Why you should use OneDrive with Windows 10

Use OneDrive
Use OneDrive (Image credit: Windows Central)

OneDrive, like all services, has its good points and its bad points. But some of those good points really make it worth your attention. Especially if you use other Microsoft products and services.

Here are our top reasons to use OneDrive.

1. 15GB of free storage for everyone

Dropbox is one of the first names anyone will think of when you start talking cloud storage. Without question, Dropbox is one of the kings of the space. But it also offers a mere 2GB of storage for free. OneDrive has over 7x that amount buy giving everyone that uses it 15GB.

In this case, more is definitely better. And if you want even more it's very well priced. $1.99 or $3.99 a month for 100GB or 200GB respectively, while $6.99 gets you 1TB and a whole lot more with an Office 365 subscription.

2. It's not just limited to Windows 10

OneDrive for Android

Sure, you use Windows 10, but you might also carry an iPhone or an Android phone in your pocket. Or an iPad in your bag. Microsoft is the most platform agnostic of the big hitters along with Dropbox. Want to use iCloud Drive on your non-iOS mobile devices? Ha! Google Drive support on Windows 10 Mobile? We'll believe it when we see it.

The convenience of a cloud storage service is diminished as soon as it isn't available on the devices you want to buy. That isn't a problem with OneDrive. With apps for Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, OneDrive is available in more places than the competition right now.

3. OneDrive and Office 365 work in harmony

Microsoft Office

15GB free is great but if you subscribe to Office 365 you'll get much more than that. Part of the package is a 1TB allowance for as long as you're a subscriber. Even the heaviest of Office users may struggle to fill that but it's good news for anything else you might want to house there, like music, for example.

OneDrive is also integrated with Microsoft Office so whether you're using the desktop apps, mobile apps or the web apps, all your documents will be in sync, all of the time. Throw in sharing and collaborating tools and you're left with a handy companion to the most powerful desktop publishing suite on the planet.

4. Get your Groove on

Groove and OneDrive

Microsoft enabled OneDrive streaming of your own music when Groove was known as Xbox Music. Instead of having to keep all your music files on each Windows 10 device you own, you upload it to OneDrive and stream it through the Groove Music app. It's not perfect, sure, but it gives you cloud based access to your personal collection and doesn't require a Groove Music Pass, either.

For a full guide on how to make all this happen, check out the link below.

5. You just need a Microsoft Account

This may sound trivial, but for some the idea of yet another account to sign up for is a daunting prospect. It's another company to give your details to, for one. If you're using Windows 10 you really should already have a Microsoft Account. Instead of having to sign up for Dropbox, or get a Google Account, or an Apple ID, you already have everything you need to use OneDrive.

And if you're going to be handing over money for a paid subscription, too, it's one less company to give your credit card information to. Microsoft will use your payment details for every service it offers, including things like the Xbox. One company holding that information could be more satisfactory to you than multiple. Not to mention having a Microsoft Account also opens up access to things like Office Online and Xbox Live.

So, those are just 5 of our top reasons to use OneDrive with Windows 10. If you've anything to add or even counter, drop us a line in the comments below.

