What's the best HP ENVY x2 charger?

What's the best HP ENVY x2 charger?

Best answer: The best charger for your HP Envy x2 is one that provides enough charge for the Windows 10 tablet. This AUKEY USB Type-C charger does just that.Amazon: AUKEY USB C Charger ($53)

Reliable power

AUKEY is a reputable brand that products some solid hardware. We've featured numerous AUKEY products here on Windows Central, including a few power banks and adapters. This 60W USB Type-C compatible charger is perfect for the HP ENVY x2, allowing you to not only charge the device but also continue using the Windows-powered tablet while topping up the battery.

What makes this charger worth the $53 is the ability to charge up the HP ENVY x2, as well as two additional devices. There could be a time when both your tablet and smartphone run out of battery and this charger will be able to handle both. The two USB Type-A ports have AiPower tech, which basically means they'll supply the right amount of power for various devices.

AUKEY backs this charger with a 45-day money back guarantee, as well as a two-year warranty.

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