What's new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in August 2018

The Laws of Thermodynamics hits Netflix in August. (Image credit: Netflix)

The Laws of Thermodynamics hits Netflix in August. (Image credit: Netflix)

Let us just put things like this: Between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in August, there are just too many new movies and shows that we can't list them all here. (We can, however, list them at CordCutters.com, so hit those links below.)

But, really, August means we're finally going to get to see John Krasinski as Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video. OK, at the end of August, but still in August. It can't come soon enough. (It's also the first time we'll see Amazon content with Dolby Atmos audio!)

Netflix has a new gem from Matt Groening (as in The Simpsons) in Disenchantment, and there's a new season of The Ozarks as well.

As for Hulu? Well. There's also a ton of great content — movies, shows and more. In a word? Terminator!

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Update July 25: All three big-time listings are in!.

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