Windows 10 to add carrier billing to Windows Store apps via Bango

Microsoft is continuing to expand the reach of Windows 10 via carrier billing of apps and in-app purchases via the Windows Store. The company has announced an new partnership with UK-based Bango to expand that kind of payment system with more carrier partners.

Bango stated:

"With more than 110 million devices running Windows 10, consumers are using the Windows Store to acquire a vast range of applications and entertainment content that can be used across devices. For the first time, customers running Windows 10 on a PC or tablet will now be able to buy digital content by charging the costs to their mobile phone bill."

More details the first carrier agreements with Bango and Microsoft will be revealed later in January. Microsoft has already announced a similar partnership with Boku to offer carrier billing for Windows 10 via Sprint and Swisscom, among other carriers.

Source: Bango

John Callaham