What's your favorite PC stick?

The PC stick is a really excellent little thing because you can quite literally carry a full Windows 10 PC in your pocket and use it anywhere you go. Or anywhere with a display to plug it into, at least.

These little dongles of PC goodness continue to grow in popularity and there are many to choose from. And that's the focus of one of our latest forums discussions.

Was reading this article on the homepage: Best PC Compute Sticks | Windows Central Anyone out there have any different recommendations? Are the PC sticks we're recommending the best of the best? Sound off, I want to hear your suggestions!!

James Falconer

We particularly like Intel's Core m Compute Stick, because of the additional power you get inside something that's still smaller than most USB battery packs. But this isn't about our favorites, we want to hear all about your picks, so hit the forums thread linked below and let us know!

From the forums: Best PC Compute Sticks?

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