5 good reasons NOT to buy an Xbox One X

It's hard to resist many shiny new things, and the Xbox One X is that new hotness you can't take your eyes off. But while it's a remarkable thing, and there's much to love about it, there are also reasons you might want to really consider whether you should actually spend money on the console.

Here are five good reasons why you might not want to buy an Xbox One X (opens in new tab).

1. The price

Xbox consoles

Xbox One Family (Image credit: Windows Central)

This one goes without saying, but $500 is a lot of money to spend on a gaming console. Compared to a 4K-capable gaming PC, it's still insanely good value. But $500 is $500, especially this close to the holidays.

The Xbox One S plays all of the same games, but they look a bit less impressive and top out at 1080p. That console is also half the price (opens in new tab), and it still does 4K Blu-ray and media from Amazon and Netflix. For many, the Xbox One S is still going to be the one to buy.

See Xbox One S at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

2. You don't have a 4K TV


The buzz around the Xbox One X is that it can handle "true 4K gaming." That is, games like Forza Motorsport 7 will play at a native 4K resolution, no trickery or upscaling. Not all games will hit this mark, but several do and they look magnificent.

However, if you don't have a 4K TV, you're missing out on some of this. You'll still be able to experience enhanced details and textures, and you can use it on a 1440p PC monitor. But at 1080p there's no denying that you're losing some of the experience, and you're also probably not able to enjoy HDR, either.

Considering how much more expensive the Xbox One X is, do those improved textures really make it worth dropping $500? Again, a One S might be a better option (opens in new tab).

Best 4K HDR TV for Xbox

3. There aren't many 'new' games ... yet

As a part of the Xbox family, all the Xbox One consoles play all the same games. The Xbox One X just plays them better. It's not bad that there are no Xbox One X exclusive games. That's good, but there's also exactly nothing being launched alongside the console that makes you want to scream about it.

Forza Motorsport 7 was launched a month ago, and while you've got new third-party titles from Bethesda (Wolfenstein II), Activision (Call of Duty: WWII) and Ubisoft (Assasin's Creed Origins), Microsoft's own content is sorely lacking.

Updating older games like Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 is great. But it's also a $500 console in late 2017, and you've probably already played most of the titles that are being enhanced.

4. If you're waiting for a deal you better be (very) patient

We've already mentioned price, and if you're interested but are waiting for a deal, you're probably in for a bit of a wait. We're going into the holiday season, and Microsoft already said that preorders have been strong. In many places, the Xbox One X (opens in new tab) sold out very quickly, though it's starting to get back in stock now that it's launched.

Either way, demand is strong, the most important season of the year for shopping is upon us, and that probably means the $500 price tag is going to stick for a while. There will be deals eventually, that much is a given. But when is anyone's guess.

5. You already have an Xbox One S

If you have an Xbox One S already, is it worth upgrading? The One S plays 4K video and Blu-ray as well as supporting HDR gaming. It's also only just over a year old so there's no chance you've had it for a particularly long time.

The One X is certainly more of an upgrade if you're still on the original model Xbox One, but it's something to think about if you're on a One S. Especially if you don't have a 4K TV.

Your reasons?

If you've got something we didn't mention that's keeping you from buying an Xbox One X, be sure to share it with us in the comments. The community wants to hear from you.

