I've been writing about Microsoft for quite some time now, and I'm often asked what gadgets and tech I use in my day to day life. A lot of this tech is vital to my job. Here's what I use every day.

Desktop computer

My current desktop is easily the most important tool that I use every day. It's something I built myself a few years ago with parts that were current at the time. I've since upgraded a few things, but most of it remains as it was. Its specifications include an Intel Core i7 6700K CPU, 16GB RAM, a 500GB solid-state drive (SSD) and a GTX 1060.

Samsung S34E790C Ultrawide Monitor

For my monitor, I use a Samsung Ultrawide. I absolutely love the ultrawide form factor, and this TFT panel from Samsung does the job nicely. It's not super expensive either, meaning you won't break the bank like with some other ultrawide monitors. It's not touchscreen, unfortunately, but it is slightly curved and features a high resolution of 3440 x 1400. I grabbed mine for around $750.

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GTX 1060

For video rending and occasional gaming, I use a GTX 1060. I originally configured my PC with a 960, but I upgraded when I learned about the huge improvements the Pascal chips offered. The GTX 1060 is great because it's not as expensive as the higher-end models, coming in at just $366, yet packs enough power for someone like me who occasionally renders 1080p videos and plays a few PC games. More often than not, I prefer my Xbox One X for gaming, but the GTX 1060 is nice to have when I need it.

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Surface Precision Mouse

I absolutely love this mouse. It's configurable, comfortable, and doesn't break the bank as $99. It looks great and can be used in either a wired or wireless Bluetooth connection. It also has up to three Bluetooth devices that it can switch between with a flick of a switch, which is super handy.

Surface Keyboard

I also use the Surface Keyboard, which is a premium, relatively standard keyboard. For $79, the Surface Keyboard is aluminium, with plastic keys that feel excellent to type on. It connects via Bluetooth, which is nice, although I wish it offered a wired mode. Luckily, there's a slightly more expensive Modern Keyboard that's identical to the Surface Keyboard, except it also offers wired mode and a fingerprint scanner. I might pick that one up soon.

Logitech BRIO 4K

Every week, me and our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino record an episode of the Windows Central Podcast. We do a video version of the show, which requires a good web cam so that we look as clear as possible. The BRIO 4K webcam from Logitech is by far the best webcam on the market for this, offering 4K recording, HDR color, and even Windows Hello support. This is the ultimate all in one camera. It's not cheap, though, costing $199.

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Blue Yeti Microphone

For recording audio, I use the Blue Yeti Microphone. It's a popular USB mic that is pretty much plug and play, and offers excellent sound quality. It's also great for voice recognition via Cortana. I've been using this microphone for years, and I've yet to need an upgrade. This mic typically goes for $129.

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Mobile devices

In addition to my stationary workstation, I also use a collection of mobile gadgets and accessories for when I'm working on the go.

Surface Laptop

This is my laptop of choice. Some people prefer the 2-in-1 category, but I personally love the pure laptop form factor. I love the Surface Laptop keyboard and design. It's lightweight, slim, and looks excellent when in a coffee shop or on a train. Make sure you check out my other article detailing why I prefer the Surface Laptop over any other device. It starts at $799, which isn't too overpriced.

iPhone X

I'm currently using an iPhone X as my primary smartphone, but I often switch between multiple smartphones at any given time. I know some people dislike the notch, and that's understandable, but it's not an issue for me. I also went out and grabbed a pair of AirPods, which work like magic with the iPhone X. I recommend this phone wholeheartedly. Prices start at $1,000.

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Nokia 8

My current Android smartphone of choice is the Nokia 8. It used to be the OnePlus 5T, but I slowly grew more fond of the Nokia. I like its design, vibration motor, and screen. It feels excellent in the hand, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Nokia 8 Sirocco which improves upon a few things. You can grab one of these for $429.

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Lumia 950

Windows 10 Mobile may no longer be of focus to Microsoft, but that doesn't mean I don't love the platform. Windows phone will always be "my platform," and a Windows phone handset is never too far away from me. I keep my Lumia 950 around and use it on occasion, keeping an eye out for any new app updates or developments in the Windows phone world. You can still grab one of these for $260 from Amazon.

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For gaming, I'm an Xbox guy. I have been since the first ever Xbox, and I have no real reason to switch to PlayStation 4 or PC gaming full time. I love the Xbox ecosystem, achievements and even some of the Xbox exclusives.

Xbox One X

Of course, I have to have the best Xbox on the market. I'm using the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition that I had preordered when that was available in limited quantities. I love it. I do wish it had a bigger internal hard drive however, and I also wish it came in white. Outside of that, the Xbox One X is a super powerful console that delivers 4K gaming very well. The Xbox One X costs $499, which isn't cheap, but it's worth it.

Xbox One Elite Wireless controller

Alongside my Xbox One X, I use the Xbox One Elite Wireless controller. I don't know why, because I don't exactly use the controller to its full capabilties. It has interchangable sticks, d-pad and paddles, but I don't really use the peddles and I much prefer the default d-pad and sticks. I guess I only use it because I love how it feels. It's got a premium heft to it, and I love the rubberized matieral that it's built out of. It's at leat $120, which is super expensive for a controller. But I love it.

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The TV I use for my Xbox One X is nothing special. It's not an OLED, unfortunately, and it also isn't super expensive. It's a pretty standard 4K LCD display, but it gets the job done. Games look good, and it even has one of those magic LG remotes that you can use as mouse pointer in webOS. It's also super cheap, costing me around $350.

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Miscellaneous tech

Here's a collection of miscellaneous gadgets and tech I use on a day-to-day basis.

Bose QC35

In regards to audio, I use a pair of wireless Bose QC 35 headphones. These's aren't the latest version of the QC35's, but they're excellent nonetheless. They feature noise cancelation, which really works well, and around six hours of listening on a single charge. I love these headphones to death. They're not cheap, though, costing around $329.

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Harman Kardon Invoke

For my smart speaker needs, I use the Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana. Since I'm all-in on the Microsoft ecosystem, it makes sense for me to want to use Cortana in my smart speakers. I use it for listening to music, checking my itinerary for the day, and adding reminders and alarms for later. I also use it to control things like lights in my house thanks to the many skills Cortana now supports. You can actually find one of these for pretty cheap, sometimes around $99 if you look hard enough. Totally worth it.

What tech do you use?

That's my list of technology that I use every single day. Let us know in the comments what tech you use and why!