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  • Thanks for the tips :)
  • I got 60 gb total as a loyal user
  • I've got 1.5tb and 2 years office 365 free.
  • The problem is you need 1.5TB on your local drive as well to keep in sync... There is no online or offline lables anymore!! GREAT JOB MICROSOFT (not)
  • 125GB free here
  • Coming up next why you should not use onedrive with Windows 10 ;)
  • #1. They f*cked up the legendary smart files/placeholders that made OneDrive ideal.
  • Yep
  • Agreed.
  • Very true!
  • I am holding judgement until the update in the fall. I am not a heavy user, otherwise it would be a bigger issue for me. Hopefully they are able to replicate the functionality in Windows 10.
  • There isn't even a Onedrive app in the store so they must be doing something with it.
  • Yes!!!! This is so frustrating. The way it was on 8.1 was so useful.
  • 100% agree.  Takes away one of my favorite functionalities.  It's not a problem on my desktop, but I want the files easily accesible on my tablet as well, but I don't have the space to store them locally.  What's the point of cloud storage if you have to save it locally as well?
  • You can choose what files/folders you want to keep locally.You don't have to keep them all. This is very useful if you don't always have wifi to connect. I keep only the files I use the most on my Windows tablet so I can access them anywhere and the rest are avialable when connected.
  • Ah so that's why now OneDrive must download ALL files into my laptop in order to sync it
  • Now its just a useless app. Usable only from the web. Good job MSH*T
  • Yes I agree!  Back in the 'old days' I used to have my Main Laptop with 2TB hard drives containing all my files and even sync'd with Google Drive in the first place then OneDrive.  I have a VAIO Ultrabook, Surface Pro 3 and 2x Windows Phones (1520 & 640) - OneDrive was great I could access everything without carrying all those file around, you know 'mobile first, cloud first'. Windows 10, although I do really like it has totally messed this up!  Don't use me SP3 anymore!  It's become redundant, won't be upgrading the VAIO either, what's the point??!! Was this article supplied by Microsoft by any chance?  Surely no one would have such an article based on this lack of function!!
  • On one side not having placeholders is problematic. On the other, having them takes hard drive space. I had a lot of space issues on my win 8.1 tablet (32gig), and not having placeholders in win 10 means more free space, and I sync only what I need.
    I wished they could integrate a system where the placeholders do not take so much space, or make them optional.
  • And you cannot have OneDrive folder ond SD card as on Windows 8.1. Great improvement indeed.
  • I have also found this problem when I upgrade to Windows 10 on my HP Stream 7. On Windows 8.1, I was able to move the default location of the OneDrive folder to my SD card enabling me to have all my files offline but now I'm limited due to the size of the C drive's volume. Has anyone figured a work-around for this problem or do you know if Microsoft are aware of this limitation and if they are working on a solution?
  • This has to be something that should be returning with the pending update.
  • http://garvis.ca/2013/02/21/converting-an-sd-card-to-permanent-storage-i... This method works for me on 10. Strangely I had to use this on 8.1 as well.
  • Vent your frustration here people http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/forum/odwork-odexternal/wind... it's becoming quite the hot topic. I hate that Microsoft always ruin a good idea and then can't be bothered to fix it.
  • Yes, stupid that it doesn't work out of the box, but I got I working on my SP3: just mount your SD Card into an empty folder on your HDD and use this mounted folder for OneDrive - and then it just works.
  • No official support of onedrive on linux tho
  • LOL nailed it
  • But other cloud storage services also not available in Linux too
  • No. Dropbox does support Linux.
  • It doesn't mean you can't use the website Right!
  • Use OneDrive-d https://github.com/xybu/onedrive-d
  • Office 365 subscription gives you unlimited storage (min 10TB). 
  • Mine only gives me 1TB?
  • Mine is 10TB. Follow the link: https://blogs.office.com/2014/10/27/onedrive-now-unlimited-storage-offic...
  • Mine is 10TB too and I got an email saying that if I need more, I just need to send them an email and they'll add an extra 10TB. Currently using >300gb. Although because of that and placeholders missing in windows 10, I haven't upgraded my Surface Pro yet (upgraded my laptop though as it has more storage).
  • When they started with their give aways you got 5x5TB and after that it changed to unlimited. But mine still only shows 10TB on my main account and 1TB on the 4 others.