Richard Devine
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  • I think i am going to hold tight until Mixed Reality and VR are part of the ecosystem. That is what had me the most excited at E3. So, hopefully early 2018, but probably holiday 2018. EDIT: Ok, I lied. I bought one yesterday and a 4K display to go with it. Happy weekend I guess! :)
  • Exactly !! I was in line to get the XBox One on Day 1 and it works great. I can also use the Kinect to play games like Zumba in XBONE which I can't do in XBONEX. I will be in line to get the next version when new features like Far-Field Voice Recognition for Cortana, Mixed Reality Support, Windows Core OS, C-Shell changes are brought in to XBONEX. Hope 2018 will be the year that we are hoping for (XBONEX 2.0, Andromeda, Surface Watch, Cortana - Alexa friendship, Hololens 2.0 ....)
  • Hmm, you are wrong here: "... I can also use the Kinect to play games like Zumba in XBONE which I can't do in XBONEX...". You CAN use Kinect in ANY XBOX (Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X).
  • You definitely cannot plug the Kinect into the back of the One X. Buying a $40 accessory to make it work isn't the same as supporting it. If Microsoft didn't end the upgrade program right before the console came out, you would have a point. They did though.
  • I have a 7 year old Samsung plasma that's still going strong. Been looking at 4K tv's for a while now but they were out of my price range and I'm not going to clean out my wallet. But they have been dropping recently so I think now's a good time to finally upgrade my set. I'm a moderate gamer and movie watcher. Any recommendations for someone as simple as me? I was referred to the LG UJ6300 as it supports HDR10 + HLG and the UJ7700 supports both & Dolby Vision
  • I've been very happy with my Sony Bravia. I'll be hooking my One X up to it in a matter of a couple hours. The only complaint I have is it's so tall and thin I'm afraid the thing is gonna tip, when I walk by it it wobbles like a tall building in the wind. Cat hasn't knocked it over yet, so I think it'll be good. (wall mount isn't an option where it is.)
  • I just recently purchased the 75inch LG uj8750 and it is beautiful with the 1X for not a bad price. Take a look into that one, it has all you need.
  • I think you'd be really happy with the UG6300.  I'm presently considering moving my 65UB9500 into secondary living space and upgrading to modern 4K/HDR version 75SJ8570.  But, still thinking about timing. I'd like to see if Apple fixes some of the reported issues I have with their 4K device and I'm also debating merits of XBO-X vs XBO-S as I don't game as much as I used to on console. Huge fan of LG appliances/ devices.  I have several of their TVs, a washer, dryer, and fridge.  Love them.
  • There are so many good deals on the One S just save money and and buy games instead. Maybe wait for a 2tb version of the One X when it becomes available
  • I have no 4k tv and the old first xbox. Still bought one x, because the old one was slow. Loading times now much faster, graphics are better. Menu is now much snappier It is really slim and quiet. It really doesnt make any sound. Now looking for a 4k oled.
  • I'm content with my original Xbox one.
    I should be good for the next year or two.
  • Agreeed. My OG XBone works just fine
  • I completely agree with the price argument. But I'll go further to say that the console does NOT actually offer anything substantially better to the PS4 "Pro" when it comes to 4K gaming UNLESS you only play Microsoft titles. Specially not to justifty the 100€ difference in price.   But the biggest reason, for me, is the absolute sh*t UI the Xbox now has. To pay 500€ for a console that only brings 1TB of internal storage (which isn't user upgradeable and which will force you to get an external drive that will add more cables and clutter to your media centre) and when you open it SPAMS you with f*cking ads everywhere, THAT is enough for me to not recommend the One X to anyone. Heck, it's enough for me to leave the platform altogether let alone recommend it.   For the hardcore fanboys, go ahead. Waste 500€ on it. But when a couple of months from now Microsoft starts to put out bundles with games or decent internal storage or slashes the price to try to get this thing to keep selling, then do NOT complain. Because you willingly jumped the gun to be "THE fanboy".
  • Talking about fanboy.  Geesh, how many Sony kettles do you know?  
  • Let me ask the Xbox One and One S I have in front of me, I'll get back to you.
  • "UNLESS you only play Microsoft titles" Where's your list of titles that run exactly the same resolution as PS4 Pro? I can name 2 off the top of my head that don't, Diablo 3 and Titanfall 2, neither one a "Microsoft title". There have already been comparisons between assasins creed and COD WW2 that put the Xbox over the PS4P There's also Elder Scrolls Online which apparently uses upscaling on the PS4P but not XOX, also Shadows of War runs better and looks clearer than PS4P at 4k   As for your spam, maybe it's your location, but I only ever see 1 ad, it's been this way since the 360 for me so I have no idea where people are getting the "ads everywhere" from.  
  • Call of Duty WWII - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXS3uM1iiNo&t=2s Assassin's Creed Origins - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJeJQZ4go1s&t=3s   There. Two far more relevant and popular games. And that condradicts precisely what you wrote. Oh and these videos, unlike Corden's Windows Central one on Tomb Raider, were uploaded in 4K. _____________ "I have no idea where people are getting the "ads everywhere" from." 3 of them next to the "active tile" (or whatever you call the main tile now), two with "intelligent content...that apparently isn't intelligent enough to understand we don't want to see anything at all there. And that at a certain point tells you you can't say you can't hide anything else. The third in that row is an ad (currently for the One X). 2 more ads bellow that one, next to your "recents", taking the equivalent to 4 "recent" squares. 1 ad for "gold" on the Guide. 1 "blocks" ad bellow your pins which you can only get rid of after creating blocks for everything it suggests you to and then deleting those blocks (and it show up again with each update.   Where are the ads? As you see, I count 6.
  • So now the games have to be not from Microsoft AND "far more relevant and popular" Way to push the goal posts back. Your videos by the way are refuted here: https://www.dualshockers.com/call-duty-wwii-xbox-one-x-vs-ps4-pro-4k-scr... And here: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/11/xbox-one-x-games-at-launch-the-bo... the latter also showing some "far more relevant and popular" games. It's fun pointing out your lies after you call out people for being "fanboys" Shows how much integrety you really have when it comes to an intelligent discussion.
  • With $500, I can buy 2 Xbox one s and with a couple of free games. 
  • wow how butthurt can someone get? Look, if the X being significantly more powerful than the Ps4 Pro bothers you, go cry to Sony. Lying, and whining about the X to anyone other than Sony isnt going to help with your weaker hardware situation. To correct your attempt at misinformation, or just all together ignorance, Ill leave these links- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJmWsgFl6kA&t=488s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvdhecCav6w&t=399s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzPsxUyoe3E&t=178s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x77TOR9HC5Y&t=201s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm1NsxHKgVA
  • I am not going to consider an X until I see VR on it.  I don't have a 4K TV so upgrading from my S for $500 less whatever I can sell the S for just doesn't make sense to me yet.
  • VR is even more gimmicky than 4k,its the new 3D.
  • the price...are you serious!!!???
  • Yes the PRICE. Most expensive console in retail.  For less than half the price you can get a XB1s + game(s). XB1s a console that was out last year and can run every game the XB1x can. You are just paying double the price to run these games better. THAT'S IT. For around half the price tou can get a PS4 + game. PS4 a console with more games and more upcoming games. It's crazy how some people think the price of the most expensive console should not be an issue for some people out there... 
