WhatsApp to get video save, multiple photo support in forthcoming update

When WhatsApp isn’t pushing out public updates on a regular basis for Windows Phone, they’re busy jamming them out behind the scenes for their private beta. Looking at the latter, version 2.11.318 is making the rounds and it has been discovered that a few new features are on board. (The current public version is 312).

That’s good news as it means those features will be headed to the official, public version, presumably in a few weeks (or sooner).

So what’s new? Glad you asked as we have some screenshots and details.

WhatsApp (Private Beta) version 2.11.318

  • Save videos
  • Save profile picture
  • Attach up to 10 images per message

One of the biggest complaints, besides the previously-solved “streaming music” function, is in the inability to attach videos in the app. The bad news is that’s still not available, even in the beta, but you can now save them when they are sent to you (you can forward too).

This is done via the auto-save of media function in the app. When you tap someone’s profile name, it takes you to their profile page. You can then scroll to Media to see the video (or photos) sent to you. But in addition, the video is auto-saved to your phone’s media library under Saved Pictures. That’s pretty convenient, and while it doesn’t solve that big video attach issue (which is an OS limitation), it’s a step in the right direction.

Saving of the profile picture is not really new, as it has been in the beta for a while. In essence, when you tap on a person’s name, it takes you to their profile. From there, you can tap their profile photo and then save it to the phone. Not a huge deal, but a nice touch.

Finally, users will be able to add multiple images per message. In fact, you can reportedly send up to 10 images, which is a handful. The device may take a few seconds to register those add-ons, but it does work. That feature is a lot easier than sending multiple messages one at a time and should make many folks happy.

No word on when these features will roll out to users, but you can bet it won’t be long.

Via: WPArea.de; Thanks, Umar and others for the tips!

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