The new Windows 10 calculator tells you your weight in elephants (and more)

Ever wondered what 210 pounds was in elephants? What about calories in units of bananas or length measured in jumbo jets?

Now you can know these things because Microsoft has programmed them into the Windows 10 calculator, a new universal Windows app that also appears on Windows Phone.

Calculator in Windows 10

The idea that Microsoft is making its standard utility apps as universal Windows apps is not new. Windows 10 has already given us the new alarms and sound recorder apps for instance. However, this is the first time we have seen Microsoft get a little cheeky and creative with something as banal as a calculator.

The functions work for various conversions like length, weight, and energy. Typing in a number lets you convert that figure into another unit of measurement e.g. Food calories to Kilojoules. The fun stuff happens below that where an 'About equals to' section gives additional conversions like BTU, Cal, and the last one, bananas.

Calculator in Windows 10

Although it is silly, it is not without use. Units of measurement in and of themselves do not necessarily convey real world understanding. Tossing in an elephant, jumbo jet or banana is a great way to put things in perspective, which makes it a useful tool in addition to being entertaining.

We hope Microsoft puts more clever things like this throughout the OS. Much like using Windows Phone, it makes using the operating system, dare we say, delightful?

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Thanks, Brett Howse, for the heads-up

Daniel Rubino

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