  • Currently the most expensive and most powerful. It is also the same price as the first model Xbox One at launch. Also the same price as the base model PS3 and $100 less than the 60GB model PS3 at launch. If you cant afford it now don't buy it. Simple. All these things go down in price eventually. To complain about it now is stupid.
  • Who the **** is complaining?  This article tells that this could be a reason not to buy one. It also says that price will drop in the future so maybe waiting for some people. When you guys goes "the price...are you serious!!!???" you are trying to imply that it is NOT a problem. It is for some problem. Not to all but some. And that could be a reason not to buy the console. Denying that would be dishonest. 
  • I guess my biggest reason right now is that I just built a new gaming PC with a 1080ti and Ryzen 7 processor. That thing plays everything at 4k maxed out. If I had not already bought an Xbox One S that supports HDR and 4k blue ray then I would be getting an Xbox One X.
  • I'm gonna capitalize on the Xbox One S sales. I do have a 4k TV and the original Xbox One. I'm a PC gamer so I don't care much about the 4k gaming on Xbox, but I do want the 4k Netflix and whatnot from the Xbox One S.
  • No new games...?? Wow.
  • Did you read the entire article or just the points? He is obviously talking of MS made games for this launch.
  • I am so confused with this fuss over price.  People are paying $700+ for a phone but scoff at $499 for a console that is an order of magnitute more powerful than your phone.  What kind of bizzaro world are we living in these days?
  • Maybe because a phone is 10 times more versatile than a console? Many people use their phones not only as a communication device but as a work tool, an entertainment tool and a gaming tool. A console gives you games and a couple of entertainment apps. That's it. It's not mobile, it's not portable and it's not multi-functional. So yeah. 700€ for a phone might be justifiable. 500€ for a toy is not.
  • So you really have no clue what the consoles are these days then do you? A console is much more than a toy, especially the Xbox. I think people just frothing at the mouth to pay $1000+ for a freaking iPhone X but quibble about $500 for a XB1X are seriously misguided.
  • I am typing this from my phone right now, while I am not at home, and I am about to do some banking on my phone. Please try doing these on your xbox one x. Oh and I am about to play Asphalt 8, and will watch some Netflix later, still while away from home and a TV set. And that's why people don't mind paying $700 for a phone, but find $500 for a toy ridiculous.
  • I can do everything you mentioned on a $100 laptop as well.  Not sure what your point is. 
  • @Icthiodrak & TennisGuy45 AAAHH The good "smartphone argument"!!!  I used to see the "smartphone" argument in 2013 when the price of a XB1 was an issue. I guess it's time to bring it again. The phone market and "iphone" is MUCH bigger than the video games and "xbox" brand.
    As much as the XB/MS has it's fanboys who will buy the console no matter what, there seem to be a lot more "iphone" brand loyalist who will spend that much for the new phone. You got to also remember that "the latest iphone" is a fashion statement, it's like new latest headphone or shoes..
    The official Real Madrid with Ronaldo on it will always cost a LOT more than a simple t-shirt with Real Madrid on it. And FINALLY. In case you didn't know a smartphone is not the same thing as a console. They are different products. If you want to compare price we have to compare price of similar products. And in this sense you have to compare it with other consoles. Yes, the XB1x is the most powerful console right now but it is also the most expensive right now. And no amount of deflection will change this.
    The real issue here is that for less than half the price you can get a XB1s + game(s). XB1s a console that was out last year and can run every game the XB1x can. You are just paying double the price to run these games better. THAT'S IT. This CAN be an issue for people and no matter how much deflection or damage control it'll continue to be an issue for some people...
  • I see students apply for financial aid from their XBOX at 2am along with filling our forms on it as well.  Things that are easier done on a large screen or tv and not on the tiny screen of an overpriced phone.
  • People didn't mind coughing up $599 for the PS3 I remember the game media and all the fanboys raving non stop about all the value that the built-in Blu-Ray and media capabilities offered. Funny though, The X offers an UHD Blu-Ray and $499 is a problem 11 years later! Why isn't the X being praised for it's value? I think this issue has more to do with brand bias than price. 
  • "People didn't mind coughing up $599 for the PS3 I remember the game media and all the fanboys raving non stop about all the value that the built-in Blu-Ray and media capabilities offered. " I will assume that you weren't there or weren't too much into gaming back then. The PS3 did get trashed (and rightly so) back then. Media were having a go at the console. Sure there were fanboys supporting it for the blu ray drive but that's what fanboys do. Here you guys are supporting the XB1 for the UHD BR and priasing it's "value".  If you remember well the PS3 didn't sell well at launch. They quickly had to have bundles, price cuts new cheaper sku... When people criticise MS, it's legitimate reasons most of the time. Yes, MS isn't investing much in making games compared to their rivals. Yes, it's the most powerful but it's also the most expensive. It is a fact that the XB1s can play all games that the XB1x can and that console + games is less than half the price. Double the price for better performance is a REAL question for people. I don't think you can deny that. I think what I'll call "brand bias" is when people who have been playing and promoting the weaker console since 2013. The same people who were saying power isn't important since 2013 are now suddenly going crazy about POWER. It's not about power, more brand loyalty than anything else if you ask me.
  • The Xbox IS a toy. A gaming toy. And considering that Microsoft has made it worse and worse for media content with each update, even an argument about it being a "media centre" is now moot.   So yeah. A smartphone is immensely more useful. To think that wasting 500€ on a toy is better than 700€ on a phone is probably the mindset of a 12 year old who doesn't work and whose friends are all in school with him/her.   (By the way...the amount of people who buy iPhones is small. In case you haven't noticed, the smartphone market is bigger than the US. And when you step outside it, Apple's 50€ marketshare drops to below 20%. And even there, the amount of people buying the more expensive versions is not 100%. So...maybe you'd like to come up with another argument.
  • Nadulla has made everything worse with MS. This company under his leadership has no relevance anymore! You don’t hear much about MS nowadays.
  • Our reasons include: We don't do console gaming; We still rely on our Kinect for signing in and voice control; We have a 1yr old HDTV and are not willing to throw away more money on a 4K TV AND $500 for a console, regardless of what we'd use it for; There are more useful things to spend $500 on.
  • Those reasons are good if you don't use it much for gaming .
  • How do you sign in with Kinect? I thought that functionality got dropped on one of the Windows 10 updates. Did I miss something?
  • Waiting for Crackdown 3 bundle. Gaming time is limited and more pc oriented at the moment
  • So it is bad that I got 2? :D :D Hahaha.
  •  sons @ 18 how many do you think I ordered, oh and yes dad also plays XB1X, yes that's 4. But I refuse to spend more than 400 € on a smartphone.....
  • I jumped the gun to get project Scorpio edition. It wasn't cheap and it probably would have been much better to wait until I bought it, since it will get cheaper within a year. But it looks and sounds way better than the original Xbox one. It was a risk I were willing to take. Now I just need to get a 4k monitor with HDR....
