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Age of Empires: Castle Siege with Xbox LIVE now available for Windows Phone, Tablet, and PC

Do you remember the good old days when Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone came at a steady clip every Wednesday? It almost seems like Microsoft is getting back into the swing of things, with not only more releases, but also the universal app kind. These are the ones where developers can code for one, but get two apps for Phone and Windows for users.

It is no secret that Age of Empires: Castle Siege is coming to Microsoft's platform, but today you can finally download both for your Phone and PC, and even get that coveted Xbox LIVE integration.

Back on September 9, AoE beta was spotted in the Windows Phone store, but it was unable to be downloaded. If you were able to get that game, you might want to delete it as it is no longer the official link, which is found below for all users.

In our exclusive interview with Smoking Gun CEO about the mechanics of AoE: Castle Siege, John Johnson described it like this:

"AoE: Castle Siege brings AoE gameplay to touch devices. We've kept a lot of what made the original AoE so popular: We're grounded in history, you can play one of 6 civilizations and each have 3 unique heroes and 1 unique troop type. You can directly control all the units during combat just like other RTS titles. We have a tech tree to advance through as well as many ages to advance through that all gain better weapons, units, defenses and other structures. And as with AoE, the game is primarily about advancement and combat."

AoE indeed looks intense, and more importantly, it is designed for touch and mobile game play. With single-sign on through a Microsoft Account and your games should be able to sync between your phone, PC or Surface. This syncing ability makes campaigns much more attractive, and you are likely to play AoE for longer periods.

From the Store description:

"Age of Empires®: Castle Siege invites you to guide your empire through the Medieval Era on your Windows PC or touch screen device. Choose from one of several civilizations, including the Britons, Teutons, and Kievan Rus. Upgrade your keep, fortify your walls, and garrison defensive troops to protect yourself from marauders. Then, train an army to raid other cities, and command them in battle to dismantle your opponents' defenses."

Sounds like a big game to us and a worthy title to download. For Phone, the Age of Empires weighs in at a hefty 169 MB in size, but it is available for 512 MB devices, if you can believe it. For Windows, you are looking at double the graphics, double the fun so 320 MB should do it. Both titles are free.

Download both, play both and go forth and conquer! (Note: if the Windows 8 link returns an error, do a search in the Store instead)

Thanks, Jason L., for the tip!

