VLC is a separate thing from the desktop version and is whats used in Xbox store, Xbox version needs some more UI work.
  • This update finally fixed the issue I was having on my laptop since the last update with VLC. When the app started, it just showed a black screen, and did nothing. The app still has some issues here, but it's more likely to be related to my laptop being old, slow and sh*tty in general now :D It's hinge is broken on one side, so it's screen does the flibby whibby pretty well for example xD It's always strange and sad at the same time, when I arrive at home, drop my 535 on my pillow and start up my laptop, because the 535 runs amazingly well on the latest release preview build, and the laptop doesn't on production :D Anyway, I'm saving up to replace it with a modern 2 in 1 at the moment, and am curious how the VLC app will perform on it.
  • Glad to know this issue is fixed!
  • Hopefully Play/Pause will work with the media remote or Cortana voice control soon. Otherwise, the app has worked well for me so far.
  • Quickly tested it and it really is better - app does not crash when connecting to smb shares protected with password, player controls are improved (however remote controller support is still poor but at least play/pause button works), B does not close video when player overlay is displayed and sound is finally working as it should be. Keep it up, just few more steps and the app will be good enough for daily use!