  • Article make troll or i dont get it something!?)))
    Reason number 5 most funny. Well the only one real reason not buy x1x its if u dont have 4k tv. The rest 4 reasons not even reasons...just my opinion
  • Xbox One X is a huge upgrade over both the original Xbox One and the One S. The difference between those two is almost negligent for me, since they both run games at pretty poor FPS and X will not no matter what TV you have.
  • It's funny you say that. Most of the upgrade is about better resolution. Sometimes they some games have better effects.
  • From what I've read the X is supposed to dramatically increase FPS, especially when not at 4k. If not, well what a waste of potential...
  • There are some games that does give an option yes. But this is marketed mostly for the rise in resolution. 
  • The last one is the key one. If you have a One S, then it's not quite worth the price of admission. If you have an original One and have a 4K display, it's worth the upgrade. If you don't have an Xbox One at all, I think it's the way to go regardless of if you have 4K. Buying the One X is future proofing your setup a little more. What you don't want is to buy an S when an X is an option, get a 4K display, and then end up wishing you got the X. Also, if gaming isn't important to you at all and you just want a BA media machine, get the S. From a media standpoint, there's no benefit to the X over the S. It's a pretty simple decision tree.
  • Even without owning a 4K tv it's worth getting one of these consoles to be future-proof
  • I have an OG XBone hooked up to an LG 1080P TV, and, I am more than happy with them. 
  • Yeah... None of those reason apply to me.
  • I went from a 55 inch 1080p curved Samsung TV to a 55 inch 4k TV, and the difference is nothing drastic. It's more noticeable when watching movies, but when gamong, you are not as focussed on every pixel as when watching. I think HDR is a bigger deal than full HD to 4k. I still find 4k like going from standard HD 720p to 1080p full HD. Based on that i don't see the benefits of the on x over the one s justifiable with the price difference. At 65 inches the 4k difference is more noticeable from 1080 but only when the content is native 4k. The reason i wemt with 55 inches is because i noticed that non 4k content looked worse on any 65 inch 4k TV than it did on the corresponding 55 inch 4k TV. Once almost everything is in 4k, i will definitely go for a 65 inch or more 4k TV,and by then the one x will be discounted.
  • That’s good to know since my main media consumption is sports, the only thing I watch religiously besides Archer. People here say network TV hasn’t broken the 720p barrier so it may be a bit before I jump into 4k in that case.
  • If you are a 4k enthusiast like me I recomend not to buy it until MS either updates the dashboard to 4k or announces officially that they are going to do so. I bought the One X yesterday and was shocked to find out that the dashboard is not 4k. It looks really, really bad. The text is fuzzy, graphics are blurry. If you have a big 4k TV and you want a crisp 4k picture don't buy the One X. I also want to say that I feel pretty cheated. MS is pushing 4k hard with the advertising. 4k is all over the box, the ads, even the bootup video. Nowhere have I seen it mentioned that the dashboard isn't 4k. If I had known that I'm not sure I would have bought it - or, at least I would have prepared. I really think MS needs to be way more transparent. The box should says something like "Gaming up to 4k. Dashbaord, interface, and apps in Full HD" or something. If I saw that on the box or the website I would have done some digging. I bought the X to be the center of my 4k living room. I also have a PS4 Pro and a One S but I wanted one device that could do 4k everything: games, blu ray, streaming, etc. But after spending a lot of money for 4k the horrible upscaled 1080p UI drives me nuts. I hope other people see this before they buy so they know what they are getting into. If you have a 1080p TV or don't care about the UI being fuzzy and low res that's totally fine - everyone deserves their opinions. But if you are like me and wanted clean, crisp 4k you will be dispointed. 
  • If it’s that bad for you, you can always return it. It just came out so you still have time. 
  • While I agree the dashboard should match the resolution of games, I don't think it'll be a deal breaker for most people as the dashboard is just a way to get to whatever content they want to consume which will be in high resolution. Hopefully they do fix that in an upcoming update, I'm guessing it was lower on their priority list
  • The dashboard was originally 4k but the game developers pushed back and wanted that extra memory and cycles to be utilized by their games and not the overhead of the dashboard running in the background. Microsoft listened to the developers in this case and downscaled the dashboards to allocate even more resources towards games. So if you want to argue for your 4k UI, don't go to Microsoft. Go complain to the contributing game developers and convince them why they should give up the extra power for their games just so your dashboard looks pretty.
  • No idea what you are talking about.  It looks greak on my TV.  Do you spend your day staring at the dashboard for some reason?  As long as movies, TV, and games play at 4k then what is the issue.  I am pretty sure if you are just staring at the dashboard then you are probably using it wrong. :)
  • That's odd, dashboard is crisp and clear on my Vizio P Series. Did you check you video output to make sure it is setup right? When i first set mine up, it defaulted to 1080p for some reason - had to set it to 4k in settings. Also, make sure it is picking up your displays capabilities correctly under advanced 4k settings. I found that vizio sets come default with certain items (hdr) turned off for some dumb reason. 
  • *sigh* because I have a baby on the way and dropping $500 just isn't possible/plausible right now.
  • Before you wrote this article have you or anyone in the office do a comparison of the consoles on a 1080p display? I only have a 1080p screen and am seeing significant improvements from both my Xbox One and One S. Some games more than others for sure but Injustice 2 is a whole new game. On the X the film grain filter (which masks the games dynamic scaling) is completely removed and everything runs at a solid 60p where as only the actual fight portions stay at 60p. The game is so crystal clear now all dialog scenes (which have the worst slowdown) and gameplay stay consistent. Also the textures stay sharp all the way into the background which seems more depth to the environments and I can't perceive any edge stair casing. There also seems to be some additional graphic effects present in some of the ambient effects like flames and sparks that I don't remember seeing. I can honestly say on a 1080 display the X makes Injustice 2 feel like a next gen re-master. I need to take some screen captures and make a side by side video comparison at 1080/60 to show the difference. I think a lot of people are overlooking the differences at this scale and hand waving away what the system actually can do versus what they THINK it does.
  • Exactly! There is a difference whether you have a 4K TV or not, in performance and picture quality. But this article equals: " hey, Microsoft just came out with the most powerful console! Let's help it be successful by telling people that there's no need to buy it......... " most of the stuff that is numbered is beating a dead horse. This has been common knowledge for quite a while
  • @Remedy Nope this article is FOR the consumer. It's not about "trying to help MS be successful". It's about giving us, consumers a different side to the story. Talking about the cons. I think it's actually great for consumers. I don't know if you're priority is MS/XB but I think it's good that consumers are also given this to help them make a decision for them and that they won't regret. For me, it almost look like you want to hide stuff or not help or even mislead consumers...
