For those looking for a solid weather app, you will probably remember WeatherLive. It's one of the few weather apps we've championed around here, mostly due to its strong Metro-design and options. Featuring multiple, double-side Live Tiles, minimalist design, low-bandwidth and more, the app currently sits at the #1 spot in NEWS + WEATHER in the Marketplace. It also maintains a 4-star rating with nearly 900 reviews.


Anyways, the app normally fetches for $1.49 but for this week will be discounted at $0.99. Sure, not a huge price-drop but technically you can't go any lower in the Marketplace without going free. The app receives steady updates and recently hit v3.4 offering Bing Local Search integration. Pick it up with a free trial here in the Marketplace. And check out our video hands on with v3.0 for Mango here.