  • OneDrive without placeholders is not usable if you have too many things in the cloud. Syncing is a pain. I sync only small folders after upgrading from 8.1 and unfortunately Camera Roll is not among them since it's just too huge. Until they bring back placeholders I consider it as useless.
  • And placeholders, or even just the folder structure and file names, very pretty please...
  • Dropbox won't do that either AFAIK. Agreed, I'd rather they returned, but as a package OneDrive is still competitive.
  • Dropbox have selective folder sync, not exactly the same thing but it is useful.
  • Totally agree.  Just use OneDrive to back up files, and Dropbox for day-to-day use.
  • Yeah its awful. I switched to a network-mapped drive, which serves the same function as placeholders, but is way less consumer friendly. Wish they'd just make the damn power user option already, the way it is currently sucks so much.
  • Photos app has all the phots videos from one drive. You don't need it in OneDrive desktop again
  • Here, here.
  • I have almost 1TB of files on on OneDrive.... I have 4 pcs with same account but none of them have 1TB space....MS needs to bring back online /offline function....
  • It's great, but I want to pay annually, just like with Groove, avoiding all these little monthly payments
  • Considering how many voucher codes you can buy for other things this would be an excellent idea.
  • If you get the extra storage from office 365, I believe you can pay knew year at a time instead of the monthly payment. Office 365 family for five people is 9.99$/month or 99$/year I believe.
    If you are a student you can get office 365 university for 80$/€ (I think this is the price though I can't remember exactly) which is valid for four years
  • I'm up to 1.23TB of free space in total, thanks to offers and bonuses! Only using about 10GB, as well...
  • I have free 130gb onedrive. ;)
  • I do enjoy using Onedrive. However, i find that Onedrive is the slowest when it comes to showing photos. Compared with Google photos, it seems much slower at displaying on phone and PC. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This!
  • Onedrive on Windows 10 is useless. Now i am back on windows 8.1 on all my windows devices. Love using Onedrive (make sure you encrypt your things first :) ) Until they re-enable placeholders on windows 10 version of onedrive , no win 10 for me :)  
  • Me too. I am back on Win 8.1
    Stupid Microsoft. Destroyed the Onedrive experience and also the backup for the settings in Onedrive. And the stupid stupid pictures app...
  • I love onedrive, but the windows 10 + onedrive situation is a real step backwards from windows 8.1. Really miss placeholders, but can we at least get a windows 10 app? It's so disappointing.
  • No placeholders anymore ... Huge deal
  • I use one drive to upload pics. Hut would use more when groove comes to India.
  • Have not used OneDrive since moving to Windows 10, except for backup. Was a heavy user on 8.1, now useless on a Surface Pro. Bring back placeholders.
  • I have a new Surface Pro 3 on Win 10 and cannot figure out how to do one-way backup from PC to OneDrive so that flagged folders in my PC backup/sync to OneDrive (i.e., modified files update and deleted files delete from OneDrive) but NEVER sync the other direction unless I manually decide to retrieve something. I DO NOT want to use OneDrive to share or to collaborate, I only want to use it to back up my C drive. I have searched high and low and even chatted with an utterly unhelpful MS rep who hung up when I asked for a supervisor (gotta stop trying to chat with tech support at any company; they almost always provide nothing but irrelevant info). I still can revert to 8.1 but not sure that would matter for my application. I would even be happy to manually sync once a day if that is what it takes.
  • You should be able to sync any windows device with your music on OneDrive. I'd say the same for your personally owned tv shows and movies (not purchased from Microsoft) but this new and ridiculously stupid media programs (Xbox, groove) dont know what to do with those type of files.
  • What happens with stuffs in 1TB or 10TB Onedrive when your subcription ends ?
  • It will be deleted after 90 days.
  • Not true. It's never deleted. You just can't add anything until you drop your usage below your limit.
  • It is deleted,read the terms and conditions
  • You can't say it often enough. OneDrive on Windows 10 is unless, you can't use it. MS showed us in 8 the heaven, and with 10 we're back in hell. That's the biggest reason why someone shouldn't use OneDrive. On 8 I used it daily, in 10 not, expect to sync some small stuff, that I need, the bigger folders like Camera Roll is too big to be considered to be downloaded on the HDD, and the same goes for other bigger folder I need. I hate OneDrive for that.
  • Photos app has photos and videos from OneDrive as placeholders. You don't have to download them in OneDrive desktop app