  • Hide what? Like I said, most of the stuff listed has been known since at least E3. Anyone remotely interested has already done the research and are regular visitors here.
  • @Remedy Most of the stuff as already been known? So why is it wrong to inform people/consumers? I just don't understand what upsets you. This articles are good for the consumers it informs people who don't follow EVERY gaming articles and it also gives a different point of view to help consumers. Isn't this good for consumers? Is your priority MS/XB and that the consoles sells nioo matter what? Are you upset that this may lead to people not buying the console because they realize that it is not worth it for them?  The reaction by some of the people here makes me feel that way... I think this type of article is great for consumers...
  • Are you on "opposite planet"? It's this article that's hiding the facts. The facts that there actually are improvements to the X that are apparent on 1080p screens. Some of which are significant if just a little testing was actually done and not just assumed and/or dismissed it would be apparent. Weather or not this is significant to individual is up to them but this hand waving that goes on in this article and others without actual facts is NOT helpful to consumers in any way. Write about what the X CAN do not what it is assumed it does.
  • "Are you on "opposite planet"? It's this article that's hiding the facts. The facts that there actually are improvements to the X that are apparent on 1080p screens." Ok did you read the entire article? What fact are they hiding? This is what was said :
    "However, if you don't have a 4K TV, you're missing out on some of this. You'll still be able to experience enhanced details and textures, and you can use it on a 1440p PC monitor. But at 1080p there's no denying that you're losing some of the experience, and you're also probably not able to enjoy HDR, either. Considering how much more expensive the Xbox One X is, do those improved textures really make it worth dropping $500? Again, a One S might be a better option."
    This basically says everything. If you don't have a 4K TV you're missing "SOME" benefits/experience that the XB1x provide. He still talks of enhanced details and texture. Then question whether those benefits are "worth" the extra money? I think you're just overreacting... And what do you mean by "opposite planet"? What "fact" did they hide?
  • "I need to [...] make a side by side video comparison at 1080/60 to show the difference." Please do. At the end of the day it is a subjective argument though. It'll all depend on an individual. Yes, supersampling will help provide an improvement but that's NOT the main selling point that MS has been marketing. People are paying for the most expensive console but they don't benefit from a major feature (that's been marketed) of the console. That could be seen as a waste by some people...
  • I agree with you completely. I'm hoping to be able to cut together something this weekend as I'm usually slammed during the week. I am all for making decisions bases on ones needs and what they feel are worth the cost. Certainly the X won't be for everyone nor should it be, it has it's own intent and purpose in existence. I guess what has irritated me, especially lately is that there has been this sort of dismissal of things without actual real testing or evidence. This is why I was questioning the conclusions of the article it self. There was no mention of actually running some of the games on a 1080p screen to check it out for themselves but instead was as if they are just making this assumption. That's frustrating for me because the very first thing I did when I opened up the box was toss in a bunch of games to check out any changes and improvements.
  • See that's the problem I have with MS with this. It's not up to you to show the benefit of supersampling to people. It's MS who should show it. I think Aaron Greenberg said they'll be doing something about this before launch but I guess that wasn't true or wasn't well marketed if they did make a video. I've been asking for benchmarks for MONTHS now. Benchmarks of ALL games (not just MS or games with patnership deals)comparing it to PCs with different graphic cards or other consoles but not much of this was done. It looks like they just want to push slogans like "4K", 6>4", "True 4K" or "feel the POWER". They have invested in a silly "butlers" marketing campaign. I say instead of wasting money on this stupid marketing bs show us the power and benefits.  ofc when I say things like this people who are fans of the company will see it as a "attack" and dowvote me... LOL  But I guess that ok. MS Show us the power!!
  • Only thing I was disappointed with is the lack of 4k passthrough. I don't like having to mess with cabling every time I want to watch something on direct tv in 4k. (in all actuality it isn't very often, yet but will become more and more a reality as more 4k programming comes online.)
  • You know the HDMI input really hasn't been talked about in years and I kind of overlooked it myself. Is there anything in the documentation or released specs that says that the input cannot receive a 4k signal?
  • I don't have an officital document but I received my XB1X and found out the hard way that it doesn't do 4k passthrough. After discovering my self I did some 'Bing'ing and ran accross this reddit on the matter confirming it. Check this -> https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/6hdf5d/xbox_one_x_4k_pass_thro...
  • Yeah that's a bit weird. I don't quite get why they didn't at least put in a HDMI 2.0 slot in there. I can understand if they didn't say have the firmware or software ready for 4k pass-through yet. They could update that later. But using a 1.4 HDMI input I don't get. Is it really that much more expensive than a 2.0 adapter?
  • Microsoft needs to continue to add value by strengthening the Xbox ecosystem.  Including play anywhere, better game store on PC, keyboard and mouse support on Xbox, a lower end casual game/media center Xbox (not for AAA titles as much as for video streaming, live TV, DVR, apps, emails, and games).  I think a low end Xbox, while not for gamers, is vital to growing the Microsoft Store, Contana usage, and UWP growth.
  • What about making new GAMES, new IPs? It alsmost looks like games isn't important to you guys...
  • People complain either way. Xbox makes new IPs and games people complain that they want Gears, Halo and Forza. Make a new Gears, Halo and Forza, people complain there's nothing new, it's been that way for years. There's just a pre-disposition of hate for Microsoft that people just refuse to get over. No matter what they do people will dump on them yet keep rose colored glasses for Sony and Nintendo despite the flaws they have. I've enjoyed just about every games I've played on my Xbox(es) so far so as far as I'm concerned they can keep doing hat they're doing.
  • Oh please. Not the same "everyone hates us" paranoia.
    MS has a LOT more money than both Sony and Nintendo COMBINED. 
    So why can't they do both? Keep the big franchises running AND keep making new games, new IPs? In the last 2 Years MS announced, just 2 AAA console exclusive. The usual Forza Horizon 3 last year and Forza 7 this year. 
    There were 3 smaller indie games State of decay 2, Ori sequel and Lucky's tale. That's it. In more than 24 months and probably until June of 2018. Now you may be happy with what MS is offering but other people may not feel the same about it. Just look at what the competition is doing and you'll see a difference. It's not subjective the numbers speak for themselves. There is just no denying things and being paranoid.
    It's not people's fault that MS hasn't been investing enough compared to their much poorer competitors. Like I said. I WANT GAMES. Looks like you guys don't want them...
    It's really strange. It's almost like you are trying to find excuse for MS rather than want games... Oh and you didn't reply to me about your "opposite planet" comment. What was that all about? 
  • XB1X is nice with OLED 4k/HDR.  Not many games take advantage of it though and not many announced games garner my interest.  There doesn't seem to be many 4k/UHD blu-ray movies either.
