What should the next-gen 'Project Scarlett' Xbox be called?

Project Scarlett
Project Scarlett (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is gearing up to reveal the next-gen Xbox, currently codenamed Project Scarlett. We're expecting Scarlett to launch as two SKUs, a more powerful "Anaconda" and a more affordable "Lockhart," and we recently exclusively revealed some of the expected specs.

In any case, we have no idea what this thing will be called, save for some vague comments from Xbox head Phil Spencer that Scarlett's name will "reflect its abilities." Could this be in reference to the near-elimination of loading times due to SSD tech? Scarlett's hardware-accelerated ray tracing? Or could it have more to do with the wider platform itself, with Microsoft's push into web streaming services like Project XCloud?

With these sorts of things in mind, what do YOU think the next Xbox should (or will) be called?

Hit the comments below with your ideas and suggestions, and we'll tally up the best ideas in an update this weekend.

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Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Xbox Pro and Xbox Pro Max.
  • While I like it, I doubt they would do that since Sony with with PS4 Pro.
  • That's too much like Apple, with the Macbook range. They need to keep it Microsoft styled.
    So, it'll probably be called the Xbox One 360.
  • Xbox Zero if they want to reflect how they're trying to address load times.
  • LOL, I thought that was going to be another joke about their exclusive lineup for a second.
  • Xbox Infinity
    Xbox Genesis
    Xbox Alpha One
    Xbox Ultra Just don't call it Xbox One with another letter on the end of it 🙄
  • Just Xbox. That way going forward they can keep with the platform update mentality and not a new generation update every time.
  • They throw us a curveball and call it Xbox 4 and Xbox 4X.
  • Ooo I like that idea
  • Xbox One XXX
  • XBox 2 One X Ultra Niner Niner Box
  • Xbox ultimate 3000 master supreme XS
  • Just keep with the code names. Scarlet sounds awesome to me. The weaker one can be Rouge.
  • It will be Xbox Infinity but with the symbol for infinity, so Xbox ∞.
  • If they keep the same trend of a 'numerical' name (360, One) id agree with the suggestions 'Zero', and 'infinite'
  • Phil, just Phil.
  • "Xbox One X2" and "Xbox One S2"
  • Xbox Infinite S and Xbox Infinite X. I think that would be the easiest naming configuration because people already know the difference between S and X now.
  • Xbox Spark
    Xbox Celerity
    Xbox Lightspeed
  • I thought that said Xbox Celery at first lol
  • Xbox one (and add a letter that's not s or x)
    That's because this is not a new gen console but a more powerful Xbox one.
  • (lockhart) Xbox 2, (anaconda) Xbox 2 Elite
  • Xbox Xena would be cool.
  • Xbox One Xtream
  • I was trying to put this name, but it wouldn't let me. Accept I spelled it Xtreme. Lol Either way, glad one of was able to. Lol
  • I just hope that they just simply name it "Xbox Two" after the Xbox One. The Xbox One seemed like a reboot of the Xbox brand. So it seems more appropriate to name it as the follow up after "One". Maybe the cheaper version will be simply named "Xbox Two" and the high end model will be named something like "Xbox Two Elite" or "Xbox Two X".
  • I kind of like Xbox Fusion as you can play all generations of xbox on it.
  • Xbox One XXX
  • I reckon Xbox Series X, thought of that all by myself too.
  • I had the exact same idea! What a strange coincidence!