Watch how the Xbox One Elite Controller can be customized with Xbox Accessories App

The upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller has been designed to give hardcore gamers a ton of customization features A newly posted video shows how this will be accomplished through the use of the Xbox Accessories App, which will be available for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms.

The video shows that owners of the Xbox One Elite Controller will be able to use the app to change any of the button, trigger, and thumbstick assignments to any kind of setup they want. Two of those special game controller settings can be stored and used at one time in the controller, so you can quickly switch between them,

Beyond just changing the buttons, the app will also allow owners of the Elite Controller to actually change the sensitivity of the thumbsticks, either through pre-loaded configurations or by allowing the creation of new settings. The same kind of changes can also be applied to the controller's triggers via the app. The amount of rumble in the controller can also be adjusted and even the amount of light created by the central Xbox controller button can be altered via the app. The Xbox One Elite Controller is scheduled to start shipping on October 27.

Source: Xbox (YouTube)

John Callaham