VRV is a new video subscription service that's coming to the Xbox One

During E3 2016 this week, Microsoft helped to announce VRV, an upcoming video streaming subscription service with a number of content partners. It will launch later this fall on the Xbox One and other platforms.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One's involvement with VRV via Twitter:

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So what is VRV? Well, despite what its name suggests, it has nothing to do with virtual reality. The Wall Street Journal reports that the service is being launched by Ellation Media and will offer video content from partners like Rooster Teeth, Nerdist, CrunchyRoll, Geek & Sundry and others:

The subscription prices for VRV have yet to be determined, said Tom Pickett, chief executive of Ellation. But the idea is that fans will be able to subscribe to individual channels on an a la carte basis or to a basic cable-like package. Ellation is expecting more partners to join prior to VRV's launch.For VRV partners, the plan is to produce exclusive content that may not always be economically feasible on free, ad-supported social platforms like YouTube. Some partners will potentially make their VRV content available on other platforms after a certain period of time, Mr. Pickett said. There will also be some free, ad-supported content on VRV, but this won't include content created specifically for the subscription product.

John Callaham