This is what is new in the Lumia Denim update for the AT&T Lumia 1520

Earlier today, AT&T released the Lumia Denim software update for their Lumia 1520 and now the company has posted a very detailed listing of what has changed.

Most of the features in the update are already known, but things like the 578MB file size or Femtocell closed subscriber group (CSG) access being enabled are certainly unique.

The biggest features of today's update (especially if you were already on build 14219 from the Preview for Developers release) is Lumia Camera 5.0 and ' Hey, Cortana', which lets you wake up Cortana just by using your voice.

The Lumia Camera changes are massive, including the following:

  • Camera Speed: improved Lumia Camera app provides faster camera start-up and capture speeds.  Move from pocket to image capture in 1.5 seconds.  User can take numerous photos with milliseconds of delay between shots.
  • Moment Capture: new feature is activated by a long press of the camera button within the app, which automatically starts high-definition video recording at 24 frames per second.  Each frame is a high-quality 8.3MP image, allowing each single video frame to be selected and saved as a still picture.
  • Rich Capture: simplify picture taking with auto HDR and Dynamic Flash.  Allows user to shoot first and edit later, without worrying about adjusting camera settings.
  • Improved Low Light Image Capture: improved low-light imaging algorithms.

Having used Lumia Camera 5.0 on the Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 (Icon), I can definitively say that it is like using a whole new device. The camera is magnitudes faster, and Rich Capture (the magic wand tool) with HDR and Dynamic Flash are outstanding additions.

Tip: Make sure you are using the 'Lumia Camera' app. You could uninstall 'Lumia Camera Classic' and ignore the Microsoft Camera app.

Check out the video above to see Lumia Camera 5.0 in action on the Lumia Icon to see how it all works.

As to the nitty-gritty of the update, you can follow the source link below or take a gander of the above image, which has all of the details.

If you need more help you dive into our Lumia 1520 forums to see what others are saying.

For those using the Lumia Denim update on the AT&T Lumia 1520, what are your thoughts so far? Was it worth the wait?

