Windows 10 build 17035 now available for Insiders in the Fast ring with new features

Microsoft is rolling out a brand new Insider Preview build of Windows 10 to Insiders in the Fast and Skip Ahead ring today that introduces a plethora of new changes, features and enhancements over the last preview builds.

Today's build is 17035 and is rolling out now. No build for Mobile today, which isn't much of a surprise. Let's dive into what's new in the PC build.

What's new in build 17035?

Microsoft Edge

  • Mute-a-Tab! This build introduces a new experience for muting a tab playing audio. The audio icon that displays when a tab is playing media is now clickable and will mute the audio streams that tab is playing when clicked. The tabs audio will unmute when clicked again. This feature is also available from the context menu via the right click action on the tab.
  • Save free EPUB books: If you're reading a free EPUB book from the web in Microsoft Edge and want to save it, you can now do that.
  • New context menu options for books: For your convenience, we've added a few new options when you right-click books in the Book pane, including View in Microsoft Store, Pin to Start, and Refresh books. Remove from here has been renamed Remove from device.

Windows Shell

  • Near Share: Say you're in a meeting with your boss and need to quickly send them the report you're looking at on your screen? Or you and a sibling are hanging out on the couch using your laptops, and you want to send him a screenshot of your latest Minecraft creation? You can now wirelessly share files and URLs to nearby PCs using the new Near Share feature.
  • Touch Keyboard with Acrylic: With this build we've updated the touch keyboard to now have an acrylic background. This change is reflected in all keyboard layouts hosted in the XAML touch keyboard, including the wide layout, the one-handed layout, and the handwriting panel.
  • Streamlined text insertion: In this release, we've added some slick new animations and changed the button layout of the handwriting panel based on your feedback. Ink some words in the panel and watch them appear in your selected text field!
  • Use a gesture to create more space between words: Draw a "split" gesture between two words in the handwriting panel by drawing a vertical line between them. More space will be created where you drew the line so that you can write more in the newly-created space.
  • We're introducing the ability to see text suggestions while typing on a hardware keyboard. You can see three text suggestions near caret while typing and choose candidates in text suggestions if you find a word you want to insert. Set focus to the first suggestion by tapping the up arrow key on your keyboard and using the left/right arrow keys to change focus. To select the desired candidate, tap space or enter.


  • Windows Update Improvements: You can now limit the download bandwidth that is used in foreground downloads. Foreground downloads take place when you interactively start a download, for example – you click on "Check for updates" or start downloading an App from Windows Store.
  • Sound Settings are moving to Settings: You can now change some of your common sound settings, such as switching devices and troubleshooting, in Settings > System > Sound. Head on over for a preview of how sound settings are moving out of the legacy Control Panel and into the Settings app. We still have some things to add and fix on this page, so stay tuned!
  • Updated Ease of Access Settings: This build adds additional Ease of Access settings to further round out the revamping of settings which flighted for the first time with Build 17025. New sections on Display, Audio, Speech Recognition and Eye control (beta) have been added to group related settings. (NOTE: Eye control settings are not yet in this flight but coming soon.)

General fixes

  • ATTENTION DEVELOPERS: We fixed an issue from the previous flight where launching an app with a debugger attached caused it hang at the splash screen. Debugging UWPs now works again.
  • When the default location is set on your home or office PC, Cortana now knows to show you location-based reminders in the area on your PC. Your default location can be set in the Maps app.
  • We've updated Cortana Collections to now support light theme.
  • We're making some changes to the Data Usage settings page under Settings > Network & Internet — you'll notice some differences in this build. Not everything is working so stay tuned for an announcement in a later flight when everything is up and running.
  • We fixed an issue where some Store download errors were unexpectedly displaying on the Windows Update history page.
  • We've updated the Action Center to now use Fluent Design's Reveal. You'll also notice we've updated "Clear all" to now say "Clear all notifications" to improve discoverability.
  • We fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to swipe to clear notifications from the Action Center in the last few flights.
  • We fixed an issue where dismissing an alarm notification above lock resulting in the alarm sound continuing to play despite being dismissed.
  • We fixed an issue where after uninstalling an app, its pinned tile might still exist on the Start Menu.
  • We fixed an issue where after connecting via Remote Desktop the first local launch of Start menu would show Start briefly clipped to the top half before animating in the bottom.
  • We fixed an issue where after upgrading the Start Menu might contain multiple listings of apps with only the name "NoUIEntryPoints-DesignMode" and a grey tile.
  • We fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to rename files in File Explorer when using the Small Icons view.
  • We fixed an issue where using the File Picker from a UWP app would show an error saying "multiple selections aren't allowed" when attempting to pick multiple images from a phone connected to the PC via USB.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in "Occasionally show suggestions in Start" being reset after upgrading.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in a drop in Start menu reliability in the last two flights.
  • We fixed an issue where notifications with progress bars wouldn't update while the Action Center was open.
  • We fixed an issue where valid characters in the touch keyboard were unexpectedly disabled in password fields for certain keyboards.
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn't switch to alpha mode when using the touch keyboard using a third party Japanese IME since the key wasn't available.
  • We fixed an issue where the input indicator state wouldn't be preserved across reboot if set to something other than the default value.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the touch keyboard coming up unexpectedly after setting focus to Start when in tablet mode.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in ink strokes in OneNote sometimes unexpectedly changing thickness after interacting with buttons in the app.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the touch keyboard not coming up in certain text fields with the keyboard docked in tablet mode.
  • We fixed an issue where words would sometimes get duplicated when using the handwriting panel in certain apps.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in screen flickering in the last flight after bringing up the game bar, volume slider or other on-screen UI when playing fullscreen DirectX9 games.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in Forza Horizon 3 unexpectedly failing to run with an "unsupported graphics card" error on some laptop configurations.
  • We fixed an issue where pressing Shift + Del while editing the URL of a favorite would delete the favorite entry instead of performing a Cut action.
  • We fixed an issue from the previous flight where changes made to About:flags in Microsoft Edge wouldn't persist.

