What to watch on Xbox Video and listen to on Xbox Music this weekend

There's so much good stuff on Xbox Music and Xbox Video. How do you keep up with what's new and worth checking out? You don't have to; we'll do that for you. Every Friday we'll grab the hottest albums and singles on Xbox Music. We'll also let you know what movies and television shows are out to watch on Xbox Video. It's the weekend, and we'll help entertain you.

Xbox Music

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Foo Fighters

The American rock band Foo Fighters have released their eighth studio album. Each song on the album was recorded in a different U.S. city: Austin, Chicago, LA, Nashville, New Orleans, NYC, Seattle and Washington D.C. The album also serves as a companion album to their new HBO documentary. Check the singles Something from Nothing and Congregation for an idea of what the album is like. [Alternative rock]

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Big K.R.I.T. – Cadillactica


Cadillactica is the second studio album from rapper Big K.R.I.T. Look for guest appearances from Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, E-40 and others. The overall album has received a ton of critical praise, so it's worth a listen by any hip hop fans. Check the singles Pay Attention and Cadillactica [Hip hop]

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Various artists – Hyperdub 10.4


2014 marks the ten-year anniversary of London-based record label Hyperdub. They're releasing four compilation albums this year to celebrate the occasion. The fourth and final, Hyperdub 10.4, just dropped earlier this week. Look for an unreleased track from Burial as your surprise on this album, plus some solid Kode9 tracks. [Electronic / Dance]

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Xbox Video

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Sure it's for kids, but the How to Train Your Dragon series is pretty good. The second and most recent movie is now out to rent on Xbox Video. [PG, 1 hr 42 min]

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It's a dumb comedy, but it's one of the few new movies out to rent this week [R, 1 hr 37 min]

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Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys tells the story of the American rock and pop band The Four Seasons. Directed by Clint Eastwood, the movie was hit and miss with critics. Thankfully Xbox Video has a ten minute preview available if you think you might want to check it out. [R, 2 hr 15 min]

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Bonus - UFC 180

UFC 180

Daniel wanted me to make sure nobody missed UFC 180 this weekend! You're not going to want to miss the interim heavyweight title fight between Fabricio Werdum and Mark Hunt.

UFC on Xbox isn't available for the Xbox One just yet, so don't retire your Xbox 360. Who are you pulling for this weekend?

What are you watching or listening to this weekend? Share your recommendations with everyone else below!

The Weekend Entertainment column is for you. Find anything you want to see? Let me know! Send suggestions and tips to me on Twitter (@samsabri).

Sam Sabri
  • People actually pay the crazy prices for this crap?
  • Yes. I call them Microsoft Loyalists. I'm one of them
  • If people really enjoy the service, they can pay for it, it is their money.
  • 9.99 a month for all the music you can eat isn't crazy. You're just a cynical douche.
  • I'm an old man. I don't listen to hip jive music. I haven't downloaded new music in years. Its all 80's and 90's for me. I was generally referring to the high prices to rent movies on Xbox video.
  • There are tons of music in thr service, for every taste. I'm a subscriber, when I listen to something on the radio, or anywhere, with my wp I can identify who's playing and put that album on my collection and then listen to it at work on my pc, or at home on my Xbox.
  • The Xbox Video prices are in line with iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and other video streaming services.
    As CliffyB once wrote, it's more expensive than Redbox but you don't have to drive to get it, the title you want being out, or worry about returning it.
  • All of that isn't worth the 5x markup over the Redbox kiosk that is 2 blocks from my house, conveniently located inside a grocery store which we need to go to anyway to buy necessities. The rental prices on these streaming services are exorbitant. Whenever Xbox Video does 99¢ rentals, though, we jump on that.
  • "Hip Jive"?! Hahaha. I like you. I must say, I can't take anyone seriously who names their album "Cadillactica", lmao.
  • I'm still jamming to your last recommendation : Azealia Banks - Broke with expensive tastes
  • Man, I'm so happy Azealia finally released her album. "Luxury" is one of my fav songs ever along with "esta noche", both from her "fantasea" thingy (Cortana says it's mixtape).
  • I haven't heard BWET yet, but i already downloaded it. Gonna add it to my 920 ASAP.
  • One of the best albums this year. I downloaded Big KRIT's album too.
  • Yeah that was a good recommendation
  • I'm hoping for another spectacular Hunt KO but still think that Cain is still the champ regardless of the outcome
  • Music pass is a good deal especially if you grabbed the Christmas deal. But the app is still buggy as all. They need to have some movie deals, like $.99 deals. Even if it is like Teen Wolf or some shit.
  • A 99 cent bin. I'm all for it.
  • Listen to IV by And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead on Xbox Music. You're welcome.
  • Thanks for a Rock inclusion! Still needs more metal though! I've been digging Chevelle again lately with my XBM sub. \m/
  • I'd love to listen to XBox Music, except the music app hasn't worked on my phone since the last update, October 27. Yountap on it and it takes you right out of, and back to, the start screen. But, its ok, because I pay $99/year, to not be able to listen to music.
  • That's a shame, i had that happen to me one day after i used music sense to force the app to recognize an album i downloaded from OneDrive but refused to appear on XBMusic... Buggy as hell... Isn't it time for a new update tho?
  • Have you tried restarting your phone? Deleting and reinstalling the app? If none of that works...uh...SOL til next upate I guess.
  • Big Krit!!! I love you Windows Central!!!!
  • love you too bruh
  • Nothing for the developing countries. Microsoft truly is crap. They lack a visionary. Windows Phone is still so far behind its competition despite being in the business for more than five years. Sigh....
  • I love Xbox Video. I don't think the prices are bad. Its cheaper than going to the movies and the quality is great.
  • Agreed. Xbox video is awesome. So much better than Netflix. I'm very happy with both
  • I would really love to listen to the new Pink Floyd album, but..... :(
  • Yeah. I was interested in checking it out... but alas... not on Xbox Music :/
  • they mentioned big krit. I hope they mention Curren$y when he drops his album!!
  • I hope more Indian content to come. In Google Play I can rent movies for INR.25. XBOX is relatively expensive for me.
  • Wu Tang Clan released their new single as well, "Ruckus in B Minor"
  • Strip the Cosmos is free on Xbox Video TV. Very entertaining science documentary about black holes in that episode.