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Windows 10 build 14332 brings Cortana search for Office 365 and more

Surface-Pro-3-windows-10 (Image credit: Dan Rubino / Windows Central)

Now that Windows Insider build 14332 is here for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, there are some new features that Insiders can start testing right away. And while the list of what's new in the latest build can't rival the massive update that hit the Fast ring last week, there are some notable improvements to look forward to, including Cortana search for for Office 365 and more.

Here's the full skinny from Microsoft on what's new in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile build 14332:

Bash and Command Prompt Improvements: In previous builds, you may have experienced networking issues that prevented tools running in Bash on Ubuntu on Windows from being able to access the Internet. For example, you may have seen apt-get fail to find its servers and download apps. This release fixes these issues and users should no longer need to modify their resolv.conf file by hand. We also fixed an issue when calling mv between the /mnt and non-/mnt drives – files and directories will now move correctly between the two points. For more information about the Bash updates in this build, check out our release notes.For Command Prompt, we've made several improvements including improved windows scaling on PCs with High-DPI displays, better font selection and rendering for international characters, several cursor rendering and hiding improvements, improved background color painting, as well as improved scrolling for nano & EMACS editors.Cortana can now search Office 365: On your PC, Cortana can now search your content in Office 365 including your emails, contacts, calendar as well as files in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. To get started, just add your Office 365 work or school account in the Connected Accounts section of Cortana's Notebook. When you search, choose the appropriate filter (email, contacts, calendar, or documents) at the top to see relevant Office 365 search results. Try this out and let us know what you think!Improved Battery Life for Connected Standby PC's: We've integrated the same underlying technology that Battery Saver uses to quiet down some of the less-valuable activity that occurs during Connected Standby while still keeping your PC connected to the Internet and allowing key connectivity scenarios to work. As a result, if you're using a Surface or other Connected Standby PC, many of you will notice improved and more consistent standby battery life.

If you're having trouble with Cortana search for Office 365, do note that Microsoft says it is currently experiencing some server-side issues that may be causing problems. The kinks are expected to be worked out shortly, however.

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  • Downloading now!!!
  • I can't update. Battery Saver On bug is not letting it. Found others with same problem on feedback app. - Posted via W10 app
  • Why the focus on school and corporate accounts for some Office 365 features? There are those who work independently , like me.
  • Well Office 365 Home and Personal is really a different service to Office 365 for Business Home and Personal are just about the apps, but Office 365 business plans are numerous and about much more than the Office suite itself. There's not really a middle ground other than the small business plans (I multiple paid Office 365 business subs and Office 365 Home but make use of most things each offers)
  • Agreed, but they are different only because that's how Microsoft packages them. I'm not aware of any technical issues preventing them from giving us access to things like searching Office and Outlook.  These features seem to be "upgrade opportunity points" for them. :/
  • The searching of files is different as OneDrive for Business files are on a SharePoint back end, but in 8.1 we could actually search OneDrive (consumer), including text recognition from inside images, I assume that was lost with the transition to 10 though. I do think it would make sense for them to just search emails, contact and calendar using the Mail, People and Calendar apps (just through Cortana instead of in the apps directly) since then it could search across any and all accounts you have synced - This might have even been in Windows 8.1 too. Hopefully we see things like this soon. My biggest issue is you can only link one Office 365 Business account in Cortana and I have 3 of them. I want to see Cortana do more with connected accounts in general. I never see anything Xbox related since the Halo 5 release.
  • I guess I'd like to see them address the freelancer, the sole proprietor, the lone wolf entrepreneur.  I think that's one of the largest market potentials for Nadella's productivity dreams.  
  • Usually because a lot of this functionality relies upon other functionality to work. When you use Office 365 personal, chances are you do not use exchange server. Scanning your mail keeping the data secure, etc. cannot happen if you use GMail or your ISP's mail server so that functionality is not available. If they were to open your GMail, scan it, and have data ready for when you ask a question I am sure Google would complain, people would start making claims about Cortana harvesting your email and sending it directly to Nadella for his personal reading, sending to the NSA, and a bunch of other tin-foil hat conspiracies.
  • Ha ha're right about that. Reynolds Wrap would sell out immediately.   If Microsoft would add a service that allowed single user access and SOHO access to Exchange services as a reasonable Office 365 SOHO edition, I think people would buy it. I'd definitely consider it.
  • The problem is, at least the last time I setup Office 365 for corp use, you had to make a lot of changes on your end to get it working. Changes that an IT pro needs to make such as changing the CName record so that your domain name would point to the Microsoft server rather than your own. Now this was a while ago and things may have changed, plus we had our own network and Exchange server already running so it may not be the same for a one person shop starting out. But it was not something that a person not experienced in networking would be able to do on their own.
  • A couple of things: 1.  There is an audience out here, like me, who used to do networking and IT consulting for small businesses and have setup Exchange servers and Small Business Servers.  We can handle that setup.
    2.  It doesn't NEED to be that difficult for the SOHO market.  If Microsoft hosted the Exchange service within the Office 365 environment, they could make Outlook setup a click for default settings.  
  • Nothing notable for mobile lol
  • Well not for PC either for most people. Unless you spend time using Command Prompt and are excited by Bash in Windows like some of us are.
  • Thank you......
  • Yay, proper scaling for command prompt.
  • This one made me happy too being a Surface Pro 3 user.
  • So basicly no new features for mobile, thanks Microsoft :D
  • Build 14332 brings Cortana search to Office 365. Well, that's great! Now look at the article right next to this - headline "What's fixed and what's broken in (yes, you guessed it) BUILD 14332. Will this madness never stop?
  • The only thing I don't like about these multiple posts about essentially the same thing is that it fragments the comments about the new build - I don't mind if they want to up their article count no real problem with it other than the comments thing.
  • Worse, worser... Microsoft!!! This crap will go on and on for like a year. What a waste, amateurs!!! WTF!