QR: aoe

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Fantastic! Remove any doubts in your head its us or them
  • Best news of the week ,,,,,wowowowowowowoow
  • *Whistles the legendary AOE theme song*
  • Woolooloo
  • Search "GreatEurasian" to join my alliance
  • Now I can uninstall cloud raiders
  • Already did!
  • Woehoe!
  • and Royal Revolt 2..
  • Not only is available, but even for 512 MB Ram phones
  • Yeah.... I'm Loving It :)
  • This is the best thing about the game+520
  • Not only for 512 MB RAM phones, but even Xbox LIVE integration!
  • It so smoooth
  • I'm afraid of installing games as big as this or asphalt 8 on my 520. Are they going to make my Lumia drop it's performance?
  • Nothing happen , already installed it and asphalt 8 before.
  • Oh , what about load times and performance in-game?
  • You're using a Windows Phone right, not Android?
  • Yes! A beautiful 520! Why would I have an Android phone and comment on wpcentral??? Anyway, do you know about load times and performance in game?
  • Yes! A beautiful 520! Why would I have an Android phone and comment on wpcentral??? Anyway, do you know about load times and performance in game?
  • Yes! A beautiful 520! Why would I have an Android phone and comment on wpcentral??? Anyway, do you know about load times and performance in game?
  • I own a beautiful 620 which currently has both Asphalt 8 and AoE : CS. Also, I have cloud raiders, hungry shark evolution and even talking tom.    All of the above games run well :) Go ahead without any fear Amigo :D
  • And that too for free
  • So basically clash of clans is a rip off of the original AOE?
  • Getting an error when I try to get it in store. It says it doesn't exist any more. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Read the part where I say Store links may not work, do a search instead.
  • Thanks
  • Search doesn't work either. It says "sorry, this app is no longer available." I'm in the US with a SP3, so I'm not sure what the deal is.
  • Now the link works!
  • neither link or search work for me
  • Sweet!!!
  • Nice, instant download!!
  • Finally wait is over
  • Isnt it awesome? :D
  • Are those stack-able achievements or the same ones just syncing? I hope its just one set of achievements. I hate getting them twice (ahem, tentacles ahem)
  • Double the achievement, double the fun lol *coughwordamentcough*
  • Ikr, it's not like the first set of achievements disappear.
  • Most gamers who care about achievements prefer that they stack: twice the gamerscore.
  • Did android and IOS get this ?
  • if not now, they will eventually... so stop worrying and enjoy the game
  • No, they won't, actually. This is Windows exclusive.
  • Why do you even care?? This is Windows Phone Central which is the best WP news portal on the horizon! Dnt ask android or iOS question here!
  • Wow people take it easy. Is a valid question the man is making here. A little jumpy aren't we? He probably wants to brag to his android and ios friends to show off how cool WP is. ;D
  • I agree with wpfan1995.
    That's what androidcentral and iMore are for.
  • What the heck did I say its just a normal question.
  • The answer is no, it's a Windows exclusive.
  • More players, more people to raid
  • No and Minecraft 2 (when release) also not, prepare for it. I hope that MS will now support more Windows and WIndows Phone in the future.  
  • No, but, there is another AOE, under development for iOS, Android and windows phone.
  • I hope they won't. Microsoft should make their products exclusively for Windows and WP IMO.
  • I hope they won't. Microsoft should make their products exclusively for Windows and WP IMO.
  • Therer's no reason for that.
  • I agree, Google doesn't care for WP, Microsoft shouldn't care for Android users
  • Sadly Microsoft cares about both platforms :'(
  • Well, if it turns Microsoft haters into Microsoft fanboys and Google haters, then that's a good thing. Maybe more users will switch to Windows Phone over time once their bias begins to wear off ... and they stop listening to the tech "journalists" that rag on Microsoft all the time.
  • You are right: they should keep their games exclusive. And, they should advertise the hell out of this game as much as Supercell marketed Clash of Clans. Marketing is the only reason that game did well.
  • You mean cut off potential revenue streams, I'm sure Microsoft would want to do that. I hate Google and Android just as much as you guys but that doesn't mean that Microsoft should act like them, does it?
  • True also the main reason I went back to droid was many of the games I played weren't on wp. Microsofts main goal is to make money. Making it a wp exclusive would definitely not make sense in that aspect. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Slippery slope. What's next? Xbox games on Playstation? It's fine to put some types of apps and software on other platforms (e.g. Skype), but not games. Otherwise, Xbox has no reason for existing at all.
  • They will never return a favor back am I wrong ?
  • They, as in Google, won't but that doesn't mean Microsoft should behave the same way.
  • that means I can't play with my friends who are all stuck on clash of clans!
  • they got Clash Of Clans so they won't care about that
  • Cool thing that this a universal app/game! Windows ❤
  • Love ❤ you MS
  • Better than aoe online! :D yay!
  • if not now, they will eventually... so stop worrying and enjoy the game
  • It will be more enjoyable when I can play it with my Android and iOS friends.
  • Thanks MS
  • Excellent and great to see that its a universal app as well as XBOX too. Good job MS !
  • MS is finally focusing on its mobile platform now...As now the MS removed the renewal period of apps which will be more helpful for developerz to keep their apps for long-term.