As always, you can check out the official Windows Blog for the complete changelog.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Any word on if this fixes the GSOD issue that happens every two to three hours? 
  • I think you'll have to be more specific. Build 17025 has been very stable for a lot of people (which is why the slow ring has it and they even made ISOs available for it). Have you attempted to debug the memory dump to see what component is causing the kernel to panic? Perhaps a driver issue?
  • I get it all the time on my Surface Pro 3.  Usually happens when I have an HTML5 video player open in Edge.  Either that or Edge fails decoding the stream within minutes.  Definitely related to the media stack in my case.  If it's a driver issue, that's still on MS. Either way, looking forward to updating tonight. 
  • Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this next build is better for you. Before you update, though, you may want to try the built-in troubleshooters, in particular, Settings -> Update & Security -> Troubleshoot -> Blue Screen... the troubleshooters have improved vastly over the last couple of years, and particularly over the last few months. This may at least point you in the right direction.
  • ^THIS^ That's my exact situation as well. Do the fans speed up for you as well
  • Acronis causes this for me and I see a few others in the feedback hub. Could it be that?
  • Text suggestions when using hardware keyboard? Finally! Been asking for this for years.
  • I type much faster than any suggestions would be of value.  Plus word prediction in W10M and W10 are absolutely horrid compared to WP8.
  • I agree that this isn't for everyone, particularly those who type quickly like us. However, I have a particular use case for autocompleting some technical names of things I'm working on (not jargon, but that'd be useful too, but in this case, names of hosts, clusters, etc.) which are a real pain to type. I find for these cases, I sometimes even resort to switching to my phone to write the e-mail just because it's easier, since my phone suggests these for me just when I need them.
  • Agreed. It would be nice if they brought over SwiftKey's excellent ability to predict to Windows.
  • Unfortunately some of us decided it was a great idea to stop trying after we leaned where the keys were in typing class. =P I agree though that the word prediction and auto correction is getting worse and worse on W10.
  • Let me guess, this is a US-only feature again?
  • Good stuff. MS should increase the speed of "control panel to settings movement".
  • Over all this build looks solid
  • Still no timeline. :/ 
  • Don't worry, it's Coming Soon™. ;-)
  • 1. Mute tab.  This is the absolute first Edge improvement I actually find useful. If it works. I rarely work with multiple tabs, but more to the point I sometimes run across sites that start an audio or video file as soon as it loads. While I really don't care if a video plays (I ignore it all), being able to mute the tab would be quicker than trying to locate the offending audio/video to mute it. 2. I don't read epub/books online, so, meh. 3. Near Share - clearly an enterprise feature. I can't imagine a regular consumer application. 4. Keyboard enhancements - I hate Fluent, so I don't want to see acrylic garbage.  As for handwriting conversion, Windows 8 did it best.  I despise the way W10 does this.  The vertical line to separate words was always a part of Windows 8 handwriting input--this is yet another example of Microsoft catching up with THEMSELVES.  And their word prediction is absolutely horrible in W10.  I don't see this ever improving. 5. Settings - I tend to ignore any sounds that aren't actually Cortana talking to me, so, meh.  Better accessibility options are always a good idea for those with various challenges.  I only update when I'm on high speed internet, so I actually am fine with default bandwidth use. I do hope this build doesn't crash as much.  My SP has been crashing quite often (GSOD) since the 17025.
  • Near Share will be a much simpler replacement for copying, pasting, then texting/IM'ing URLs, etc. to a family member. This is essentially an expanded use case of Continue on PC to allow you to share to someone other than yourself. Honestly, I think this feature is about as far from Enterprise-worthy as it gets. I foresee just about every IT organization out there disabling this feature via Group Policy.
  • Released but not for users with AMD processors.........
  • I thought Microsoft decided to decouple MS Edge updates from the Windows Updates and update MS Edge from the store as it was originally intended to be. did they cancel that ?
  • Wireless file sharing, I like the sound of this! Some 3rd party apps can do this already but to have it baked into the OS is cool stuff
  • I await the day Edge won't be garbage anymore.
  • I work from a browser almost all day in various sites for my job.. Edge is my daily driver and I rarely, if ever have issues - it's clean, simple and fast.
  • For anyone having issues downloading, pause updates, then resume.
  • How does the near share work exactly?
    Sounds like airdrop on mac...
  • Are CSHELL updates for upcoming phone?
  • There is no upcoming phone.
  • I'm amazed that there are still people who's doing this insider s**t for Microsoft.
  • This build isn't appearing when checking for updates in the UK, well at least for me on skip ahead it isn't.
  • Do you have AMD CPU? If yes, thats the reason.