Windows 10 copy and paste could soon cozy up to Android

Swiftkey Hero Pink Google Keep
Swiftkey Hero Pink Google Keep (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Swiftkey could soon sync its clipboard with Windows 10.
  • Some Android phones can already sync their clipboard with Windows 10 through the Your Phone app.
  • The features appears to be in testing based on recent leaks.

Microsoft has spent some time bringing together Windows 10 and Android devices. Now, based on recent leaks, it seems that people will be able to sync their clipboard between the devices through Microsoft SwiftKey. Leaker and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared a tweet showing off the potential feature.

Windows 10 already supports a Cloud Clipboard function that allows you to sync your keyboard between different Windows 10 PCs. To access that feature, press WIN+V. Microsoft appears to be testing a feature that would connect this functionality with Android phones through Microsoft SwiftKey.

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Select Android phones already support cross-device copy and paste, but the functionality is limited to a small subset of devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20. On those devices, the feature works through Microsoft's Your Phone app.

When cross-device copy and paste was announced for specific phones, many complained online. Roberto Bojorquez, the group program manager over Your Phone, explained why the feature is exclusive to specific hardware. Bojorquez explained that accessing a phone's clipboard requires special OEM permission. At this time, it's unclear if integration with Microsoft SwiftKey could make this functionality work without special OEM permission.

While some online state that this feature appears in Microsoft SwiftKey Beta, we have not seen the option on our devices yet.

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  • This has been active in my swift key beta for a long time. U have to go into settings on win and activate cloud clipboard. Then sign into swiftkey with your Ms account and turn it on there too. When linked they each save 5 clips but only for text.... For now.
  • um, no it won't, well swiftkey is the keyboard that is installed as default on my phone i do not use it and also I do not even sync the clipboard in Windows.
  • Good for you. Nobody cares.
  • I’m not going to install and use the Swiftkey keyboard just so I can copy stuff to from my phone to PC. They should make it work with the default phone’s keyboard . If they can’t do that then it’s not my fault they killed off Windows Phone.
  • Well this is totally confusing. I thought SwiftKey already did this. The feature was present in a broken state for more than a year; then recently it started to work. You can check by copying something in Windows and checking the SwiftKey clipboard for what you copied, and vice versa. Perhaps in Samsung phones, SwiftKey uses the Android clipboard?
  • Wasn't this announced like......3 years ago?
  • It was. WC reported on it.