  • I don't know what Adam drew up there is talking about I got the xbox one x on a 4k tv and I ain't got no problems visually. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
  • Try Insects - it's amazing. Also, there are quite a few games that are already enhanced. More than you can play in a month at launch.
  • I purchased XBox One S 1 TB version with no games in bundle last month along with Vu Tv 4K 50 inch. I have my own reason to buy XBox one S instead to buy Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. First XBox One S recently officialy launched in India last month, so you can imagine how much time it will take to launch XBox One X by Microsoft even price will be quite high for me as I am new to console gaming. Second, Now i have not opted for PlayStation 4 Pro beacuse I already had Xbox One controlller plus Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition which i play on my PC. Since I alread had some investment and I am in Windows ecosystem it make sense to take advantage of XBox Play Anywhere feature. Third, I am not hardcore gamer and like to play games with family for fun. Mostly multi player games like racing or wwe where more then 2 player can play. Once or twice per week. Also since i have 4K TV I can take advantage of Blu Ray player to watch 4K movies on it.Rather buying PlayStation and Blu Ray player as well. In India, we are new to streaming service but we are getting used to it after getting high speed internet connection. So over all I am happy with my decision to have XBox One S instead of waiting One X or PS 4 Pro, Media Center Plus Causal gaming was the purpose for me. May I haven't took the right descision but I am not regreting it as well.  May be after 2 years from now I can plan to buy XBox One X 2.0 when I am more hardcore gamer then now. Also Windows Mixed Reality will be also included at that I believe.
  • You forgot to mention faster load times.
  • Lol, most of these bloggers have said things such as "no significant improvement in load time" while failing to mention that the 1x is loading a LOT more data with 4k assets faster than One S loads 1080p assets (though marginally faster). 
  • A good reason to buy a X is to give yourself a good reason to upgrade your TV to a 4K TV (and even up it from 55" to 65"). YOLO. NS. ;-) Love new tech! Don't hate!
  • Lol!!! The price is fine. Can't get a gaming PC at the same price and pull off what the x1x does. The Sony fanboy crying about the price crack me up. The PS4 pro isn't worth the 399$. Its jump was a joke yet to Sony fanboys Sony does no wrong. $500 for the best console on the market that smokes mid range PC's that cost more, yes thank you very much. I could have picked up two of these for the price of my pixel so yeah I'm happy 😁 and to the sony fanboys keep crying it up because it makes me laugh!!
  • The "Pro" isn't worth 399. Agreed. And the One X most definitely isn't worth 499. If anything, the One X, with 1TB, is worth 399. For 499, it needed to have 2 or 3TB. Not 1.   And Sony fanboys aren't crying, don't worry. Sony continues to completely smash sales of the Xbox, including the One X. And apparently the "Pro" is selling so well they don't even feel the need to rush the PS5. Let's see how long before Microsoft considers the 500€ you wasted on the Xads One X "obsolete"... ;)
  • I don't know if this is good reason to get One X.  My loading time for most of my games are faster it seemed.  It used to load painfully slow on "Witcher 3" during loading.  Game is not enhanced yet, but it feels 20 - 30 secs faster loading.  So it worked on all games not just enhanced.  I am using external drive as I am sure it will be much faster using internal.  Slow load only on first start of game
  • I think these are all valid reasons.
    And as much as people here will try to downplay the price argument. It is still an important point for people out there. Another thing that people will downplay is that not having a 4K tv. Well, this is marketed as a 4K console. Resolution upgrade is probably the biggest point here. 
    Yes, supersampling will help provide an improvement but that's NOT the main selling point that MS has been marketing. You're paying for the most expensive console but you don't benefit from a major feature of the console. The XB1s argument is obvious. XB1s can play all games that the XB1x has and will have. Is paying 500 bucks for better resolution and sometimes better visuals or slightly faster load times really worth it? Again it's all up to the customers to decide. The waiting part is actually important IMO. If you're on the fence I would say it's best to wait. There will be more deals/bundles. So far most of the games that are being upgraded are old games. I would say wait for E3 and see if MS actually backs up their claim that they'll invest in making more 1st party games, new IPs... Games that will actually take advantage of this "power". And I'll few more points.  1) Is resolution and performance really a priority? I think console gaming as always been about game library over power. History has shown us that the console with the bigger library always does better and the more powerful one almost always does the worse. 2) If you have a half decent PC, then there is not real reason to buy this. Even if you don't have a powerful GPU, there is always the possibility to sell your current GPU and help finance a new or used a 1070, 1070ti or even 1080. Depending on what you get from your GPU you can get an upgrade for a LOT CHEAPER than spending $500 for the console.  Add to the benefit of having MORE games, cheaper games and not paying to play online... Also this is a bit more future proof imo... 3) There exists other consoles that may be weaker but provides a lot more games and exclusives than this console. And for a cheaper price. ofc if you already own a PS4 pro then it would make even much sense paying 500 bucks for a smaller gap in performance... 4) This is not a new gen. It's a mid gen upgrade. You don't need to buy the console to play one of its games if you have an older version of the console.
  • PS: I know I'll probably get a lot of downvotes with little reasons and mostly by MS/XB "fans". I totally understand that the role of these company/brand fans is to promote and try to create hype around a product so that more people buy it. These people sees any criticism as a personal attack. If any one is hurt by my comment just note that there is nothing personal... :)
  • Best advice I can give you: do not EVER give a sh*t about the "voting" system. This was put here so that children could vent their displease with things that "hurt their feelings". You'll always see more people downvoting than people actually presenting their structured arguments to refute your points anyway.
  • LOL I actually don't care of downvotes. It actually shows their maturity level.  I'm actually glad I'm not like them. I'm glad I'm not a fanboy of a company with zero arguments like these people. Every downvote is actually cool as it shows that there is one more fanboy I'm hurting. LOL These people are actually toxic to the gaming. They are doing more damage to the company they worship then me who post genuine criticism in th hope the company and gaming improves...
  • You know what?  Apple has the iPhone and people pay for it no matter the price.  Let those who want to support Microsoft do so no matter what shortcomings some "may" think it has.  Microsoft can't be selling bargain basement stuff all the time.  Microsoft provides other models that will suit those who are looking for a less expensive unit and don't have a 4K tv set.  I'll probably will pick one of these up soon.  But I'll have to replace one of my other Xbox units. 
  • I think you didn't understand the article. It's not about stopping MS/XB "fans" who want to (as you put it) "support MS" from buying this console. Odds are most of these people already own at least 1 of the console. It's about informing consumers about the cons of buys a XB1x right now.  Isn't informing customers a good thing? Isn't helping people make a decision about whether this product is good for them or not a good thing for consumers? 