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab); Thanks, Aakarsh S., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I don't live in USA , but I'm glad for AT&T 1520 users ;)
  • 1520.3 gonna get it?
  • The right question is will it finally fix the phantom touch issues. If not, I am ready to trade in my 1520.3
  • 10 months with a 1520 that doesn't phantom touch!! .....Anyway the update fixed all the problems that the last preview for developers threw at me and my phone clearly responds faster to touches it feels quicker than ever before
  • I really hope you're correct. I'm installing tonight and I did have some touchscreen issues. That is the ONLY issue I can say I've had and I've had my phone over a year. So I def can't wait to start this.
  • This phantom touch is speculated to be a hardware issue, not a software issue, its most likely caused by the phone flexing and putting the digitizer out of sync, it can be remedied by putting pressure on certain points, search the forums, theres a post that goes into details on it.   Im almost certain its hardware, I baby my phone, and it has no phantom touch issues, where as I have a friend who has the exact same model (bought it at the same time, from the same place as me) and they have it, they are considerably less cautious with theirs.   1520 is a big phone, its hard to keep something that big and thin well supported, even apple has issues with this, if you have a 5.5+ inch phone, just be more careful which pocket you put them in and what you do with them in there, and make sure you put them in a decent case to increase sturdiness and you'll probably avoid the phantom issue all together (and no I don't mean a heavy duty case, im using a simple melody case along with a tempered glass screen protector and its been enough to support it.
  • You know what, now that you mention it, I do remember reading about that a while ago. I'll search for the forum and take care of it. Only happens rarely with mine but still annoying when it does.
  • Mine had been considerably worse the last month or two and then this week the bottom of the phone popped out of the chassis, the back star search buttons area and USB port lifted up about 2 mm. I'd been having rapid back button presses at random in addition to increased phantom touches elsewhere on the screen (plus now on back button). Top left of phone from rounded corner to the o in Nokia would make it go back instead of pulling action center. Pressed it back into the phone until it clicked/popped, this phone has never been taken apart either. Now everything is back to normal with no phantom touches. Top left of the phone doesn't seem to be set the same way as the other 3 corners but if I try to make it click down I get back button presses as I exert minimal pressure in the area. So since its covered by the rubber bezel I'm going to leave it alone.
  • Ya that's the first thing i noticed tonight after updating. The phone is much more responsive and I only have 2GB of free phone storage where before it was slugish and would sometimes hiccup on changing screens now it's real smooth. So glad I was finally able to get Denim on both my 1520's! Love the Lumia Camera app and Hey Cortana apps!
  • Have never had that problem. I'm pretty confident it's a user issue.
  • I had phantom touches on my 1520 too, but those disappeared when I took everyone's advice on sticking it in my pocket screen out instead of screen towards the leg.  At the same time I got a case for it as well, so it could've been the combo, but I haven't experienced phantom touches since. Also, Make sure Settings > touch > touch Sensitivity is set to normal.
  • last "Glance update" fixed that for me on my 1520.2 AT&T phn. It was driving me crazy, but i have not seen that happen ever since. have you seen a Glance Update past few months ago? If not check into that. it fixed mine very well. 
  • Why, thank you..... We're very pleased with the support... Probably the 20th update I've had since I got my 1520... Best phone I've ever had, and it's gonna be hard to top.
  • I'm thinking of buying one
  • It's awesome. I watch a lot of video, so the size and aspect ratio are great, along with customization of color and brightness with the cyan update. Now with denim, it is fast, very fast. Seems as if the PFD program was a beta, no joke.
  • Seriously, it is literally the best WP device money can buy,,, but that's probably gonna change in less than 6 months.....
    I'd wait.... Easy for me to say, though,, because I'm 1520 man❗❗❗
  • wow, we finaly have something that we both agree on:) I LOVE my 1520, specialy with Denim update i got yesterday, but i will wait few months to ge the new version too. 
  • What do you want in the next 1520❓ You'd think I'm crazy if I showed you my list.
