Watch Dogs: Legion guide — Which characters should you recruit?

Watch Dogs Legion hacking
Watch Dogs Legion hacking (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Watch Dogs: Legion markets itself on a key gameplay feature: you can play as anyone. Everybody in London, where the game takes place, can be recruited to your team and then be played. However, not every person is created equal. You can try and recruit everybody to DedSec, but that's not feasible or recommended.

Every Watch Dogs: Legion character is assigned a set of traits to go along with their backstory, including their profession, political alliances, relationships, and more. You have to pay attention to these traits if you want to get the best characters for your team. You can recruit whoever you want, but you should have some specific characters on your team if you want to have all of your bases covered.

Construction worker

Watch Dogs Legion Construction Worker

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Out of all the professions, I tend to use the construction worker the most. There may be hundreds of them across London, but they have some useful abilities. Their uniform allows them decreased enemy awareness at construction sites, which make up a good portion of restricted areas, and they can summon a cargo drone at any time. Typically, you either need to find one flying around or be near a drone pad to summon one. With the construction worker's ability, you can summon a cargo drone in a pinch, hop on, and fly away. Plus, most of them come with a wrench or other heavy melee weapon.

The mission Reporting for Duty will have you recruit a construction worker, but you can attempt to recruit one at any time.

Barrister, magistrate, or lawyer

Watch Dogs Legion Magistrate

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There isn't permadeath on by default in Watch Dogs: Legion, so instead, the game has you either arrested or injured when you're caught. Those characters are then unusable for a period of time. However, if you have a barrister, lawyer, or another person with connections in the field, you can greatly reduce the amount of time spent in prison. Sometimes you can eliminate it entirely.

Paramedic or doctor

Watch Dogs Legion Paramedic

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Similarly, if your characters get injured, having a paramedic or doctor on the team can reduce the time out of commission. If you were to go for either a paramedic or doctor, I'd go for the former, though. The paramedic has a uniform that reduces enemy awareness in hospitals and comes with their own getaway ambulance.

Police officer

Watch Dogs Legion Police

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Private contractor Albion may have taken over the bulk of the police force, but there are still a couple of regular police officers walking about, and a lot of them hate Albion. Their uniform doesn't grant them too much access, but when you need to go into Scotland Yard, they're a godsend. They also usually come with a baton that's helpful in melee encounters.

Drone expert

Watch Dogs Legion Drone Expert

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The first time I recruited a drone expert, she was doomed to die. It took me another dozen hours or so to find another one. They're easy to spot since they have a high-tech visor, but they're rare compared to some other characters. My second drone expert has been faring much better and has been a key part of the late-game missions where the drones can be deadly.

Drone experts allow you to summon a tiny shock drone at any time, which you can use in combat and scouting, but also have greater default control over drones. Using a drone expert unlocks a "betray" hack on drones, which turns them on your enemies.


Watch Dogs Legion Hitman

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Hitmen (or hitwomen, as the example shows) are gun experts. You don't always need a gun for completing a mission — in fact, you should try to avoid it if you can — but if you're in a pinch or just want to go into a restricted area and cause chaos, hitmen are your best bet. They have instant gun takedowns, combat roll abilities, and come with an arsenal of powerful guns beyond the typical pistol.

Other characters will have similar abilities without being official hitmen, so keep an eye out while you search.

Protest leader

Watch Dogs Legion Activist

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Protest leaders and activists are all over the place in Watch Dogs: Legion's London. However, you'll want to recruit a protest leader instead of a regular ol' activist or anarchist. The megaphone ability rallies people to their cause if they're sympathetic to DedSec, which is super helpful when you're in public and in a pinch. They're also one of the many types of characters (like graffiti artists) with gas canisters, which can be used to disorient or even damage enemies. Luckily, your trusty bandana will keep you safe from gas as well.

Albion officer

Watch Dogs Legion Albion Contractor

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It might seem counterproductive to have an Albion officer on your team, especially when they make up the bulk of your enemy base. However, their uniform allows them easier access to Albion restricted areas, which are all over the place. They also often come with some combat extras.

You can attempt to recruit one on your own, but the game makes it easy with the "Inside Albion" quest. It gives you an officer to speak to and help out before recruiting, which takes away a lot of the work of finding one that'll cooperate.


Watch Dogs Legion Beekeeper

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You just sort of have to once you hear what they can do. Unlike real beekeepers (as far as I know), they can control robotic bees and send them out at enemies. It's a great way to stun an approaching enemy and deal some damage. Their uniforms are worth the price of admissions alone.

You can find a beekeeper in a park near one of the hives (they look like chrome honeycombs), or you can complete the City of London borough quest-line.

Watch Dogs: Legion releases on Oct. 29 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Stadia. It'll also be available on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.



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