We've updated our Android app with some important fixes

A quick heads up for those of you rocking the official WPCentral Central App on Android — we've pushed out an update today with a number of important fixes. You're going to want to make sure you download this one, particularly if you've seen increased data usage or are using the widget on your home screen. The fixes apply to all the editorial (ie not the Tapatalk-esque one) apps for all our Mobile Nations sites, including Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore and Android Central.

Here's the deal:

As we mentioned a couple days ago on Google+, we'd discovered a bug in Android regarding the way a widget writes to disk. As in it wasn't, and it should have been, and so the widget was redownloading items over and over. We've fixed it that bug, so you should see background data use drop.

We've also made some significant changes to memory use and caching in general, which should speed up the app a bit altogether. And for older/lower end devices, we've improved memory handling, which should alleviate crashes those devices were seeing.

Also, we've fixed links that were trying to open YouTube, even if they had no business opening YouTube. And we've done a few UI tweaks — swiping between stories, fixes for some Samsung phones, and other general good stuff.

You can download any of the Mobile Nations Android apps from these Google Play links:

Phil Nickinson

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  • Yes, and now the Windows Phone version with reduced data usage. That would be great.
  • I'm actually working on reduced data usage for the next update :)
  • WP Central app on my Lumia Icon uses the second most amount of data out of all my apps (only 6tag is higher).  Granted, i do launch and read it quite a few times per day, and i have the wide live tile pinned to my start screen, but less data usage would be a very welcome addition.  looking forward to it!
  • Yeah there's only so much I can do, if you look at the app a lot try reducing the image quality in settings :)
  • We expect great things from you sir.
  • Well, im looking forward to it! I like reading wpc alot, it's just sucking my monthly data of 200mb down fast.
  • Really??... That's great news!!!.
    Even with images set to full quality?
  • Most of the data is probably used trying to render your giant head in your profile pic.
  • That's true, it does take a lot!
  • Jay, any chance we will see other mobile nations coming over to WP? I'm thinking specifically of Connectedly.
  • Hahahaha
  • XD -- Bam --
  • ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵
  • I've also discovered that those with AMOLED screens, Rodneys profile pic is the most battery friendly.
  • Lol!!!!!!!!!!!❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • Hey what about the windows app ? It takes about 100-200mb in a month even when I'm not opening it even once ! (had kept it only for the live tile)
  • Do you mean windows phone? Our windows app only uses the built in live tile capabilities and I'd be surprised if it used up anywhere near that much data to only refresh the tile?
  • That reminds me, I'd really like an Android Central app on WP. Hope mobile nations officially develop apps for WP. The reason I ask this: I use both platforms.
  • They've said they want their apps on all platforms, but I'm sure we'll have to wait until Mobile Nations puts out all of their apps on iOS, first.
  • Lol!! That's what I was thinking.
  • I also want an Android Central app on WP.
  • I want the iMore app on Windows phone.
  • I want the Crackberry app on my Symbian phone.
  • Perhaps even Maemo 5 please?
  • I want Crackberry on WP.
  • As would I
  • Its been crashing the past week WP side
  • Using WpCentral app on Android: blasphemy!
  • THIS. You just won the internet.
  • Well, it might encourage someone to try WP out... I mean, there is a lot of cool stuff shown on WPC, and a lot of WP progress shown... It's good advertising, and awareness, for the platform.. How could this be bad?❔❔❔❔❔
  • Bad in a way that we get total but cases trolling in comments of articles.
  • There's not that many.. As a mater of fact.. It's not that bad at all...
  • Finally! Thank you Rodney! :D
  • Boooo boooo Android
  • Posts like this are the reason why the other MN communities find us the most closed minded.
  • We are not closed minded, we are realistically looking at things.
  • We are ... because we love Windows Phone. And when youre in love, anyone else doesn't matter.
  • From what I've seen from being around people: ios and android users feel superior more. I just say it like it is. If my Lumia has better hardware and faster OS, then my phone is better. But if their phone has better specs, theirs is. Specs against specs, not that it's a competition though.
  • Who cares about specs? It's the OS and interface that matters... assuming the software is written to be efficient, there's not a whole lot you need today's advanced specs for. Though I would definitely like to see a 1020 followup with beefier sources to reduce lag between shots.
  • I would say hardware is just as important as software. Sorry, but I wouldn't put a 512mb Lumia against a flagship android. While everyone has an OS preference, there are still better capable phones in some categories. Those are usually the newest and most expensive.
  • Of course of you compare bottom of the line to top you will see a difference. But if you are comparing models in relatively the same price brackets, the software should be much more important than the minor hardware differences.
  • If you're using specs to compare the handsets, start with the 1020 camera and try to find anything better!
  • Hard to be humble when you're a god amongst children.
  • You've proven my point.
    I like WP just because it appeals to me, not because I have some superiority complex. And I still understand the appeal of iOS and Android, unlike many people here.
  • [Insert windows fanboy comment here]
