Where is the best place to buy resin for the Elegoo Mars 3D printer?

Where is the best place to buy resin for the Elegoo Mars 3D printer?

Best answer: For the standard, general-purpose resins for your Elegoo Mars, Amazon is the cheapest and easiest place to go. If you're looking for more specific resins, castable resins for example, then Matterhackers is much more likely to stock what you need.Keep it on Brand: Elegoo Mars 3D printing Resin (From $25 at Amazon)Specialty resins: MakerJuice WaxCast Resin ($120 at Matterhackers)

Why Amazon?

Sometimes I wish there were other places to buy stuff than Amazon, but Amazon has the most variety with the most stock at the best prices, so it makes sense for you to buy your general-purpose resins there.

Of course, if you are a Prime member you also get the advantage of free two-day delivery on most of your items, including resins. If you're anything like me, you won't notice you're running out of resin until it's too late. Having free, two-day shipping is such a huge bonus to get you printing as soon as possible.

What about specialty resins?

Amazon is great for general resins, but what happens if you need resins for more specific jobs? There are resins for dental work, resins that let you model them after they print, and, my favorite, castable resins, which let you print a model, cover it in clay, then fire it in a kiln. This then creates a mold ready for filling with metal, which is perfect for making jewelry and other fine metalwork.

For these kinds of resins here in the U.S., you'll get the best deals and amazing customer service if you go to Matterhackers. Based in Southern California, Matterhackers has become one of the go-to websites for 3D printing in the country. I recently reviewed the Matterhackers Pulse XE and was blown away by all the hard work and love that was put into it. Matterhackers is for 3D printing fanatics, which is why it's easy to find specialty resins there.

A word of warning; special resins are not cheap. They can run into the hundreds of dollars for a one-liter bottle, so be sure it will work on the Elegoo Mars beforehand. If you check the Q&A for that resin on the Matterhackers site, it will likely tell you if it works with DLP printers — the Mars is a DLP printer, meaning it uses an LCD to cure the resin — or if it only works with the more powerful laser versions.

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