Want to know what's next for Apple? Follow along with iMore's WWDC 2017 live blog!

We're all-in on Microsoft and Windows around these parts.

But let's face it, even die-hard Windows phone fans are investigating other mobile platforms at this point, including Apple's iOS. Many of us also use Apple services, such as iCloud, Apple TV and even iTunes, which is reportedly coming to the Windows Store. Frankly, we're also interested in what the competition will unveil this week — Apple always puts on a show, and its strategical directions often influence Microsoft.

If you're not familiar with WWDC, it's the company's yearly developer conference. (Think: Build for Apple coders.) This year, the event is taking place in Apple's backyard, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose.

Apple is sure to announce many new developments, but rumor has it the company may have some new MacBooks to show off. Who knows? Maybe they'll even come close to competing with the Surface Laptop or Surface Pro, unlike the current crop of Mac laptops.

The keynote starts at 1 pm ET/10 am PT, and you can (and should) follow along live on iMore. You can also visit the site for ongoing coverage this week and be sure to bookmark the live blog page so you don't miss a thing.

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Al Sacco

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  • Here come the complaints....
    Beyond all that, I love Apples' marketing (hate the OS, hardware is ok). I wish MS had some of that ability.
  • I actually don't mind these type of competitors articles... It gives Windows fans perspective.. Nothing wrong with seeing what the others are up to....
    And, you're right.. Apple DOES have terrific marketing, and great devices. Their software aesthetic is kinda snoozer, and too soft, but that's just my opinion.... If only MS was as "in your face" with the way they marketed thier products,, products like Band, WP, and Zune, could have been a thing. Nevertheless, MS gets unlimited chances. That's just how it is.
  • But, so many other fans on this site get riled up when anything Apple or Android glides across their display. You understand what I mean.
  • Not true, we only get riled up when Windows Central tries forcing us to jump ship to ios or Android, that's when we get pissed not these kinda news.
  • No-one is 'forcing' you to jump ship.
  • Did they hold a gun to your head too? They did to me just last week
  • You switched😂😂😂😂
  • Well with a gun to your head and a finger on the trigger and not wanting to die. You are kind of forced to! lol
  • I don't like the "GLORIFYING" of iDroid in this site.. That riles me up, but things like this are cool for everyone to see.. Unless you're a closed minded sheep.
  • "This site" couldn't care less what kind of ecosystem you are in, they are not sponsored by either of them or trying to reel you towards one. It's just that iDroid articles get them a better PageRank on Google and bring in way more tracking- and advertisement revenue, and they DO care about that.
  • MS may get unlimited chances, but the products that they get us to buy don't.  Just ask my Kin, Band, WP, SurfaceRT, etc. I wish Microsoft would stick with its products, instead of dropping them when the first iternation fails.  If Apple or Google did that, Android and iPhones would be a distant memory.
  • 99% of the ads I get when I watch YouTube on my phone are Apple ads, and I feel like they're trying to brainwash me. That or they're just trolling me because they somehow know how much I get triggered when I see anything related to Apple.
  • The fun thing about that is years ago, Apple fans hated marketing. They would repeat over and over about how if it were not for marketing Microsoft wouldn't be able to sell anything, that Apple didn't need marketing because their products spoke for themselves. Apple even had those Mac vs. PC commercials where they showed "PC" counting out money, spending more on marketing than on R&D - which is ironic since this was in advertising for Apple, an MS is well known for their research while Apple has historically spent little on research.
  • With the leak of a file manager on iOS for phones and tablet, I'm actually interested this year.
  • Just because you a file manager? 🤣
  • File manager gonna be a really big thing for apple users 😂
  • It was a joke
  • Does iOS not have a file manager already? It is only 2011 after all!
  • That was me. An original die hard fan whose had a dell venue pro, Lumia 900, HTC 8x, Lumia 925, Lumia 1520, 640XL, and lastly an Elite X3. Looking to purchase my first Apple product this week (7+). Just can't take the software/hardware anymore, although I will miss my live tiles.
  • You will love having real apps that work on the 7+.   plus some of the camera tricks...pretty slick...  
  • Gotta love those FANBOY truth downvotes!  woo hoo.  Its the truth.   
  • I never care
  • I laughed at their try at a surface studio.   Imac PRO....an Imac without touch of any type,  and starting price of 4999 american.  
  • I'm amazed of the amount of stuff they are presenting for the iPhone that we've had on Windows Phone for YEARS.
  • I'm sure I don't remember everything, but here is a list of things they just announced for the iPad/Pro that Windows has had for a very long time... -- multiple application windows and snapping/resizing -- application switching -- drag-drog between applications -- document picture taker -- writing on documents -- handwriting recognition (via OneNote) -- file manager, including multiple file select -- printing to PDF (they mentioned this when talking about writing on documents) -- a usable task bar -- a full size onscreen keyboard -- etc.   Feel free to add to the list anything I missed. I will say though that the new A10 with that new Photoshop competitor app is pretty cool. Other than that, I don't see why anyone would own one. For a similar price I can attach a real full sized keyboard to my SP3, dock it and run 2 monitors with a full sized keyboard, yada, yada. With the iPad Pro, if you're going to do anything reasonably productive, you still need a second computer. At least for the types of productive things I do. I like the tech in the HomePod as well. We can only hope the Windows hardware providers give us something so advanced, but I'm not counting on it, particularly from companies like Harmon, which tend to be overpriced for what you get.
  • like apps?
  • Their AR is silly too...having to hold your ipad in front of you.
  • I watched the event, and left when the "just another thing" #6 was the HomePod. Impression?
    * Not very thrilling to me.
    * iMac Pro -- probably ok, but something MS easily can respond to with the Surface Studio with a different base.
    * iPad Pro -- starts to look useful with iOS 11, but not really revolutionary compared to Surface Pros, etc. So -- little to tempt me to "change side". Probably ok for those in the Apple camp.
  • The iMac is incredible, that thing blows any desktop machine out of the water in its top config. The Surface Studio is less than a quarter of the iMac's power, they are literally in completely separate leagues.
  • The only application for that much power is 3D-design, photoshopping and gaming. For #1 and #3, the graphics options are laughable and there are no "apps". For Photoshop, Surface Studio is much better suited. iMac Pro is a product without a market.
  • The graphics options are laughable? What are you on about? It's running the new Vega in the top config which is more powerful (on paper) than a 1080. You also forgot video editing and audio design as well. And finally there are plenty of programs for 3D modelling on the Mac.
  • Dont care about Apple. Android and Windows only here.
  • I want to see the articles slamming Apple for not having a diverse team of presenters at the Keynote.
  • Sir Siri, Madam Siri? Which is it?
  • ^^^^^^ Nooo, I didn't steal your avatar, WC you guys need to fix this up !!!^^^^^^
  • THe all new macbooks are awesome too...just like the macbooks before them,  and the macbooks before them....WOW....thats pushing the design envelope there!   People who are not well versed in macbooks could be duped into buying a 2008 macbook and think it was a 2017 model.  All new innovation died at apple....with steve Jobs.....