What do you think of Microsoft's Windows Fluent Design System so far?

What exactly is the Fluent Design System? It's "bold, scalable, universal design," according to Microsoft. And it's basically a more modern look and feel to Windows that is supposed to scale across device types, for a more uniform experience.

We've really just started to glimpse what Fluent Design will mean for Windows and other Microsoft products, via minor tweaks to Windows 10 apps and other Microsoft software. For a closer look at what we know about Fluent Design so far, read our Senior Editor Zac Bowden's recent roundup:

Checking in on Microsoft's new Fluent Design System for Windows 10

Windows Central forums member phoenixxdee recently started a thread to discuss Fluent Design.

For many days, I've often wondered where the design in Windows could be found, I couldn't find it. If I went online, people teach and take courses of designing for other platforms, and it's cool because it adds the cool factor. I think with the fluent design, Windows 10 is becoming more cool.


We're excited and optimistic about what Fluent Design will mean for Windows, and we can't wait to see what it looks like in the Fall Creators Update. But what do you think? What do you like about what you've seen of Fluent Design so far? Or perhaps more interestingly, what don't you like? And why? Hit the forum link below and let the Windows Central community know.

Al Sacco

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