Esports fighting on the streets for spot in the Olympics

More Olympic discussions are taking place for esports, and the International Olympic Committee is looking to host a forum to bring together big names from within the scene to meet with Olympic counterparts.

More Olympic news

The International Olympic Committee will host a forum on esports next month as the body continues to investigate whether or not the scene has a place at the big games. As reported by AP, the event will be held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland and is expected to bring together executives, professional players, sponsors, and organizers to form relations.

The end goal for everyone involved is to get esports at the Olympic games in some fashion to take advantage of the massive growth and engage with younger audiences. Not only that, but traditional Olympic viewership was reportedly sluggish for the U.S., which could be bolstered with additional support from video game tournaments. How the IOC decides on including the scene is yet to be seen.

Fighting in esports

Street Fighter 5

An esports related question was put forward by shareholders during a recent call with representatives from Capcom. As reported by Event Hubs, Capcom plans to use Street Fighter as its main push into esports:

We plan to continue promoting Street Fighter as our flagship eSports title in the future. Additionally, we will consider developing multiplayer online games and act accordingly. Also, note that it is possible to play Monster Hunter: World with up to four people throughout the globe.

Street Fighter is an interesting choice as it differentiates Capcom as a company from Riot, Bluehole, and other parties. We've already got the battle royales, MOBAs, and shooters, but a lack of fighting games in the scene. Game companies continue to eye up esports as a means to bring in additional revenue without hurting players with loot crates and other invasive practices.

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  • League of Legends LCS - June 29 (EU), 30 (EU, US), and July 1 (US) - watch on Twitch.
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