Which version of Windows do you run on your PC?

Whether it's on a desktop, laptop or a tablet PC, we want to know if you're rocking Windows 10 or if you missed out on the free upgrade and still use Windows 8. The former is obviously Microsoft's latest version of its OS — there was no Windows 9 — but not everyone uses it on their PC. We're interested in learning which OS you, Windows Central reader, rely on, and why.

Which version of Windows do you use?

Are you a Windows 8 fan? Are you using an unsupported version, such as Windows Vista? Head on over to our community forum to tell us about the version of Windows you use and share you reasons why.

Simple question: Which version of Windows are you running on your laptop or PC, and why? Anyone still have an old setup rocking Windows 95 or similar? lol

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Rich Edmonds
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