  • Will you stop talking that shit? Thousands of users want native access to placeholders with file explorer. Photos app is just for photos and vids. People do more with images than just viewing and printing. Placeholders need to be reimplemented. Full stop.
  • I am not talking shit, I generally do shit like all humans do. If u don't shit, there is some problem in ur body, or wait a min, do u shit from mouth, it seems so from ur ignorance comments
  • I am replying to concern raise by klose91 regarding camera roll, u r not able to understand English.
  • Shutup already
  • The photos app in W10 itself is crap, with features nobody required. Same goes for Groove, Mail and honestly Store. I cannot believe how low quality one company can deliver for apps that are glorified browsers. Maybe they shouldn't have fired the QA team. Instead, numerous uservoice items remain unvisited.
  • That's possible, but the Camera Roll was just an example for an hugh folder. I have other stuff for learning, the music folder, from where I want to accsess my music on my Windows Phone, or other Windows Devices, and these folders are taking some storage space. It's not like I don't have the hdd for that, but why should I waste space that could be used for other stuff? That's one thing, why I have some stuff in the Cloud to begin with. I want the "On-Demand"-System with the Smart Files back. If I need a file, then I make it offline available, and if I'm finnished, and I don't need it for some time, then it should go back to the online state. But this shit we get currently in OneDrive is useless, there's going to the Webpage a better choice. MS said already, that they're working on something to bring the feature back, and I hope that it's in near future. It's just a pita currently. And on a side note, I hate the Photos App. It's too slow, if I just want to see a picture. As default I use the Windows Photo Viewer, which is faster and I used it anyway in 8.
  • You can add one drive as a network disk in windows, in that way you have access to all files online and they will not take any space on hdd.
  • Sure, that's possible, I read that article from Paul Thurrott, but that's not the point, and has never been. If we're talking 'bout that problem, it always speaks from native access in the File Explorer. I don't want to set this up as an network drive, I want back the native feature from Windows 8 that was in the File Explorer. Everything else is shit. Look from that point, why do I have to set up such things, when it was in 8 there by default and ten times better than mapping the shit? OneDrive is owned by MS, Windows is owned by MS, so why can't they do the same they did in 8? They can integrate everything in their OS when it comes to their own software. It's always all about native experience like in 8 in the File Explorer, not mapping OneDrive. And mapping it as Network Drive has another issue, it's the performance, it's too slow.
  • Wait I have a 360 subscription so that means I get 1TB. Correct? What is the point of Dropbox
  • That's a good question. What does happen to all that data?
    I would assume that you would get warning or some files will be inaccessible.
  • Here is a question about synching... Will One drive sync within my network or will it always access the cloud ☁ before synching the remaining computers??? Also if I delete a file by accident is there a way to recover???
  • Any files deleted from OneDrive goes to recycle bin folder in OneDrive, you can recover it with in I think a month of time
  • I think each device downloads from the cloud separately... No LAN sync... But I'm not certain. I toyed with the idea of putting my "local" OneDrive folder on my NAS drive and pointing each of my devices to that to save on duplicates, but then realised it would be pointless if I took my laptop or tablet outside my network... Lol. Should work ok if you have multiple desktops though...
  • You can get cloud nas drive from Seagate and western Digital. They are accessible via internet also
  • If you use OneDrive to backup photos from a mobile device you'll get additional 15 GB. I also noticed that if you but a Office 365 Personal license from Amazon it will cost you 40 $ per year and you'll have 1 TB of OneDrive (and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month and 1 license of Office). ;)
  • What if One Drive gets stuck? Its says its synchronizing 2 out of 2 files and never resolve that issue. Had I for a week now. Annoying.
  • Check your read/write access permissions on your local OneDrive folder (or sub-folders). I've no idea how that issue arose but I had the same problem until I fixed this.
  • Onedrive is good, but in my experience only as good as your internet connection. unfortunately, alghtough its getting better, its not always good, and when you just happen to need a file that's in the cloud and not on your local onedrive folder that's a pain and a handicap. That's why I still prefer offline storage. I want and need personal files local in case of those dreadful moments you are disconnected from the world.