  • Oh so now they have to be not from Microsoft AND "newer more relevant" games. Keep pushing back the goal posts. Btw https://www.dualshockers.com/call-duty-wwii-xbox-one-x-vs-ps4-pro-4k-scr... https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/11/xbox-one-x-games-at-launch-the-bo...
    both prove you wrong and mention some "newer more relevant" games.
  • 6.   Because I am an adult and don't need to spend $500 to play games.  
  • Funny how there is so much negative in windows central these days. And the comments section is slowly turning to trash with all the Fanboys taking over. Those complaining about the price betting you didn't hesitate to pay $1000 for for that new IPhone.
  • Negative? It's about informing customers. It's about helping people make a decision to know if this console is meant for them or not. Isn't it a good thing for customers? It almost looks like you want people not to know stuff... Is your priority "MS sells the most consoles" or is your priority "Helping customers know if this console is right for them or not".  The reaction by some of you guys is amazing... And after that you dare talk about fanboysim... Oh and the "Iphone" argument AGAIN!!  In case you didn't know a smartphone is not the same thing as a console. They are different products. If you want to compare price we have to compare price of similar products. And in this sense you have to compare it with other consoles. Yes, the XB1x is the most powerful console right now but it is also the most expensive console right now. And no amount of deflection will change this.
    The real issue here is that for less than half the price you can get a XB1s + game(s). XB1s a console that was out last year and can run every game the XB1x can. You are just paying double the price to run these games better. THAT'S IT.
  • $500 is not a lot of money, anyone who can't afford that is just lazy and/or stupid. It's not difficult to up-skill, get a part-time job, stop wasting money on Starbucks or smoking or owning a car, etc. Anyone who thinks $500 is a lot of money really needs to re-evaluate their life decisions.
  • It's amazing how you guys will pretend not to read the arguments and just try to damage control this "price" argument. 1) 500 bucks is a lot or not is subjective and it depends on people.
    2) for some people $500 is not worth the price just to get "better performance".
    3) 500 bucks is a lot FOR A CONSOLE. It is the most expensive console in retails at the moment.
    4) The real issue here is that for less than half the price you can get a XB1s + game(s). XB1s a console that was out last year and can run every game the XB1x can. You are just paying double the price to run these games better. THAT'S IT. Now go re-evaluate your life priorites instead of giving life lesson to people who have different priorites in life than worshipping a company and  just because they don't want to buy the console of the company you worship.
    There is a limit to being a "fan" of company/brand...
  • Not anywhere near enough quality shooters on the One no matter the spec. No shooters, no buy, simple.
  • All you get from Microsoft last few years is unrealistically high prized devices - Phones, Surface, Surface Laptop, now Xbox. To ask such prize, first you must prove you are consistent in quality and long-lasting support, not just abandon almost immediately all your customers and fans! It will take good deal of work from MS to convince me buy any hardware they produce, especially after dropping Windows Phone!
  • Surprised Windows Central hasn't taken up the fact of a number of project Scorpio X's bricking themselves shortly after start-up. Mine turned off after 4 hours of light usage and refuses to power on again. That makes me a sad panda.
  • Mine didn't so we are at 1 for 1. Let's see what can we conclude from it: bad luck for you. Compared to the volume sold, how many broke? That's what makes it relevant or not. I don't have any numbers ofc.
  • I guess only MS has the numbers. I hope they communicate it, but knowing MS they probably won't. They need to sell this thing...
  • The "you don't have a 4k tv" line is just plain stupid. Enhanced games look better and ALL games PLAY better on the 1X. The latter is more important.
  • Is doing what you already can do just marginally better, worth paying twice the price? I don't think so for most people that aren't obsessed about having every shiny new toy as soon as they get released
  • Paying a console full price not to benefit from all that's the advantages it provides. It's not really stupid. This console has been marketed and sold as a 4K or "true 4K" machine. But you won't benefit from it.  Is the "improvement" really woth $500 bucks? Totally subjective and depends on people.
  • You really like to use the marketing campaign to make your point. The difference is huge between X and original Xbox one. Again no coming back once you try it even on 1080p display.
  • I use what MS has been using. If MS are selling this as a true 4K machine then I expect to play in 4K. If I'm not than I'm losing on some of the experience. THE VERY same experience MS (the company that makes this console and that you worship) have been selling to us. The "huge" difference is subjective though. And that's what this article is all about. It tells people to look at the difference and see if it is worth the $500 price tag or not. For you it may be worth it, not for others. I hope you understand this concept.
  • At the end of the day it is still an xbox one, plays the same games and does the same things, Just for the slight increase in better graphics I don't think its worth the upgrade just yet. I'll either wait for a great deal, some more games that are really worth having the X or a special edition I just can't resist 🤓 Btw still using my L950 as my daily
  • They should have a model with an internal SSD and bundled with an elite controller 🎮
  • This would make a lot of sense. I mean, an even more extreme edition given that its marketed to a niche group of people anyway, right?
  • Or they should allow to upgrade internal HDD.
  • I think #6 might be the most important one:  hard drive size.  1TB accomodates about 15-20 "updated"/ 4K capable games.  Easy enough to expand and/or upgrade. But, sometimes I like to wait and see what upgrades/bundles they offer rather than bother with the extra shopping/ expense.
  • 1 click bait title with 5 poorly though reasons. 1- price/perf ratio is unbeaten right now and won't for a while. No gaming pc below 1200$ can perform at the same level on all those games as of now. 2- 4k is bs marketing, 1080p@60fps with high resolution textures/assets is the only thing that should matter as even upscaled by your TV, it would be more enjoyable than 4k@30fps. 3- if you buy in the Xbox world, X is the best experience that you can have. 4- dumbest reason of all 5, if you want to wait for a deal. X will be at 80$ with 30 games in 2025. Be patient. 5- I only see 2 options, either you are stupid enough to have upgraded from fat to S or just should have saved for one more year and bought the best Xbox One this year instead of S as both S and X were announced at the time. You wouldn't have missed anything that got released this year or couldn't experienced better now with X.
  • 1) This article is done to inform consumers about some of the reasons they should not buy a XB1 or wait. This is done to help consumers make a decision on their future purchase. It's actually a good article for consumers.  1- Please prove that "No gaming pc below 1200$ can perform at the same level on all those games as of now." Prove with benchmarks of non-MS games or games that haven't had partnership deals with MS.
    Another thing. Either POWER is a priority or it's not. Gaming on the weaker console since 2013, it can't just become a priority because MS says it. If power was a priority you would be on PC already and in case you didn't know PC gaming is not about "a whole new PC every 4 years". It's about upgrading parts. I can sell my GPU and get a 1070/1080 for much less than $500 and my PC will have better specs than this console. But that's ok, POWER didn't suddenly became my priority... :) Also you're totally ignoring the fact that it's the most expensive console in retail at the moment.
