Watch Dogs: Legion shows off slick Xbox Series X gameplay with ray tracing turned on

Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X Image
Watch Dogs Legion Xbox Series X Image (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • Watch Dogs: Legion is the latest open world title from Ubisoft, and is set in a dystopian London.
  • The game looks great on consoles already, but ray tracing takes the game to a whole new level on PC.
  • Now, we can get a sneak peek at how Watch Dogs: Legion will look and perform on the upcoming Xbox Series X.
  • It looks suitably amazing, featuring gorgeous reflections, textures, shadows, and more on the next-gen console.

One of the more exciting games that has launched this year so far is Watch Dogs: Legion, which continues Ubisoft's hack-happy franchise by taking it to a dystopian, not-that-far-into-the-future London, and expands on its proven premise by allowing the player to play as literally any NPC they see walking around London. The game looks great on current-gen consoles like the Xbox One X, but Watch Dogs: Legion looks downright incredible on PC with ray tracing enabled. Now, we can take a look at how the game will look on the upcoming Xbox Series X, Microsoft's next-gen gaming console.

Watch Dogs: Legion will properly test the Xbox Series X by utilizing its power and feature set to run at a crispy 4K resolution at a reliable 30fps, with every setting turned up to max and ray tracing turned on. This means the game looks absolutely incredible, with high quality textures, reflections, shadows, and more. Utilizing Direct Storage and the Xbox Series X's speedy SSD, Watch Dogs: Legion should load in much faster, and allows the game to have a greater draw distance and handle fast travel considerably better.

Xbox also spoke to Lathieeshe Thillainathan from Ubisoft about optimizing Watch Dogs: Legion for the Xbox Series X, and it's an interesting read if you want a little bit more detail.

I'm excited to try Watch Dogs: Legion on my own Xbox Series X, especially if these results are any indication what I can expect for myself. Ubisoft's latest open world hit utilizes Xbox Smart Delivery, so if you purchase the game now, you'll get a free upgrade to enable the best that Watch Dogs: Legion has to offer on Xbox Series X. If you're not sure where to start, check out our best beginner tips and tricks to help you out.

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