Want to use your fork on a Nokia Lumia 920? Go right ahead, the screen can take it.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 (and 820) both feature the new Super Sensitive Touch™ screen display, developed by in conjunction with Synaptics and their ClearPad™ Series 3. The new feature, the first of its kind in a mobile phone, will allow consumers to use their gloved hands to manipulate their phones for the first time.

But it’s not just gloves. Those with long fingernails or just wanting to use a stylus or any other object will also be just fine with the technology. Toss in Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 for protection and you have a scuff free, universally usable touch display on your smartphone.

In the above videos you can see this being demonstrated, once again by our Russian friends, when they manipulate the screen by using a metal fork. Sure, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when using our phone but it’s darn cool to be able to do that, we suppose.

The video also shows some more practical gloved-use and we also grab a peek of Angry Birds ROOST and some other bits of the OS.

Source: MobileDistaIsriya Paireepairit; via Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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  • Is this the first time we've seen a video where someon actually accessed an app on the Lumia 920 as the person with glove opened up Angry Birds Roost?
    Still pretty impressive how 'sensitive' that screen is.  This thing could really sell itself, but I really hope Nokia/Microsoft/ATT/Verizon/anyone else really throws a ton of cash to the ad department for this device...
  • http://m.wpcentral.com/att-planning-windows-phone-8-and-windows-8-launch. They are planning for a huge launch for AT&T have to wait for Verizon now. but likely they are doing a huge one as well
  • I was just about to post the same thing, looks pretty functional to me.
  • I am able to work with a fork/spoon on my Samsung Focus. The capacitive buttons surprisingly don't work though. I thought the screen and the buttons had the same technology.
    This opens up a new world for use in gaming on the phones...since instantly you can get MUCH more accurate as everyone can start to play with a "stylist" and as a consumer I don't have to worry about LOSING a $25 electrical 'pen'.  As this phone will most likely be the most popular device in the ecosystem, unlike other current stylist phones.
    Really looking forward to this.
  • *Stylus
  • Styled stylus=Stylist
  • Lost stylus = Styless
  • I think this pun deserves more recognition. 10/10
  • Business casual stylus = tieless
  • +1 :D
  • Yet another reason to get this phone. You can draw on it not just with your finger, can you imagine what people will be able to do with apps like fantasia painter.
  • That is awesome looks really good and im going to get it in black or white.
  • yes black!
  • White over black
  • Will it work with a pen or the end of a pen? I think it is time for some real useful testing scenarios.
  • It can. 
    There's video in youtube where guy uses wooden stick. 
  • I can see this becoming a thing on YouTube oddest way to touch your Lumia. (stop thinking dirty)
  • Seeing the phone next to common cutlery items made me realize the possible issue with size of the 920 has been TOTALLY blown out of proportions.
  • It is just about the size of my Samsung Focus. A bit heavier though.
  • Wondering how the 820 screen will hold up w/o gorilla glass
  • Wait, so does it have gorilla glass I or II?
  • The 920 will have Gorilla Glass 2, the 820 doesn't have any Gorilla Glass. Don't forget though, Gorilla Glass is just a brand, the screen on the 820 might have just as good quality as Gorilla Glass but Nokia wanted to skimp on the branding thus lowering the price on it.
  • Actually, the technology behind gorilla glass (2 in particular) is not really widespread (the physics are well understood in industry, but not many ceramics manufacturers have the facilities to implement the required tolerances). Gorilla glass 1 is much more a brand than a special new technology and the manufacturing process is simpler, and more accessible for OEMs.
  • Yay
  • 2
  • I noticed they spoke Thai.
  • +1 I was going to say "that clearly isn't Russian" :P
  • The big question remains: Can the 820 handle the same treatment without scratching?
  • Idk
  • I wish Nokia could make special OneNote function that can make users to write on the screen with pencils or stylus.
  • It would be GREAT to be able to use OneNote as I did on my Wacom notebook.
  • Im getting Yellow and red..
    The iPhone 5 is cheaply like the galaxy line up...
  • For some reason, the white feels less cheap. It isn't that bad. But not as good as the 920. :-D
  • Gorilla Glass or not, this dude is insane trying to scratch that screen like that. Damn makes me want to have this L920 NOW!!!!!
  • I want the Lumia 920 so bad, I want to operate the screen with my d!ck.
  • You know that you can do that with the current touchscreens right? =P
  • Ah, a man with experience! :P
  • Use a condom, do it safely!
  • PTD's (phone transmitted diseases) will be an issue by 2020
  • Hahaha
  • I haven't owned a Nokia before so I am not sure what it requires to answer a phone call (touch ANSWER to answer or a slide gesture), but doesn't this awesome technology allow my pocket to answer a phone call?  Maybe if it is in a pocket or backpack alone or with keys or something, wouldn't it eventually answer a call without me knowing if my phone is on silent and all that stuff.
  • Apparently there is a feature that prevents the phone's touchscreen from being activated if the sensor is up close to something. Similar to how the screen turns off when close to your ear on a phone call. That should prevent it from activating in your pocket.
    I read this in a comment on a video where the Russians were playing with the 920 in the lab.
  • I was literally just wondering the same thing, and I hadn't thought about it until now when I realized just how sensitive these screens are. It's very very cool stuff.
  • Proximity sensor solves this issue.
  • Well in WP7 and presumably in WP8 you slide the screen up and then hit answer. And as was said, proximity sensors handle it...
  • Is it just me or the black Lumia 920 in the video looks damn sexy  ?
  • definitely not just you. now i just want to see the grey. need to see the white black and grrey ones in person to make a choice
  • I want the white.
  • Why can't we get our hands on this too?! RELEASE THE PHONE!
