Chime in: What makes the ultimate Xbox One X setup?

The Xbox One has always been pitched as a ubiquitous device, with a range of functionality outside of traditional gaming. With the Xbox One X this remains true, and while 4K gaming is its flagship feature, TV, movies, and music all have their place on the console.

Following the arrival of the Xbox One X, a range of new technologies has been fully embraced. 4K makes for the sharpest viewing experience, while High Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Atmos and other technologies all offer further enhancements in both visuals and audio. But as with any new technologies, there's a price to pay to get started.

With special hardware needed to take advantage of 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos, this can make for an expensive, yet impressive, entertainment setup. A thread recently kicked off in the Windows Central forums discussing this, and what exactly is required to get the most out of your Xbox One X.

Hello everyone, Xbox One X is just around the corner and i've got one pre ordered. My question is, what is people's opinions on best screen and best setup to have to make the most of that 4k goodness. I have a family so wouldn't class myself as a hardcore gamer willing to spends thousands on the best equipment but I'm very competitive and mainly play FPS games so any advantage I can get is a...


But we want to hear from you! What are your picks for the best Xbox One X accessories? What is a must-have feature in an ultimate Xbox One X setup? Make sure to drop into the thread and share your thoughts with us!

Matt Brown

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