Which Intel Hades Canyon NUC8 should you buy?

Hades Canyon
Hades Canyon

Which Intel Hades Canyon NUC8 should you buy?

Best answer: For most people the best choice is to spend a little less and get the entry-level version of the Hades Canyon NUC.Amazon: Intel Hades Canyon NUC ($700)

Not a massive performance difference

The only real difference between the two desktop models on sale is the processor and integrated graphics. The Hades Canyon uses one of the combination Intel and AMD chips, with 4GB mobile Radeon Vega graphics included on both models.

The cheaper Hades Canyon has the Intel Core i7-8705G while the more expensive version has the Core i7-8809G and a slightly better graphics package. The 8705G is a 65W processor while the 8809G is 100W.

For most people, there won't be a big performance difference in real-world use. You can add the same number of SSDs, 32GB of RAM and you get all the same connectivity while keeping a decent chunk of change in your pocket. The only differences are in graphics and processor power. If you know you're going to need all of that, you can go for the higher-end model. However, the price difference might sway you.

Decent savings to be had

The savings a customer will get buying the entry-level version are pretty significant. Currently, you can buy it for $700, compared to the $870 you'll be paying out for the version with the more powerful processor.

That's a lot of money to save while losing very little on performance.

eGPU is the answer to better graphics

If you're looking at getting a Hades Canyon for content creation or you're looking for gaming and graphics power, your best course of action is the use an external GPU (eGPU) anyway.

Both models of the Hades Canyon have Thunderbolt 3 built in which means you can use an eGPU to hook up a proper desktop graphics card from AMD or NVIDIA to it.

Paired with the quad-core i7-8705G you'll have a pretty handy workstation or gaming rig.

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