  • You'd need an offline copy of the Internet, too. Just in case. (sarcasm)
  • OneDrive in Windows 10 is retrograde and useless to me in Windows 10. Don't get me wrong I love OneDrive and the way it works in Windows 8.1 but the lack of "sync only online" has made it 30 / 40% less efficient in Windows 10. Let me explain; I have about 400 Gb of data in OneDrive, one folder is 240 Gb in size. I can just about sync it to my PC but no way to my tablets. Using the 240 Gb on OneDrive was great, even over fast DSL / Broadband and it didn't take any space on my devices in Windows 8.1 OneDrive! If you are unhappy with OneDrive in Windows 10 then go over to the OneDrive Uservoice are and vote / comment.
  • Microsoft should have just copied what Apple does with iCloud.  General [Document] Storage on iCloud Drive, and then Photo Library with a decent Desktop Client and iTunes Match. That way Synching everything down from OneDrive wouldn't be that big of a deal, becuase the media is the reason why so many people have an issue with it.  Most people don't have several gigabytes of documents. I think the way Google and Apple have their services set up is far superior to Microsfot and their "Full Bore" Cloud Synching solutions, as a result, don't have the same issues that Microsoft has with OneDrive.  This is not just a Windows 10 issue.  On my Mac there's no way I'd install the OneDrive Sync Client because it would literally force me to duplicated several gigabytes of data on my hard drive or deal with clunky file management (through the web client). So I moved everything over to iCloud, and I'm in the process of moving from a Microsoft Account to a Google Account on side of that (since Microsoft is basically Google 2.0 these days). Also, I find it quite sloppy that their Photos experience for iOS/Android is in the OneDrive app, and quite terrible.  The Mobile client still renames every file it uploads, as well... With YouTube Gaming coming to the PS4 in the next FW update, the fact that Google Handles Photo and Music Sync/Backup in a superior manner, and the fact that their decoupling their services from Google+...  Yea, I'm going back to them, likely to replace my Windows Notebook with a ChromeBook since I barely use it, anyways. I can buy a perpetual Office 2016 license for my Mac when it's out.  If that requires a Microsoft account, then I'll have to make due with iWorks.
  • OneDrive with 8.1 is still better since it has placeholders for non-synced files which the Windows 10 version lacks. Windows 10 is two steps forward and one step back in this regard... https://windows.uservoice.com/forums/265757-windows-feature-suggestions/suggestions/6708195-add-an-advanced-option-to-restore-showing-all-oned
  • Amount of music by have 15 gb not enough lol
  • Yea OneDrive went backwards woth Windows 10. The engineer that gave that the ok should hang their head in shame, what possible benefit does it give going backwards like that?
  • MS One Drive is great but like many MS"S other service is riddled with  " many  Pain Points as CEO T mobile USA  would say ". It high time MS should make special efforts to remove the" Pain Points " in products.
  • OneDrive is toooo slow to load
  • I don't use one drive without encrypting data at pc first. Then upload all thing to OneDrive just as a backup, don't use sync feature.
    When Microsoft will start providing encrypted storage or stop reading share to public data, I will stop the encryption.
    Also, upload and download speed are painfully slow, you can't play full hd 60fps, 2k 4k videos easily.
  • What encryption software are you using??? Just downloaded boxcryptor and shall be playing with it later on....
  • I use a custom built pgp based solution I ask and get it developed from one of my employee
  • Did I miss something? I use OneDrive with W10PC & W10M and do not experience any particular problem(s). All folders are synced. All my pictures are loaded there and I have near 20K pictures. It took a while to sync them for offline use.  
  • Yes,we know. Photos app sync all photos ad videos from one drive as a placeholder. But as usual it is windowscentral, people don't use products but comments.
  • When will you finally understand that people are talking about the Windows Explorer and all kinds of files and file types and not just pictures and Videos ?!!!
  • If you are responding to me, that is exactly what I am talking about--not just pictures. I am not have problems...
  • I have 140Gb of data in OneDrive, How am I suppsoed to syn that to my 32GB tablet? You cant. OneDrive sucks with Windows 10. I glad it works for you, but many of us cant stand the new system.  
