Waze for Windows Phone isn’t cancelled, but has no ETA on the horizon

O Waze, Waze where art thou?

Waze came out for Windows Mobile way back in 2009. The popular GPS navigation app and service has been highly anticipated on Windows Phone. There was an unofficial Waze app for the homebrew scene in the early days of Windows Phone, but nothing official until the announcement in April. The announcement stated that Waze would be coming to Windows Phone in June of this year, but as you know that didn’t happen.

So what is the latest on Waze and Windows Phone?

After announcing the future launch of Waze, there was a call for users to join a beta for Windows Phone. Things looked good until it was rumored that Google was planning on buying Waze for $1.3 billion. A few days after that rumor, Google announced plans to buy Waze for $1.1 billion.

So here we are in early October with no Waze app, what happened? Many figured that Waze was cancelling their Windows Phone app to be more like the rest of Google. You know, the Google that doesn’t want a solid YouTube app on Windows Phone. Fortunately, we don’t really think that’s the case and Waze has simply stated they’re behind schedule.

Waze was asked on Twitter for an ETA for Windows Phone and stated there isn’t one at the moment and the app isn’t where it needs to be. The beta was updated recently, so we don’t think the project is canned or anything. It’s just that the Waze team is a little behind with where they want the app to be on Windows Phone.

We’ll of course let you guys and gals know when Waze does hit the Store, but for now it looks like there isn’t anything solid on the horizon. We’re all anxiously waiting for Waze with you all.

Source: Twitter; Thanks for the tip Jonathan!

