If you have been listening to our recently relaunched Windows Central Podcast, you may recall one Michael Fisher joining the ranks for our weekly discussions. Fisher is no stranger to technology, and many of you have been following him now for years and watching his delightfully insightful reviews of mobile technology.

Michael has now officially joined the Mobile Nations family and today is launching his new persona MrMobile. He'll still be on the Windows Central Podcast, of course, but Michael will also be doing his own thing including reviews of all sorts of mobile tech (and more importantly, trying to define 'mobile' in 2016).

You'll want to subscribe and follow all his channels because he's just an awesome person and he's sure to say something worth hearing.

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What makes Fisher's entrance to our family here unique is he won't be the head of any of our focused sites like iMore, Android Central, or Windows Central. Instead, he'll remain neutral as always and give his take on what makes technology useful, and where companies missed the mark.

Watch his launch video above, follow him on all the socials, and give him a big warm welcome (he is, after all, a fan of Windows phone and Live Tiles).

We're all super excited to see what he does next. Don't forget to catch him, me, and Daniel Bader on the Windows Central Podcast each week!