  • I predict in app purchases or ads
  • Or both
  • Its a free game, child. It needs in App purchases
  • Agreed!
  • Then that doesn't make it free, does it?  If they had made this as a paid $10 app with a trial version I would have tried and bought if it was good - I hate the in-app purchase model most phone games are jumping to. But they must be making more money this way so it probably won't stop. I'll download and try it, but if it's worthless without in-app purchases I will quickly uninstall this 'free' app.
  • If it's worthless without in app purchases, I'll just make what I did to asphalt 8, hack it with cheat engine and you are ready to go. Smartass developers need smartass solutions, make a paid app or a free one, in app purchases suck.
  • I'm afraid it's not that easy for this game. It keeps losing connection to the database, and the memory addresses keep changing... Let me know if you find a way though!
  • This is a very valid point. To me, it is completely nonsense to pay actual money for virtual "goods" in order to play a game to its max. In app purchases suck, in any way you see it, it was a change in the sale model of games that many people accepted, but really a few understand. This game, and every other game that follows the same model, is a game that should never be played.
  • Maybe you should play it and see, this ia a "pay to get ahead" not "pay to win" style game.
  • Asphalt 8 started off that way too until they decided it needed to be "pay to get anywhere close to finishing the game and not grinding 24/7 to reach our impossible tasks" I agree. This "freemium" model is awful. Never installing any game that adheres to it.
  • My point is that you DON'T have to use the IAPs and before writing it off completely you should try it first, it's free so what have you got to lose!!!
  • Made my day! Yay!
  • Finally!! It's great when developers remember the 512 mb crowd when creating a game :)
  • Yeah I'm telling my brothers who have 512 Mb devices ;) to download now
  • Now if Microsoft would just use changelogs just like other devs....
  • Now, I'm happy.
  • Yay ...downloading
  • Is this a Computer only or can I play multiplayer here?
  • 99% sure it's online multiplayer, as there are leaderboards.
  • Online only as it's a Clash of Clans type of game, the graphics are the same as the ones from AoE Online.
  • wow, i am so happy all the hours i spents on my pc playing aoe
  • Great MS!!
    Now please bring TapTiles to Windows Phone. :P
  • Yes!
  • Would have looked better with a1520 as the cover shot I think lol but either way I will give it a go
  • Can i have the double graphic pack for my phone ?
  • Fantastic that it supports all Windows phones from the 520 up, it should play very nicely on my 1520, I knew there was a reason I went for a big screen phone............     Bob
  • Just wondering it is already septenber 17th and where is AoE. Then this news .. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Awesome.
  • Awesome, downloading now!!!
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  • Nice..At least this is my latest aoe series playing. The last one was aoe 3 which I played 3 to 4 years ago on my pc....
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  • So is this like Command & Conquer but with castles?
  • I would say Age of empires on mobile ;)
  • Another Xbox game.. Downloading!
  • Your welcome!
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  • It says not available on my venue 8
  • can't downloading indian users say Sorry, this app isn’t available in your market.
  • Wrong
    I am downloading right now
  • Change region to US?
  • No, didn't change
  • Sweet! So, I'm thinking if I should install this on SD card or Phone? What did you guys do? 520, he he
  • Not yet available in India store
  • Available
    Check again
    I can download
  • That's coz u have a US region instead of India!
  • Nope I set it to US even though I'm from India... It's available
  • I already downloaded and played it.working in need to set region.
  • No double wide tile. :/
  • Yay! Good bye annoying cloud raiders
  • Taking a long time to download but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
  • Free with IAP? Didn't expect that
    I would of totally bought this
  • Yes!!!!
  • Well this is weird, I can play it on my pc, but I can't find it in my Windows phone store? I live in the Netherlands.
  • Thats odd I got it on my WP and cant find it in the store. Im in the US,.
  • I got both and I live in Norway. :P
  • The next big thing after Cyan! Great!
  • Best game ever i am playing it since i was on java phone
  • Best news after a long time on WPcentral..
  • Bring Minecraft to windows phone MS.
  • I would say that will be coming considering MS bought Mojang for $2.5bn recently.
  • Wow I needed it.. Thank you MS
  • What the poo....can't find  it on my phone or by way of the windowsphone website search.  Only the link takes me there but says I don't have permission to download the app (L920).  Just downloaded Sky Patrol yesterday afternoon so what gives?  On developer preview with Black (for some reason my phone won't find Cyan).
  • You can download cyan after you go back to WP 8.0 without preview
  • Yeah but won't I lose everything I have?  That's why I haven't done it yet.
  • I could download it fine on my Lumia 928 but my sister and mother--both on Lumia 822s--said they got the same error message about not having permission to download it. What's the deal-io?
  • Post your ratings now, it's what makes a developer happy
  • ratings and downloads. and in app purchases too maybe? I download games i dont intend to play just to have developers see there are users on the platform. No excuse right? see how many people downloaded your app? keep developing for us.