What's your favorite Xbox game on Windows Phone?

It's Friday, so we should have some fun. What's more fun than talking about your favorite Windows Phone game with Xbox? Earlier this week Microsoft released Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone (and Windows 8.1). It's an awesome new game that plays similar to mobile games Clash of Clans and Cloud Raiders. Unlike those two games, you can directly control your troops during attacks AND you get Xbox Live integration.

Go wild in the comments below. List your favorite game (or games) with Xbox support on Windows Phone. We'll then round up the most popular for a poll in a few days to see which Xbox game on Windows Phone is the king.

Personally I'm really liking Age of Empires: Castle Siege and have always had a soft spot for Halo: Spartan Assault.

So, what's your favorite Xbox game on Windows Phone?

  • Uno!
  • Brilliant comment!
  • +1020
  • +4
  • Ahahahahahah
  • Uno with Friends is crazy fun.
    ... but I can't honestly answer this because my Dodonpachi Resurrection never got a WP8 update :'(
  • Yeah dodonpachi on windows phone would be awesome
  • Guys, what is your opinion about ubisoft's Babel rising 3d? On my store it had one bad review but it seems as an interesting game
  • Omg. Just realized what you did. You're the real MVP
  • GT racing 2 and Batman
  • Age of Empires: Castle Siege is my current favorite. I like how I can pick up and Windows device and be able to control it.
  • Age of empires would be good if we didn't have to be online to play. Don't have an internet connection? Sorry, no game.
  • Then they attack while you sleep at night.
  • True, same with my
  • +1320
  • AoE:CS have frequently connection error even on good wifi. It is frustating when you deploy a troops then have the error. Maybe only me on my 1320, anyone?
  • That's happened to me twice. I don't get why. The error doesn't happen on Star Wars commander. Hopefully an update can fix it.
  • Yeah that dc error need some fixing..quite annoying when you knew you're about to win a raid and suddenly %$#*&!
  • It's not the game it's the Xbox server
  • Same here. That's why I can still say that Cloud Raiders is better as it works over 2g speeds also.
  • +1320
  • +1020
  • Always lost connection when play..
  • Ditto, Age of Empires is great.
  • if you don't have alliance... join mine!!!  aznraven
  • iStunt 2. Wish there was an istunt 3 :(
  • Currently it's a tie between AoE and AC Pirates.
  • Join my alliance in AoE. Look up 'UltraFriendClub' lol Anyone can join, but only real playboys can keep up
  • I'd like to but can't play the game right now because I failed to sign in
  • I joined the UltraFriendClub lol
  • I joined! Lel
    My nick name is DeltaCriminal07 :3
  • Hm-m-m... I'd say Terraria but I don't play in it on phone, only on PC... So let's It'll be Fruit Ninja for now :D
  • Also I can't afford new games for now lel... Supporting army is now a top priority :)
  • Terraria for me too but I'm playing it on my 939
  • Temple run 2 is all time favorite.
  • Sad it refuses to keep the progress thou :(
  • Any good non mmo games?
  • Radiant defense! :D
  • Civilizations Revolution! :)
  • Any game that doesn't have to be online to play (like age of empires), doesn't have mercenary in app purchases (like hexic), don't have an exagerated price (like final fantasy) and that works on 512 ram (unlike modern combat) Are there any games left?
  • Rayman Jungle/Fiesta Run, Terraria, Tentacles: Enter the Mind, Final Fantasy(not III), Hexic Rush, Bejeweled Live +, and Minesweeper/Mahjong/Solitaire, Halo: Spartan Assault, that's just what I have on my phone...
  • SongArc for sure.
  • Not Xbox live-enabled.
  • Damn it. I did it again. Sorry.
  • No case is hopeless... ;-)
  • Hungry shark evolution! That passes all your requirements. :D
  • Temple run 2
  • contre jour :D
  • Currently its AOE :)
  • Age of Empires is being played a ton right now, still messing around with Terraria.
  • Age of Empires is beast! I'm in the wpcentral clan and my GT is voleheartmecraz (prolly will change soon). Halo: Spartan Assault and Asphalt 7 are really good. FIFA 14 is fun but a bit boring after a while. If I had more space on my Asus T100 I'd have all my XBL games on there.
  • Age of empires needs internet to play. No internet connection no logon on xbox no game. This is shit.
  • What did you expect? It's supposed to be experienced online like any Age of Empires game.
  • Asphalt 8!
  • No. 1 racing game for me. ;)
  • Asphalt 8 isn't Xbox live-enabled.
  • Asphalt 8 os am Arcade Racing game. But still good
  • Mmmm AOE is now my new favorite Xbox game ! :3
  • Hungry shark evolution!
  • Super Sweet Crush lol
  • Age of Empires has me hooked!
  • Oldie but a goodie... Loved the GeoDefense series.
  • Agreed!
  • Cloud raiders
  • This. It's better than AoE
