Wasteland 3 dev touts 'quality increase by leaps and bounds' post-Microsoft acquisition

Wasteland 3 Rangers Key Art
Wasteland 3 Rangers Key Art (Image credit: inXile Entertainment)

Microsoft's acquisition spree hasn't gone unnoticed, snapping up seven renowned game development studios throughout 2018. It wrapped the year with a promising duo of role-playing legends, welcoming inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment to the Xbox family. Positioned under the newly-formed Xbox Game Studios banner, Redmond has secured a strong lineup of in-house talent for Xbox One and beyond.

inXile Entertainment has crafted an impressive PC RPG lineup over the years, spanning Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, and Bard's Tale IV. Its teams in New Orleans and Newport Beach continue to grow post-Microsoft acquisition, committing resources to the highly-anticipated Wasteland 3, alongside a currently unannounced project. inXile founder, Brian Fargo, detailed plans to scale "thirty percent" last November, securing more full-time talent while remaining small and agile.

inXile Entertainment's Brian Fargo has now taken to Twitter, touting ongoing success under the Xbox umbrella. Adding "incredible talent" to the studio, Fargo has cited a "quality increase by leaps and bounds."

Wasteland 3 remains the team's crucial next title, delivering the third installment of the isometric, squad-based RPG. After a crowdfunding campaign securing over $3 million and further backing from Microsoft, inXile's post-apocalyptic world packs more potential than ever, hopefully elevating presentation across the board.

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