  • When you will start appreciating humanity and freedom, then I will do.
  • Microsoft should offer a pgp based encryption for data stored in one drive just like windows passport which is coming soon to eliminate passwords. In that way, my data will remain mine.
  • Ok, so MS should provide a storage encrypted with a personal public key, that is stored where, exactly?
  • In a Usb thumb drive or a hardware key embedded in tpm
  • I also like Microsoft to do more heavy lifting at device like apple does in iPhone. I don't need to sync contact to Microsoft account by default and I have no choice to stop it as it is the default behavior. Microsoft should offer better privacy control like apple does in iOS.
  • "has over 7x that amount buy giving everyone" Should be "by giving"
    I do it all the time.
  • This time the mistake didn't get buy unnoticed.
  • So, let's say I have 50GB of data in OD and I only have space for 10GB on my device. I choose in which OD folder I have files I use most and I map this one on my device to synchronise. Now imagine a mad scenario I want to download more files, but I don't have enough space to download the complete folder to also get a few files I actually need. What are my options? Go to onedrive.com in browser and move the files to the folder I am already syncing? What a mess, what an integrated solution that wants me to step out of the OS, open browser and modify something on the web. Even being able to add synced folders in Explorer instead of going to OD settings would be better than what we got. Not mentioning the placeholders from 8.1 that were apparently killed because a typical home user does not get a difference between 'here' and 'far away'. So please stop plugging this half baked solution that is great for people that have a few photos in the cloud, but not so much for anybody else.
  • How the hell you guys got 1TB? I only got 30GB free.
  • 365
  • OneDrive folder even can't be moved to SD card on tablet in Windows 10. Yeah, use it....
  • It can, you have to mount the SD card as a folder inside your user directory, then tell OneDrive to use that folder. Stupid? YES, but you can do it.
  • Shame OneDrive sucks in windows 10. Bring back placeholders.
  • I don't care for explorer integration. There is no Onedrive app like in WP, so no-no to multiple accounts. I also can no longer pin websites in any useful manner (even the favicon is being shunned), and they are not isolated from each other. Productivity-wise, W10 is quite a step backwards.
  • "OneDrive and Office 365 work in harmony"   I don't think so... Recently I discovered Master documents. You know, if you want to create a large document, it is better to create several smaller documents and then combine them in one Master document.   I am sorry to say that Master documents feature doesn't play really nice with OneDrive.  When I try to create a Master document, instead of using the documents I have localy, it uses the documents from one drive. That way when I try to open the Master documents I have to wait for a long time to open all those documents. Probably it tries to download them at once. The weird thing is that I have a fast connection... Other times, when I try to open the Master document, some of the sub-documents are missing or can't be opened. But, the biggest pain is at the time of creation. Almost every time I try to create a Master document, something goes wrong. Some times it can't save one of the sub-documents or other times Word totally freezes.   So, now, when I try to create a new Master document, I move all the necessary documents in a folder on my Desktop (where I don't face any of the above issues) and when I finish I move the folder back to its OneDrive place.  So, it seems that OneDrive seems to cause all the trouble...   I have tried to make Master documents using both the 32bit version and the 64bit one. I even used the Preview versions.       
  • I have unlimited onedrive storage....i don't know why but awesome
  • They forget to mention that if one add a Windows phone or probably another phone to sync your photos, you get an extra 15GB of storage making it 30GB free. I currently have 130GB free because I have a grove pass.
  • Sadly my data plan is just 17GB/month.
  • I think you're confuse ^^
  • If it had revision history and the rest of the features of dropbox, then we could compare. I do use OneDrive, but it's not dropbox.
  • Another feature that we lost in the update to 8.1 was the ability to fetch items from our pc's using onedrive. With the update to W10 we have gained that back. I love that feature. 
  • I am using Picasa, Explorer, Flickr, and WordPress for photos. I import to OneDrive, Process, and upload fro there with no noticable problems. I use OneDrive on my PC, my iPhone, and my Windows Phone. I have not had problems...
  • There needs to be a follow up article on how to use OneDrive on low storage tablets. With placeholders gone and no "app" for OneDrive, the only option is using the website.