  • i would like to see your list very much so. here is my next generation 1520 wish list: 1. 6.5 inch QHD true 4K Super AMOLED+ 600PPI extremely bright, high contrast screen (like Samsung Note Edge or other models) 2. Solar Charging screen(similar to high end watches made by Citizen, Seiko, Tag.....) 3. Gorilla Glass 3(bendable, and unbreakable glass digitizer) 4. Titanium Ceramic Coated, indestructible body. (screw aluminum, which dings and gets sratches so easily and BENDS like iJUNK6 and 6+ toys. Titanium is 1000x is stronger and even lighter, with added Ceramic Coating, NOTHING can hurt this device, same process Oppo R5 does to their aluminium frame that take 20 days to finish, except this would be with Titanium). 5. Color LED Microsoft Windows Logo on the back of the phone (so people can see it from distance, its Windows phone) 6. No connection needed, built-in "Translator App", to use anywhere in the world. (similar to Samsung) 7. Temp, Humidity, weather sensor(like Samsung) 8. Microsoft 3D invention used on this phn 9. 4GB RAM 10. 64Bit CPU (Next Gen Qualcomm 64bit CPU) 11. 30+Pix camera with 10x digital zoom, with laser focus 12. WATERPROOF(like Sony) 13. Front Stereo Speakers (like HTC) 14. NEW high tech Stylus(like old Windows phns use to have in early 2000's, stylus should be part of all windows devices, weather you use it or not, since it was part of all windows phns years ago) 15. Eye super security scanner sensor(forget about CrApple's fingerprinting scanner that was hacked in less then 3 days when iJUNK5s was released, which CrApple copied from 2011 Motorola Atrix 4G, which had fingerprinting scanner years before iJUNK5S came out) 16. Wireless NFC Charging(similar to Lumia 830) 17. 256GB~500GB capabilities MicroSD slot (currently you can only install 128GB Max) 18. Small 1080P notification Screen on the "BACK" of the device (maybe 1x3.5 inch screen or so) 19. New USB port 20. Removable battery 21. scroll touch hardware on the BACK of the phone(like Oppo N3) 22. Remote Control(like Oppo N3)(i LOVE this featuer used on Oppo, its really cool and comes very handy, which no one else has yet) I have even more ideas, but these are what i really like to have on next gen 1520's. Hologram projection would be nice too:-) Let me know, what you think, and let me know, what you have in mind.  
  • All that❗ Exactly.. Seriously..
    Especially the Photovoltaic screen..
    I want to see some new things that's never been done before.... It's a Windows smartphone, so we need some more PC like hardware...
    Dual USB ports
    Dual SD card slots
    Surround speakers
    Wireless mouse support
    Wireless Keyboard support
    There's no way MS should allow an Android device to function more like a PC than a Windows device...... Hopefully at build they have something very impressive to unveil.
  • great mind think alike:-) I'll be watching the MWC event live from MS or from WC. I can not wait to see what they will announce too. I know, no flagship will be announced, till later this year. I hate waiting, but............they say good things comes to those who wait. I sure hope so. I'm pretty happy with Denim update i just got on my 1520, so waiting its no problem for now. I 100% agree on Android thing. Specially what Google just did with "SoftCard" deal to windows phns. That was bunch of crap if you ask me. If i was MS, i would be pissed. There has to be a way, MS could overcome Android, and kick them to the curb. Google is becoming just as evil as CrApple now. BTW, did you hear the GREAT news? Ericsson is suing CrApple on several patents, since CrApple agreement ended, and they are refusing to pay Ericsson for those patents they are using in many of their devices they sell(i know LTE is Ericsson's deal along with several others, overall all, Ericsson holds over 35,000 patents in mobile platform stuff, and just about every brands pays Ericsson for their patents). I hope to God, Ericsson kick CrApple's ass, and win ALL their lawsuits(here in the U.S. and other countries), which one of the things Ericsson is asking the court here in U.S. is, for CrApple to stop selling just about every pord they own, here in U.S. including the MaCrap, since they all have Ericsson's patent in them. I'll do a dance of Joy in our street, if Ericsson wins. maybe even in nude.:-) well maybe not in Nude:-) I'm glad someone is standing up to this greedy, lying,...........comp that tries to bully others, copies just about everything, steal other ppl's ideas, and not pay their share/agreement to others...................... we'll see.
  • That's pretty crazy, but we'll see.......
    Something tells me that at build MS is going to unveil a new live tile interface for mobile... Probably those exploding tiles.... We need something big...
  • If you can hold out I'd wait. Literally the best phone I've ever had, but there's supposed to be another one on the horizon. That's just my opinion though, I'm the type that wants the best, and doesn't like to get tech when it's been out long enough for something better around the corner.
  • me too, but still hoping for a surprise soon a mclaren or1530 or something
  • So how about the UNLOCKED CV all around the world, why the hell has this not been released for them yet.
  • I wish windows central app updated properly for me. Push notifications rarely work. I just discovered the update now when I looked at the app manually. Excited to download. Finally att
  • Our notifications are standard Microsoft implemented ones, so the problem is likely on the phone/OS side and not anything in our app specifically. Best bet is to uninstall/reinstall and check that you do not have too many apps running in the background, etc.
  • Will do, thanks Daniel.
  • Still a WC update will be appreciated :)
