WhatsApp now has a Chrome web client

About a month back, there were rumors that the Facebook-owned and very popular messenger service WhatsApp would soon be available on your computer via the web. Today, the folks at Whatsapp have pulled it off.

The new web client is an extension of the data from your phone, displayed in a Google Chrome page. It's simple to set up, and as long as your phone has a data connection you'll be able to send and receive messages via the WhatsApp service right from your PC.

To connect your web browser to your WhatsApp client, simply open https://web.whatsapp.com in your Google Chrome browser. You will see a QR code --- scan the code inside of WhatsApp, and you're ready to go. You have now paired WhatsApp on your phone with the WhatsApp web client. Your phone needs to stay connected to the internet for our web client to work, and please make sure to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone.

Unfortunately, there's no web solution at this time for iOS users because of limitations of the platform.

If you're using WhatsApp, give this a spin and let us all know how it went in the comments!

Source: Whatsapp

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  • Who cares ? Everybody thinks about windows 10
  • That's literally exactly what I was gonna say!! #Whoa...
  • Yea
  • Exactly, and why use web if I have to use my phone for it?
  • Dude when you keep you phone in charging and using PC in a few distance away from your phone then it is useful to send and receive WhatsApp messages right in your PC!!
  • "dude" stop working after some minutes if your phone it's locked. So, useless.
  • WP gets this ahead of ios.. Times are changing!
  • Yeah, I noticed that, too!
  • Amazing!
  • No chrome on Windowsphone.... So no use of WhatsApp on web From windowsphone
  • What on earth would be the point in that? Haha!
  • Hahahah!
  • y u need chrome on wp? if u have the app y need web client? which is meant for pc.
  • That's why you have a completely native app, so why you need web version on phone? Lol.
  • You can still sync your windows phone WhatsApp client with the client on chrome on you PC. If you were on your windows phone, you would have no use for the web client anyway, because you have an app. I believe this is the first time we can use WhatsApp from a PC.
  • Yes this is actually the first time you can use Whatsapp on a PC without it interferring with Whatsapp on your phone. 
    With Bluestacks you can install and use Whatsapp on PC,but it would always lock you out of your phone and you would have to reinstall it and it was all messy. :/
    This update is quite a relief. :)
  • You're not supposed to use Whatsapp on Web on your windows phone. You use "whatsapp on Web" on a PC running Chrome and then, from this one, send messages using your Whatsapp running on your phone.
  • I think his point is to not support the use of Whatsapp Web on PC using chrome, because google didn't make chrome for windows phone.
  • Yeah you are right bro !!!:)
  • you seriously need to drink someone's IQ literally
  • Oh my god dude,you really need to get your ass outta your head.
    Go power on a laptop with Google Chrome Installed on it. Have a smartphone on stand by with Whatsapp installed on it too. Follow the simple instructions to activate and use Whatsapp for Web. Do away with your phone and carry out live converstions on Whatsapp through your Laptop. No more typing on phone no nothing.
  • It works really great! (you need to update the whatsapp app on your phone btw)
  • And There's no update on Windows Phone store yet!
  • Yes there is mate. Go to Settings in the the Store and tap on "Check for updates". It wouldn't an update available if you had Battery Saver on or if the Store isn't allowed to run in the background.  Cheers!
  • Cool! I sure hope WhatsApp and facebook both integrate their messaging systems into the messaging hub in win10.
  • I don't think so. Facebook is greedy
  • One mote news.. NEW DELHI: Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp is banning users who install and use WhatsApp Plus, a third-party Android app that offers access to the service along with some additional features. WhatsApp is banning users for 24 hours and returning an error message informing them that they have violated its terms of service.
  • My friends were laughing on me bcz there is no WhatsApp+ app on wp. Now I am laughing on them ... Ha ha ha ...
  • Lol thanks now I can laugh at my android friends :P :D
  • Now call it win10 not WP ... Lol
  • Telegram can do this already...
  • Also now it shows the status of the messages sent directly from the chat screen.
  • Needless Chrome proprietary nonsense, it's IE6 all over again!
  • My thoughts exactly. If it's not actually a Chrome extension, why is it built for only one browser?
  • Works with Opera as it's chromium based.
  • Lol iOS, am I in a parallel universe?
  • Omg didn't expect MS event was going to be that kick ass! sorry off topic...
  • Anyway, we need the updated version of Whatsapp running on Windows Phone. Any idea of when is that version coming?
  • Already :)
  • I just got the update so check the Store.
  • The Store showed the update available a little later. Already working. Thank you.
  • How to get this done? This link - https://web.whatsapp.com/ - says "open whatsapp - menu - whatsapp web" Where do WP users see "whatsapp web" ?
  • Yeah cant see this options, want to use this Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • An update is live for WhatsApp in the Store. After updating , you'll have the option to whatsapp web http://imgur.com/XwsNNvU P.S - Pic not mine.
  • I had to reinstall the app to get it to work
  • There's an update out for whatsapp. Download that, then click the little dots at the bottom right.
  • Hopefully Spartan can use Chrome extensions, then I could use this without using Chrome.
  • Thought of tipping. Some people work really hard!!
  • Fuck google and ios, MSFT will rule the earth from now on!!
  • Works great on Opera
  • awesome, works great! alleviates the buggyness of the wp8.1 app for me
  • What makes you think I'm using this RAM eating piece of crap? Also, WINDOWS 10