  • Hmm, curious... because it's really freaking cool that it works with damn near anything, but... what happens when it's in your pocket? Can it be accidentally unlocked and operated in your pocket with your keys and leg rubbing against it? That's something I didnt' really get to explore at the launch. I guess I'm assuming that they have some sort of limit on the "point of touch" size, and something like a leg or palm would exceed that and not work.
  • Nevermind, someone else just asked and answered the same question, lol.
  • Did anyone notice the Live tile with what looks like control buttons at 22 seconds? Is that a screen grab of an app or actual buttons?
  • Good catch, didn't notice that :)
    It really looks like you'll be able to use music controls directly in the live tile. Well have to wait to get this feature confirmed, but it's likely to be true :)
  • thats the photos hub, thats displaying a thumbnail of a video ... sorry to break it to you lol
  • Yes, you're correct! lol
  • My new Lumia 920 will also mean I have a permanent dinner plate with me at all times. No more dishwashing ftw!!! :)
  • my dream of using a chopstick as a stylus has finally come true
  • Lol
  • I'd like to see that with thick gloves, because with the kind of gloves they have in the video it's not really impressive. I often use my Samsung Focus with standard leather gloved. Sure it's not as responsive as in the video, but it still works.
  • Focus has really sensitive screens for sure.
  • I actually operated my phone (1st gen Focus) while wearing my leather motorcycle riding gloves. Is that thick enough? ;-)
  • At the reveal they used a thick not to touch it with
  • I think this is the first time I have seen the Lumia 920 in black. Pretty cool.
  • All girls with long nails who just bought an iPhone5 will feel so stupid when they see this :-)
  • Lol! My girlfriend bought the 900 as replacement for here resistive touch messaging phone. Complained about the nail issue. She's going to be jealous of my shiny new 920... Or, it could backfire, and I'll be out of a 920!
  • lol better hide that!
  • Does anybody know if it'll even respond to stuff like rain droplets or snowflakes? Might cause problems there.
  • I think all touchscreen respond to water. My Samsung Focus start pushing buttons by itself when it get water droplets on it.
  • yeah same on my samsung focus. i imagine this problem is going to be much worse on the 920 sadly. 
  • Strange, my Lumia 900 doesn't react to water droplets.
  • This is actually exactly something they have been working on.
  • Almost reminds me of a resistive touch screen. Except resistive was exactly as it sounds, resistive. Often made from plastic and you would always have to press down hard on it.
  • Not that hard.  All my WinMo phones could handle a light touch pretty well. Not quite as instantaneous as a capacitive screen, but the accuracy wiht a stylus was so much better.
  • I'm starting to think it has some sort of extremely sensitive resistive touch screen...
  • put that glove on the fork and we have a real test on our hands.
  • Very impressive :)
  • This is exactly what consumers want.  To use a fork with their smartphone.  :o)
  • While I'm sure this is great tech, I can't help but imagine how much further we'd be along with touchscreen tech if we had spent the past 5 years improving resistive touchscreens to be more finger friendly rather than dump them for capacitive screens. Thanks once again to Apple for setting us back.
  • Resistive screens cannot realistic match the accuracy or strength of capacitive screens because of the fact that resistive screens require the top screen layer to flex. Capacitive screens can theoretically be pixel accurate at any manufacturable pixel density. Additionally, resistive screens wear out faster because of the requirements for having a flexible material. lastly, capacitive screens had been in phones for a decent amount of time before the iphone, and capacitive technology is what has been used in laptop track pads for a long long time.
  • Reread the above post he was kind of agreeing with you.
  • After watching the 2nd video, I just realized that the black Nokia 920 looks really good.  Like REALLY good!  I think it's either going to be the black or grey version for me.  I'm just shocked at how good the black looks, so sexy. 
    Funny because all this talk about colour on phones but I still think the black looks the best.  Although it Nokia made a green 920 I would totally buy that.
  • Its a wonder the Russians seems more interested. They seem to be the ones doing all kinds of experiments on the phone
  • Are you sure they are Russian? From what they say they sounds like Thai for me.
  • Definitely not Russians. Some kind of Chinese or something.
  • I'd like to see someone test the super sensitive touch by using gestures like pinch-to-zoom. Does that work too? I know I'll be trying to find ways it won't work when I get my hands on one but I'll just be glad I don't have to take my gloves off anymore :)
  • The guys "toying" with the phone in the video were Thai, trust me. That begs a question to be asked, how come Russians and Thais have 920's to play around with?
  • I see an opportunity for a new type of accessories with this kind of screen. Why not have some wearable pieace of clothing (or some other material) that you can fit on the tip of your thumb & on the index finger for use on the screen. This would prevent the greasy smudge that is common on touch phone screens. Would it be workable?
  • Just get some finger cots, or take some scissors to a pair of isotoners.
  • Anyone who's ever attempted to operate a touch screen while eating can appreciate this ability. Messy fingers and touch screens don't mix. How great to be able to use the utensil available in some form in every restaurant. Plastic utensils, chopstick, you name it. Think of the industrial locations where the materials used cause messy/dirty fingers. This really, really, really needs to be a TV commercial in the style of what the forbidden fruit folks turn out. Start with a skiier on a lift with gloved hands looking at the map of the ski area on the 920's massive screen, then move to a housewife with some child-related mess on her hands or washing dishes so she grabs the nearest item to do schedule a play date, then proceed to a business person eating something messy that requires hands (big chili cheeseburger) and responding to an email using a utensil, then a teenager with oily hands from working on his car using his car key to tweet. This "slice-of-life" advertising style has served Apple well over the years because it shows how to use the innovations and how they apply to real life.
  • My Lumia 920's screen shattered when I dropped it from 20 cm. I have since found that many other new owners have had the same experience, I believe this is a major flaw in this phone and would like to hear sports on this problem from Nokia.