  • Hungry Shark Evolution , I'd say!
  • Spartan assault hungry shark e aoecastle siege but lately there is problem with my Xbox live account. Can't connect so some of the game doesn't work
  • Halo
  • Hungry Shark Evo, Terraria, Halo SA, Tentacles Enter the Mind, and Tetris Blitz are all pretty good...
  • Mine is SongArc. But unfortunately I constantly need to use phones to play to avoid get my wife bored. More than that I play a lot Royal Revolt 2, and they are bringing same day updates with others platforms.
  • This thread was supposed to be about Xbox live-enabled games.
  • Halo SA
  • Skulls of the shogun's my all time favorite, hope they put out a second installment.
  • +1520
  • For me it's: 
    Snap Attack
    Contre Jour
    Age of Empires: Castle Siege  
    Jetpack  Joyride 
    Asphalt 8 
    FIFA 14 
    Microsoft Mahajong 
    Microsoft Minesweeper 
  • Asphalt 8 isn't Xbox live-enabled.
  • Star wars: Commander
  • Hungry Shark Evolution FTW!!!
  • Solitaire. At least it is until my phone turns into a raging inferno and the battery drops dead.
  • +Icon
    And for me other issues like settings wiping and bad performance. I believe I need Cyan to resolve the performance issue.
  • Tentacles!
  • +1
  • Halo, of course.
  • Terraria? No one?
  • Absolutely! Terraria. :)
  • +1 Awesome game.
  • The Harvest, but its not available anymore.
  • Still works on 7.8..
  • Cut the rope, Mirror's Edge and Jet Car Stunts.
  • Solitaire
  • Wordament.
  • +925
  • Jetpack joyride and armed!
  • Age of empire
  • Halo
  • I'm a sucker for Subway Surfers.
  • Do people today skip not just the article but even it's headline? This was supposed to be about Xbox live-enabled games, not about throwing in random names.
  • I like Ice cream with skittles mixed in..
  • You sir or madam got a chuckle out of me. ;)
  • The Harvest
  • Age of empire
  • To be honest, I've come realize I don't like touch screen phone games no matter what platform it is. I deleted almost all of them.
  • +930
  • Well, well, well... It's hard to say, but currently I am playing Terraria and it is a fantastic game
  • I always end up re-playing Halo: SA and Skulls of Shogun after getting bored with the latest fad game. Haven't tried Terreria and AC: Pirates yet, honourable mentions Contre Jour, Dark Knight Rises and Ilomilo( I don't like the new freemium IAP games like Hexic, Throne together , Tentacles and Age of Empires)
  • "ilomilo" was an early, lovely favorite.
  • super crossfighter, rayman.
  • All time favorite was Orbital. Really wish they would bring it to WP8...
    Current most played is Hungry Shark Evo.
  • Orbital was my favorite also. +920 on bringing that one back. Was hoping it was on the recent list of the games they brought back but it wasn't.
  • FIFA 14
  • Mobile games always get boring after a while for me. The only one that i'm still playing is godville.
  • Hungry shark evo!! :D
  • Rayman fiesta run and rayman jungle run
  • Rocket riot... Oh wait I can't ever install it again... FU Microsoft... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Hungry shark evolution and Rayman fiesta run. Also really enjoy AC Pirates.
  • Halo Spartan assault!
  • I miss HydroThunder
  • Mass Effect: Infiltrator
  • The games which are free,lol
  • Since I can't install any of them, I hate them all equally.  
  • LOL! Why can't you install any of them?
  • "Tentacles: Enter The Mind" is growing on me, already have a fully maxed out character and I'm not very far into the game lol but AoE is also up there. Then Terraria is.. Well creeping up, not quickly though.
  • The Enter The Mind game.
  • I love ilomilo, and Halo Spartan Assault. I loved The Harvest though!
  • As I came to windows phone from WP8 I have never played Harvest, such a shame that it never got WP8 release.
  • Pvz
  • "Bejeweled live +" a great Xbox game that we can play anytime. My personal favourite.
  • But really "pop cap" please do provide an update to this classic. After all its a paid game.
  • One thing everyone hates about Xbox titles - "They will take ages to update."
  • I didn't play too many games due to ram limitation.....I like asphalt 7 most.....
  • Terraria. But before that it was Fable Coin Golf.
  • hungry shark but it sticks too much battery so I've deleted
  • Same reason for me. Hungry shark evolution is a really nice game but it lags sometimes and drains battery so much.
  • I always play with the charger on so no problem there
  • sucks**
  • Kingdoms & Lords my favourite.
  • Hungry Shark Evolution... Love eating people!
  • Forza & formula 1 & mortal kombat & Grand turismo & ninja gaiden & prince of pershia  
  • Tentacles enter the mind is a good one
  • Jetpack joyride kept me busy on 1020 and on Surface, but it has to be Final Fantasy for me, such a big named company to care about Windows Phone makes me happy :)
  • Angry birds star wars 2