  • Yes I hate that placeholders is gone, so other options have to be used. There is other options thou. If you go to the store and use either of these two apps File Manage HD or Files and Folders pro these will show all your Onedrive content just like placeholders, so for now this will do, give it a try.      
  • OneDrive without placeholders is shit. But, it's still better than most of the services out there.
  • Bring back placeholders!  
  • Amazing cloud storage. Been using for 5 years.
  • Well cant log into One drive with W10 as it has cookie error that they won't fix, there is thread in help forums that Ms is ignoring..
  • Without placeholder there better option for onedrive
  • With my office 365 I get 1tb plus 15gb with phone and another 15gb with the usual signup of email account...
  • I've all but stopped using my OneDrive since upgrading to Windows 10. The lack of placeholders kills all the benefit of OneDrive and makes it as useless as competing cloud storage providers. I'd either have to sync everything locally on every device (which is impossible due to storage limitations) or restructure my whole OneDrive file system from being a mostly flat, search-driven structure to many nested directories with a few files in each. Even if I did the latter, which will take a considerable amount of time, I still would have to manually upload newly created files and directories under a synched tree and then configure the new folder(s) to sync. Requiring a new multi-step, easy-to-forget process to approximate a system that worked flawlessly in Windows 8.1 isn't a valid workaround, IMO. I'm so disappointed with OneDrive integration in Windows 10 that I've gone back to using USB drives until MS offers a workable alternative. It sucks,not to mention it feels like 2005 all over again, but at least it works like a file system is expected to work.
  • What encryption software are you guys using??? I only know of boxcryptor**...
  • Good old Pkware (trusted) before Symantic (untrusted) bought them.  It is very important to encrypt everything you want to remain confidential in the cloud.  Otherwise, Microsoft employees, govervenment agencies, and hackers may be able to browse your files.  
  • OneDrive sucks with Windows 10
  • Unfortunately very true right now. So many sync issues. Kind of crazy that so many features in Office 365 do not work with Edge either. It's almost like Microsoft doesn't use their own products.
  • Is MS responding to people's complaine about missing placeholder (online only/offline) feature?
  • Keep in mind that storing your personal files on OneDrive makes them available to anyone with authorized access.  Authorized access may be granted to Microsoft employees, government agencies, hackers, etc. While storing all of your music in the cloud may be convienent, it can also provide law enforcement a list of your music to which you may be asked to show ownership or face huge copyright violation fines. The whole cloud thing is very nice.  But the legal ramifications are still being worked out in the courts.
  • That scenario seems unlikely...
  • There is absolutely no issue with file security using OneDrive. I trust Microsoft 100% and is the only company that has actively denied access to user data when gov agencies demanded so when law permitted. While I have no privacy worries whatsoever, I detest and regret using OneDrive in Windows 10 simply because the experience is pathetic. I wish they rolled back the OneDrive experience to Windows 8.1, if not 8.0, but I suspect, that pathetic backwards looking experience is part of the deal they made with DropBox in order to ensure direct MS Office access from that service. And for those who are either naive, or unaware or trying to create a false impression when they talk about who has access to what and pivacy concerns.  EVERY company has such terms in their TOS and Privacy Policies. . i.e. https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/ Information security We restrict access to personal information to Google employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information in order to process it for us, and who are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations. or  https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/terms/ Your Content in our Services When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes we make so that your content works better with our Services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content. The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purpose of operating, promoting, and improving our Services, and to develop new ones. This license continues even if you stop using our Services (for example, for a business listing you have added to Google Maps). Some Services may offer you ways to access and remove content that has been provided to that Service. Also, in some of our Services, there are terms or settings that narrow the scope of our use of the content submitted in those Services. Make sure you have the necessary rights to grant us this license for any content that you submit to our Services. etc. etc. Business uses of our Services If you are using our Services on behalf of a business, that business accepts these terms.  
