Windows 10 to add carrier billing to Windows Store apps via Bango

Microsoft is continuing to expand the reach of Windows 10 via carrier billing of apps and in-app purchases via the Windows Store. The company has announced an new partnership with UK-based Bango to expand that kind of payment system with more carrier partners.

Bango stated:

"With more than 110 million devices running Windows 10, consumers are using the Windows Store to acquire a vast range of applications and entertainment content that can be used across devices. For the first time, customers running Windows 10 on a PC or tablet will now be able to buy digital content by charging the costs to their mobile phone bill."

More details the first carrier agreements with Bango and Microsoft will be revealed later in January. Microsoft has already announced a similar partnership with Boku to offer carrier billing for Windows 10 via Sprint and Swisscom, among other carriers.

Source: Bango

John Callaham
  • Una ako nagcomment
  • Wala kaming pakialam! Pero maganda sana kung dumating ito sa smart o globe, lalong lalo na sa prepaid.
  • Idea Cellular already supports Carrier Billing for Windows in India !
  • So?
  • Lol
  • I won't see idea carrier billing is available in windows 10 mobile (correct me if i'm wrong)
  • I want other SPs like Vodafone to support this soon, I've been waiting for long since Indian store doesn't support debit cards (except few) :(
  • The problem is simple.. Not many peeps here buy apps.. I've seen people use smartphones, but have yet to see someone with a paid app that they paid for.. Also this is Windows phone we're talking about.. Telco's here aren't gonna support something they're not gonna reap a great amount of money from..
  • They are still in 110 million Windows 10 installs. Lol.
  • Actually, they have 200 million Windows 10 devices now.
  • "I m a BSNL user in India....but I use Idea sim for purchasing apps & games.....Microsoft should provide gift cards or coupon for purchasing from windows store.....this will definitely help developers too....Snapdeal sells Google's gift card for android card option is not helpful in India coz only 2 people out of 100 have credit there should be more payment option like operator billing or gift card."
  • Windows 10 has best
  • I can't even use carrier billing with Windows 10 Mobile on AT&T. I'm not sure if it is an issue with Windows 10 Mobile or my devices.
  • Maybe they can add Bitcoin payments too.
  • Hope it will be avaiable in Iran by Irancell and Rightel....  
  • Im already paying app purchases through my carrier bills wit DU Telecom here in UAE.
  • I need carrier billing for Airtel here in India. That or make Windows Store gift cards available. Google has their Play Store cards available already.