  • When for India?
  • Started in India as well. Checkout this link
  • It works fine for me Daniel
  • My live tile updates go wrong with WC app....... On large sized tile . Usually I will read almost all articles on app . But sometimes it will show 19+ Unread , even if I used and closed app at that instant
  • I had the same problem. Finally just turned off live tile and notifications.
  • The live tile works on this basis... (just replied you so that you read my reply to Abhishek. ;) )
  • It's not an app problem. If you open the app, and spontaneously (before it finishes refreshing itself.) open and read the article and close it, the app notification on the live tile wont go. But, if you open the app, and let it load it's data, (it vibrates when it loads... I have that setting on.) and then you do whatever you want, and then if you exit and see, the notifications will be gone.
    I hope you understand what I am trying to say.
  • Fonts are still small on my screen, even though I enable large fonts. Like in Tapatalk, I like how I can change font size. Would you please consider this for articles? Thanks :) 
  • When mine stops working it logs an error and resets most of my WCentral app settings but not all of them. So I go and turn the live tile back on and reset all my settings. Mostly seems to be if I lose signal or hit one or two of the spottiest access points in town or a filtered connection (also in att dead zone or bldgs with metal roofs and no carrier penetration)
  • I just replied Daniel. Yay.
  • I have the opposite problem, I usually get notifications twice.
  • I haven't had any kind of notifications issues with WCentral App, actually I've disabled that feature because there were many of them. Wish Twitter's notifications were that good...
  • Yeah, I noticed twitter is very unreliable. I've tried cyber crow beta... We'll see. I love this update.
  • So it works as expected, since it doesn't use push notifications.
  • C'Mon 925 (AT&T)!
  • Go T-Mobile!
  • T-mobile really! You know their pretty much pro apple now
  • they ALL are, as CrApple pays these top CEO's/Comps so much cash under the table to get them push their iJUNK more than anything else. An Evil way of practice. All manufactures needs to get together and fight this EVIL CrApple comp from this monopoly. We are with T-Mobile with our unlock 1520 and 1020 and two 520's, and i just got 1520 Denim update few mins ago. Not sure if that update came from ATT or T-Mobile, since ATT just released the denim update for 1520 today. I guess, as long as you have an Unlock phn, you will get an update no matter who you're with. We pay only $100 a month for 4 lines with T-Mobile, if ATT would offer the same thing i would switch ASAP. I do NOT support ANYONE supporting EVIL CrApple. As long as I'm alive, I will NEVER support this evil comp. Even if they give me a free iJUNK, i will smash it with a hammer and give it back to CrApple, or Sell it ASAP, and use the money to support MS. i HATE them with every cell in my body. I NEVER felt about any comp or anything, like i feel about CrApple, not even Google which i dislike very much.   
  • Google has been far more anticompetitive over the last three years than apple. There's many things I dislike about the apple ecosystem but most are the way they're evangelized (false advertisement from the faithful and the reality distortion field) and the way people focus on that platform first even though Android is larger. My favorite is how they surround themselves with others in the same state as they get deeper in the ecosystem then are totally dumbfounded when meeting someone with just an iPhone or no apple products. I do have an iPod touch (same Gen as iphone 5) got it for a few apps to test and eventually I may want to port some apps to it.
  • lol this is probably the last update the 925 will get through T-mobile, was told by a rep there hes surprised the 925 even get this update as its been completely EOL'd
  • Rep's don't know shit. When the 925 was announced for T-Mobile, the reps had no idea, and didn't believe me when I told them they would be in the store soon. 
  • 99% of reps got their head so far CrApple Ass, they can't see anything but iJUNK and EVIL CrApple's Devilish logo. I'm surprised he or she even knew what Windows phns were, and not pointing at a Window on the store front.  
  • Haha, well this one was actually a WP fan, so her head wasn't quite as far up apples ass :P
  • Really all I wanted was hey cortana lmao
  • It's awesome and opens up so fast. Even the push button starts up much faster. No resuming far. Xbm, wc, no resuming.
  • I want it on 928, but it won't happen (
  • 928 already has denim :s
  • You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? See, the first comment said "all I wanted was Hey Cortana" < that's what I was referring to, to have Hey Cortana on 928
  • Dont like Lumia Camera. Microsoft Camera FTW
  • Lumia Camera is seriously improved in Denim. If you haven't tried it, you should.
  • Now this is news ... Why because it's America ....
  • Accept our superiority.
  • Yeah, America gets a little down and now everyone else is getting too big for their britches.
    Settle down there fellas.
  • Windows Central has been pretty dilig