  • Lags behind wechat. At least web wechat has been around for a LONG TIME and works with MANY different browsers
  • Ya ya whateves
  • Ok so that means what's app wont come out til windows 10. Ok cool..
  • I don't have chrome neither do I wanna install it.
  • Had it but moved over to windows phone and since then have been dumping all google stuff... Looking forward to Win 10 on my Lumia 1520
  • Go for Opera Web Browser.
  • who use chrome ???? IE and Spartan are here!!!
  • yeah! Cant wait to use the spartan.
  • What made you write this avid Microsoft ocean of news?
  • So many articles. Want to just read the headlines and comment about them.
  • go to store, check for app updates, there will be an update for whatsapp. now u r ready to go
  • now the main whatsapp page ( inside app) will show the delivery tick marks
  • Tested it for a moment. But deinstalled chrome after that, since I won't use this browser. But seriously, why do they just support one Browser? There must be something really wrong with them, that's not how web should work...
  • If you go to the page in IE it does say "More browsers coming soon", which hopefully includes IE!
  • Yeah, saw that in Firefox too. (on the Desktop my main browser because of the Add-Ons and Theme stuff^^) But I think, if you build something for the web, it shouldn't depend on the browser, it should work out of the box for every browser. I mean, we are living in 2015 and not in old times where a page was only available for certain browsers.
  • They're gonna be developing it for the other browsers soon enough. Maybe they felt releasing such a huge feature would be best on the most used browser which I feel is Google Chrome as of now.Gives them ample time to go through bug reports and work them out while releasing the feature for other browsers.
  • Go for Opera.
  • But Opera isn't better. I used it some time ago, and it really isn't useable.
  • Personally I'd rate it 7.7 out of 10. I'll keep that one tap open to chat and not having to picking up my phone to reply messages
  • I love the interface of the web app, geez... Can we have kinda that interface on WP?
  • Gotta love the transition animations haha! :D
  • After installing the update, what I noticed was that now you can see whether a person read your message by just looking at the contact in the list without actually going in to the conversation. 
  • Dude what? plz im busy reading windows10 stuffs. lol
  • It works on Opera.
  • WeChat had this for ages, over a year now. By the way, it works fine in Opera.
  • So it's Spartan compatible :) .
  • where is the images saved in the web app?
  • works great. been waiting for this for ages. now I don't have to constantly pick up my phone when I'm on pc.
  • Love the whatsapp web.  Just tried it.  It's awesome to use a real keyboard. it SUCKS that its only on Chrome though...
  • chrome? no thanks
  • Opera
  • Funnily enough, WhatsApp web is not available on iOS. I finally lived long enough to see this day!
  • Can't use hangouts because its tied to chrome not gonna use whatsapp tied to chrome. Will wait for a stand alone application to come along.
  • Not compatible with iOS and ironically, the web version is very similar to WhatsApp on iOS.
  • wish whatsapp could work on both my WP and android at the same time :(
  • Microsoft's Vision for Windows Phone isn't the same as Google's or Apple's. Microsoft is building the Windows 10 experience to work so fluently across their devices and as much as you can say other devices do it, it won't do it like Windows 10. Windows will grow and it will release alongside Windows 10 I'm sure of it. I believe MS will make a single flagship (different size varieties) what Apple has does, but this doesn't mean Samsung, HTC, or rumored LG that they won't make a flagship device. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a LG Flex 2 Windows 10 variant.
  • This is pretty cool..... Just hate that it has to be in chrome
  • I don't use Chrome. To bad.
  • They might release one for Firefox soon
  • They got telegram fever....
  • Haha ios!!!!
  • It's really odd because i have the last version of Whatsapp 2.11.634.0 and i don't have the option Whatsapp Web !!!!
    I tried reinstalling the app and still no option.
    Help !
  • anyone else annoyed about the double notifications on the web AND your phone? Its like skype all over again =(
  • Me. (hand rising)
  • Hmm.. Me too. I put my phone on silent mode cuz of that.
  • Web client support pressed only for PC... Though app is already in WP.. So don't need to use it in mobile browser
  • Same here. Is it location problem? Me and freind did not get the Whatsapp Web option with the new update.
  • this is forcing me to install google chrome
  • I would rather stop using any app than install & use Chrome(on my PC and tablet as Lumia are Google free since the beginning of time). Google should bring all of it's services to Windows phone first to even make me take a look at Chrome.
  • oh, Chrome again... so other browsers like Firefox and IE can't go there?
  • Opera.
  • lmao
  • I guess it is going to be true that Spartan browser supports chrome extensions. Not by facts but by guessing that this info is given in Windows central even though it is filed under general news and no mention of Internet Explorer/Windows in the news.
  • How do you scan the the code with your phone?
  • yes
  • The Headline should be fix since it does not only works with Google Chrome Web Brower.
  • Well! this is not too bad! I am working as a graphic designer in Minnesota. I’ve used Viber alongside WhatsApp in my design company for a few years now simply because it has reliable VoIP. But the messaging experience in Viber vs WhatsApp is night and day to me. WhatsApp is lightning fast whereas Viber always feels sluggish (and not due to hardware, it feels as slow on my iPhone 6 as it did on my 5 and my 4 before it). WhatsApp is also more simplistic and nicer to look at and use.
  • Everything was fine till I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 last night, now the web client doesn't seem to be working at all. It keeps saying unable to connect because laptop has no internet connection which is not true...