    The real issue here is that for less than half the price you can get a XB1s + game(s). XB1s a console that was out last year and can run every game the XB1x can. You are just paying double the price to run these games better. THAT'S IT.
    Price WILL be an issue for some people out there. 2- MS have marketed this as 4k and "true 4K" machine more than anything else. Most games improves resolution more than framerate. Few games provide option that really boosts the framerate. Even Gears 4, one of MS's biggest game has drops in FPS in the 40s at 1080p. 
    You can call it "bs marketing" and give your opinion all you want but you can't deny someone will miss out if you don't have a 4K tv. You'll miss out one what should be the most marketed argument by MS themselves... 3- "Best experience that you can have". HAHAHA
    Great subjective statement. Best argument ever... LOL 
    Way to bring an opinion and you dare talk about "poorly reasoned arguments"... HAHAHA 4- I don't know if you've been following gaming. There will always be new bundles better deals as the time goes on. This is console launch + we are almost in the holiday season, once there is less demand the deals will most probably come. That's how business works. This is even more true if you are looking to play new and upcoming games that will come next year... All he is saying is wait...  5- Calling people stupid doesn't make the reason invalid. If someone got a XB1s for whatever reason (gift, he didn't have a XB1, he wanted a UHD 4K player,...) it doesn't change the reason... Now there is no need to be upset. This is good for customers. If this makes few people think and figure out that it's not for them then food for them. ofc it means MS will sell few less consoles but does it REALLY matter? Is your priority MS getting console sales? Is that so important to you?
  • Just saw that you replied the same thing everywhere, you're just a troll. I regret gratifying your comment with a reply => edited Are you the guy who wrote that bad article secondary account?
  • Ah the TYPCIAL reply by a company "fan" witout arguments. 
    Throwing insults and running away... :) So let's back this up.
    First you get upset that there is an article that helps consumer to make a decision not to buy the latest product that the company you worship makes. ofc your priority is not consumers, but the company. As long as they sell products you're good. So you come here with claiming that the article was had poor reasons. You tried to argue each points with:
    1) making up bs with no proof ($1200 PC)
    2) using subjective bs and presenting it like a fact ("X is the best experience that you can have" LOL) I've argued each and every argument with sound gaming arguments. I've put all your argument to shame and since you don't have a single way to come back with gaming arguments you decide to throw childish insults and run away.  That's so typical... And between your way of posting and mine keeping it gaming), we know who the troll is here... :) You know you don't have arguments that's why you need to fall back and run... PS: I reply the same thing everywhere is because it looks like most of you guys didn't even read the article or the points being made and post the same bs argument. "Oh Price", "Oh you don't need a 4k tv"...
    If ou guys actually read the article or decide to debate the points that are being made then maybe there can be a constructive discussions. If all you want to do is post the same bs arguments without understanding or reading the article then that's your problem...  Also. "bad article" is subjective. I think it's a nice article. ofc you don't have a SINGLE valid point to back up your opinion about the quality of the article, so I'll just leave you there... LOL
  • OMG get a life bro Out of 130 comments, 27 are yours. You can push your propaganda as hard as you want but a lot of people can recognize click bait when they see it. This kind of article is playing against WC credibility more than anything else. You still haven't replied my question though. What's your link either the writer?
  • AHHH Thanks for proving my point. More insults and attack and ZERO points about gaming... That really shows where your interests lies. I'm ready to talk gaming all day. You? It doesn't look like gaming interests you. Looks like it's more damage control, defending a company and insulting people or article that criticise the company you worship...  LOL Well ok then... PS: I don't need to answer any of your bs, when you haven't replied to any of my GAMING points. :)
  • Trash games, useless graphics-only "upgrade" (most people still have 720p or 1080p TVs anyway), bad framerate, and the graphics upgrade that they advertise so hard doesn't even apply to most games. The only thing that will stay 4K is Blu-Ray, but seriously? Spending 500 bucks on a 4K video player to watch on a 1080p TV? Are people really going to buy the system for that? We have Microsoft, a lazy company in the corner smoking crack that is completely dependent on third party support to stay alive. My honest opinion, no. This is not worth it. Get a Switch, or hell, even a PS4. At least that system provides you with some enjoyment.
  • "Because click-bait and fake news are selling very well I invented 5 fake reasons why you should't buy the Xbox One X. Eat up, readers!"
  • Ah another one of these company "fans". Upset that there is an article that helps consumers make a choice. Because ofc for these people, the company they worship is the priority. Consumers should not have information but should just buy a product blindly and be upset later. So how do you discredit the article?
    Simple make wild and baseless accusationss. "Fake news" "fake reasons". 
    Don't provide ANY argument. Don't provide ANY reasons. Don't provide ANY proof.
    Simply because they don't have any. There you go company "fans" damage controlling at its finest... 
    Well done...  
  • How does this help the consumer when the author did NO personal testing and provided no evidence to these claims? All the article does is repeat made up claims that were invented by threatened fan boys and haters months ago, before anything is ever release. For example, you're going to make a claim that there's little or no benefit to 1080p users, prove it. Where are the screenshots and video? The burden of proof is never on the defender but on the accuser and stating a fact based on conjecture is disingenuous at best. If you want to help a consumer make a choice SHOW what you are getting for the money.
  • @FooseTV Please stop lying. DID YOU READ THE ARTICLE?
    Can you provide proof of the baseless accusations? I already showed you what the guy posted. I even highlighted parts of his post to explain it to you.
    But you ignored my reply and here you are coming with the same bs. So either you didn't read the article or you read it but didn't understand anything or you're just making up stuff because you're bitter that someone is helping consumer over "helping MS". Here is what he said:
    "However, if you don't have a 4K TV, you're missing out on some of this. You'll still be able to experience enhanced details and textures, and you can use it on a 1440p PC monitor. But at 1080p there's no denying that you're losing some of the experience, and you're also probably not able to enjoy HDR, either. Considering how much more expensive the Xbox One X is, do those improved textures really make it worth dropping $500? Again, a One S might be a better option."
    This basically says everything. If you don't have a 4K TV you're missing "SOME" benefits/experience that the XB1x provide. He still talks of enhanced details and texture. Then question whether those benefits are "worth" the extra money? You claim that he "hiding facts"  you claim that he said "there's little or no benefit to 1080p users". So where did he say it?  Please stop inventing stuff. Your priority and "love" to a company is starting to show... 
  • When 2 easy and valid comes to mind, first HDD is small so consider adding a 4TB external to it and second if you have a bad internet connection or a data cap (like most of the great 'mericans) you need to think about those 4k upgrades/patchs and 100Gb games to download.