  • Make imore, crackberry, androidcentral, and connectedly for windowsphone....more apps here please thanks!
  • An app that weaved all of the mobile nations stories together, as they come in, would be cool... Bye bye stupid Phone Arena❕❕❕
  • Yeah I've been thinking tho for a while. They changed these sites to all use the same platform didn't they? So they could do cross site posting, so how hard would it be for the wpcentral app to then give us access to the rest of them too.
  • Who cares? we use windows phone :))
  • Yeah but I want more apps on windows phone plus it could pull a lot of information from android to wp! WP users would want stuff android and IOS user have and give feedback to Ms and more!
  • We all want more apps but we must be patience ;)
  • Good point!
  • Hear hear, I agree.
  • * Who cares about apps? we use windows phone :))
  • we have speed :))
  • It's good marketing, and awareness, for those who don't have a WP device.. This is great!!
  • Looks like some people haven't heard of brand awareness... Lol. Edit, maybe we should spell it out for them - Zero Brand awareness = Zero Mind Share. So Brand awareness is G-O-O-D.
  • Lol.. Right!
  • +920  
  • Any updates for 7.8 coming soon?
  • *facepalm* do u get it WP 7.X is DEAD OS
  • More than 1/4 WP users are 7.8 users.
  • 3/4 is not...
  • No,... Do you have a link❔
  • Just one acronym.... E.O.L.
    You'd be lucky to get support for WP8.0 a year from now....
  • WP 7.x was a beta test, get over it man and forget it ever existed. Buy second hand L620 or 520/525, they are cheap.
  • Dead OS sorry
  • Microsoft removed support for Windows Phone 7 projects in the latest SDK, which should tell you how many apps you should expect to see on it now :(
  • Make one app that encompasses all 4 websites! 
  • This would be best... Then you could specify which sites you get notifications from.
  • The One App to rule them all.
  • The hell with Android
  • I'd rather read WPCentral on my Lumia rather than on Android fon and experienced the smoothness of WP8.1 that was updated yesterday... Lol...
  • Why do we need to know about android APPS on a WiNDOWS PHONE SITE ???? Come on...
  • Because one of those apps are for the site you're browsing right now.
  • I use all of the mobile nations apps. Mobile Nations has been great about keeping us informed and I try to support them all. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Why have a Windows Phone Central app on Android? Makes no sense at all.
  • Because not everyone is close minded and wants to know what's going on on other platforms ;)
  • Also what if maybe someone use to be a WP owner but just can't let go and is waiting for some features to come to the platform (8.1) or maybe someone is curious about WP and they want to see what we do better than other platforms or they just prefer WP Central because it's community is a mature bunch and they talk and handle themselves better than other people on different platforms?
  • One point for you too!
  • One point for you!
  • Because there are some, like myself, whose carrier is both smaller and use cdma technology and thus are forced to settle for an android instead of the Windows phone that we want. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Maybe because they received an Android tablet as a gift. WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • I use a Moto X, 1520 and 1020 on a daily basis. Sorry to invade your secret club.
    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Hey, Phil, when's the Android Central App for Windows Phone updated? Oh, wait...=P
  • Why is there a WPCentral app for Android? Lolololol LMAO irony
  • Why? There's even a CrackBerry app for Android. WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • Huh LMAO
  • Ooohhh Hiiii Phil !
    Cool, I'll check it out. "... Older/Lower End Devices ..." That's cold Phil ... Real cold ... Almost shed a tear :'( ...
  • Mmm Phil, We kinda have a tradition around here ... About wallpapers & backgrounds. Can you share yours. ? Pppppllleeeaaaaseeee *puppy eyes* Say, is that an S5?
  • The way I see it is why have an opposite operating system for another platform. Android for Android Windows for Windows iPhone for iPhone. I'm referring to the WP and Android central apps only.
  • Please update for windows phone
  • Who cares about Android app? Anyone? Here?
  • No. I don't. I want a addfree Windows Central app. Thats what i want. And show adds on Android apps. ;-)
  • Buy the app and voila!! No more ads.
  • What this guy said!
  • I do..m Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Subway surfer updated xD
  • Sorry, but Google+ sucks. So we didn't check there...
  • Any chance of getting a WPC app for iOS? I switch between the two platforms often and I would like a native app experience for the best WP site I've found
  • As I recall Apple won't allow Android or WP related apps to their store
    Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • In some ways the android version is better than the wp version.. Comments section for example.
  • Is better in every aspect man, i installed it and it feels like a premium app, idk why apps gotta feel so unpolished on windows phone sometimes :\
  • Actually I currently use the android app on my LG Optimus Pro. It rocks. Helps me stay up to date on WP. Best WP site out there! As I am currently waiting to move back to WP as soon as they have the right phone for me.
    Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Being honest, i find the android app better than the wp one, idk, feels more polished to me, no ads and lets me comment on forums and evrything i want without throwing an error with my account, so far so good
  • Now, make a crackberry, imore, androidC, etc to windows phone platform.
  • How come the Android version is much prettier than the WP app?
  • Point to be noted. WPC app on Android is much better than on wp8 Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • why there is no AndroidCentral app for Windows Phone ?
  • *Android* Ptfffff...