  • This app is dead. Once Google acquired Waze, there was zero chance this app would ever see the light of day.
  • Then why did they recently update the beta? 
  • It doesn't mean anything, I'm sure Google won't let this app released on WP before a long long time. War is declared and us WP users will pay for that. Get the bet :)
  • Beta was updated a week ago, it is NOT dead
  • Hyperbole doesn't help. "Zero chance"? How did you come up with this calculation. The beta had a significant update recently, so I'd say the chances definitely better than "zero".
  • The Google acquisition is just getting started... Development will be halted soon, guaranteed.
  • Or will rather remain in beta stage, indefinitely.
  • Then it sounds like a typical Google product </oldjokes>
  • Most likely the Waze team still want to release the WP app, but with Google as owners there will be less resources available for the port. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason they are "behind" is because the WP team/person has been given other tasks as well.
  • Lets get real here. Google isn't going to allow the team at Waze to release an application for us.
  • Im not sure about that because as a stipulation Waze is suppose to function independently of Google
  • then how about an open beta and they allow us to participate by sending back usage and statistic reports? Why? because Google bought it and it's never coming to Windows Phone. That's just PR talk.
  • The "closed" beta started before google bought Waze.  And I wouldn't really call it closed.  All you had to do was ask.
  • Your right ephraimg
  • I asked and I drive over 1500 miles a month. Was told that's not enough.
  • I'm running the beta and while it's gotten better there's one critical flaw- it's a battery hog. Even while connected to my charger in the car, it drains about 10% per hour.
    I figured Google would force them to drop it also but it doesn't seem that way, not yet at least.
  • Any navigation app will be hard on the battery
  • True, but, to hysonmb's point, it's very it drains battery alot faster than a charger can replenish.  I'd imagine that's one of  the reasons it hasn't made it to market yet.  Not dead yet, though.
  • Yeah, but Waze is different. HERE Drive doesn't heat up and Jill my battery anywhere near as badly as Waze does. There have been a lot of improvements over the months I've been using the beta, but hopefully this one lasting issue will clear up by the time it reaches the public.
  • Maybe not, Here is not as complete as Waze
  • Get a 2 amp charger, usually for tablets, but it charges 2x as fast. As for long term battery memory, I would suspect its not great for a phone. But it does charge fast, but then it does drain fast when using a 2 amp charger.
  • I have WAZE on my GS3, and it is definitely a battery hog.  I actually stopped using it, because my phone was getting so hot.  A 2 amp charger may help the level (on supported phones), but I worry about that much draw messing up my battery.  I think the little I did use it, already cut my run time down.  I can run Google Maps nav on a long trip unplugged if I need to, though I acknowledge that WAZE is running more background.
    Also, I agree with others that are saying now that Google owns WAZE, the WP app is going to disappear.  I base this completely on what they've been doing to them on the YouTube app.  They followed the rules, and Google still smacked them down.  It's competition, and they're bitter over patent fees.
  • I do worry about google.  But Waze had a beta update not to long ago that added most, if not all, the missing features from the iOS version.  (Forgive me if I'm wong).   Everything I need is there.  Stable app.  I use it most everyday.  I hope it is released soon.  It seems ready to me.
  • Sounds like AT&T. GDR2 for L920 to arrive in the coming weeks, when they know damn well its never coming
  • Anyways, as much as I want GDR2, and I keep waiting on my AT&T 920, it isn't a massive improvement from GDR1. GDR3 and 8.1 are big improvements. But, I hope they release it by the end of next week. Doubt it though.
  • Agreed. But by the time we reach 8.1, I hope there is a Windows Phone I'll want to upgrade to by then. The L920 is special. Whatever I get has to be able to fill those shoes.
  • Are we able to get in on the beta?
  • Im not bragging in any way but i have Waze on my phone. Im a Beta tester and it works great. I use it everyday. I guess since Google bought them maybe there are some major delays I dunno. Don't give up hope! Wish I could give you guys proof that it does exist.
  • This .... if its working perfectly whats stopping them..... my guess... google...
  • Screenshots?
  • So, I see some folks talking about a beta. How do you get that one?
  • Its been closed for months
  • Fuck Google is now synonymous with Fuck Waze. They turned their back on a large part of the community who were sticking with WP after WM. This wasn't a case of a lack of support from users it was just those users getting ignored and a lot of ignorant responses.
  • Waze is opperating on their own, even if they are owned by google, it has been stated by both sides from the get go, geeze guys, is this the first time a windows phone app has been late to the party?
  • If it does come Harry, I'm sure I'll get it and my only hope is that google doesn't wreck it or remove features it feels conflicts with its desire to disrespect Microsoft.
  • They could have a open beta by now. I'm using it and it is amazing
  • I wish google didn't buy it. They're only going to make it worse.
  • This is the one app I want more on wp8 than any other.  I wish they would release a stable version or just have an open beta. I have used here drive but its driven me in circles or taken me to the wrong address before.  The my commute feature is alight but could be improved. 
  • Guck Foogle!!!
  • yes... :)
  • I do hope this application will finally be released in Windows Phone 8. Waze is the only reason I'm still using my Galaxy.
  • Really lovin the optmism around here!
  • I'm so jealous of everyone on the beta. I've been trying to get in on it since may. This is literally the last app I actually care about getting. Other apps have alternatives but I really want Waze. I feel like it is taking forever. I just hope it comes soon.
  • Where's insnapavineryoutugram!!!??
  • Loved your all encompassing comment!
  • The beta is buggy but cool to be a part of none the less. On my 1020 the camera gets way hotter than the entire back of my 920.
  • since google bought waze they have come up with new versions for ios and android and they screwd it bad,I think that wp version is behind because the team has to for to fix the crappy latest versions for other platforms or there is and internal battle inside between waze and google about releasing a version for wp
  • Actually, i'm no longer excited to have waze with my lumia phone. Me and my wife noticed its poor performance (with iphone) after being acquired by google.
  • btw the way i can't find any more the app in the wndows phone store
    what are we t lurn from that new version comming i doubt it
    cancled is more likely
  • I installed Waze on my Android a while ago but never actually used it because I forgot about it. If it is as good as everyone says it is I'll check it out.
  • Nokia Drive is better and runs offline...
  • Have you actually used it.  Wife swears by it on her iPhone and i used it almost exclusively before I swtiched over from Android (S3).  The dynamic routing is VERY GOOD and would save me tons of time.  The fact that it also reports accidents and police ahead is a bonus.  Finally, the ability to get gas prices nearby that are updated very frequently by the member base is nice to have.  I'd echo a few of the comments above that this is the one app i would really want.  
    The Nokia Drive app is so spartan.  I feel like its about 5 years behind the Google/Waze apps.  My Commute is almost laughable in that you have to prompt it if you go off the "recommended route".  
    BTW - otherwise I am very happy with the W8 platform...
  • Might depend on the area. With Nokia Drive I just type the address and it always takes me there(1 block away at max). Doing the same on Waze(Google Maps source) most of the times takes me elsewhere (plus it needs data). The real time info of Waze sounds nice, but encouraging users to input data while driving sounds like a bit dangerous...
  • Just downloaded the app in store today. Looks good so far
  • Waze app is now available on wp. Will check and report later.