  • Available offline feature not available on windows 10
    And whatever you upload it still there on your computer whether you need it or not!!
    No specific app for onedrive, and it stuck on windows explore(but thats fine)
    Conclusion - Dont use Window 10 at all//
  • I use it on my desktop PC because it has a lot of storage, but unfortunately I have over 20GB used on my OneDrive and can't sync all of tha to my tablets, or even use my SD cards. Microsoft should bring back placeholder support and enable us to sync to SD cards. I hate having to choose just a few folders that "I think" I might need to use, then actually needing to use a different one that I'm not syncing. Pretty bad experience to me. I don't see a single improvement on the OneDrive integration over Windows 8 / 8.1 other than being able to sync shared folders, but usability is quite worse IMO.
  • You can sync to sd card in windows 10, you have to mount sd card as a folder
  • What would be really useful would be a OneDrive 101 - a simple guide on how to get the best out of OneDrive. Maybe there is one already. If so, any pointers to it?
  • the only issue i had was that it sync much slower than dropbox. it would have been better if they had the smart folder on windows 10 since the problem is i have more space on the onedrive available as compared to my pc and smart folder make it easier to browse.
  • I use my Synology NAS to sync OneDrive and mapped that folder as a network drive. It's not perfect, but it works for me... miss the placeholders though
  • I still can't figure out how it even works in Win 10. Where is the dang app? It was so much easier.
  • On the corners of the internet where all the curmudgeons hang out there is much hatred for Microsoft accounts. Not sure why it can be such a sore spot for so many.
  • This was more of a "why you should use OneDrive".... no need to mention Windows 10.   I'm definitely trying to convert my world into Microsoft's ecosystem.  OneNote is working very nicely on my Note 4 (getting away from Evernote) ....and so, with that, I'm going to try life within the Windows world.  I love the endless storage with my Office 365 subscription. I have an android phone, an Apple computer, and using Microsoft's ecosystem very nicely.   My former go-to was Dropbox, Google Drive/Docs and Evernote.    When Windows 10 gets more fully sorted out, I would love to try a Microsoft machine again, too.  For now, the Apple notebook computers are really nicely built and are mature (not buggy)....and always with an amazing trackpad.   The Surface 4 Pro is of very high interest to me... even a lower end Surface 4 (non-pro).   If the Surface 3 would get a bit cheaper, I'm looking at that, too. Still, I'm noticing no problems at all living with Microsoft on an Apple computer.   My understanding is that OneNote might be somehow nicer on a Windows computer, but not sure about the detals there.
  • I use it, but like Paul Thurrott, i'm becoming increasingly frustrated by how slow and clunky it is, even to do basic operations. The recent UI overhaul on the Web took several steps backwards.  It's almost like they need to sit down and have a rethink about the whole thing.
  • The OneDrive music is worthless to me because of the 50K limit. I actually just renewed my Amazon Music storage despite the fact that I would love to switch to Microsoft exclusively because Amazon gives me storage of 250K songs for $20/year. It used to be unlimited but then I let it expire because I thought MS would have upped the limit by the time it did expire. How silly of me. What am I supposed to do? Pick my favorite 50K songs out of my collection? Either let me have my entire collection or make it so small that I can only include my current favorite couple albums. 50K is just a frustrating tease. Espeically since MS gave me unlimited storage with OneDrive thanks to my Office 365 subscription. I'm hoping one day they will finally get it optimized and then they will up the limit to something ridiculously high, but that day cannot come fast enough.  
  • Whats the point of having 1 TB when One Note with Windows 10 you have to download the whole account...what happens if you hard drive space is lower than the 1TB?
  • I have 225gb, I was in one of the free promos that got 100gb free and another 25 from anther place. I think 100 of it expries in a year.
  • Do somebody know if the 100gb promo for upload your music still works?
  • Lol, This post is Lame, now that Microsoft messed up everything