Windows 10 Creators Update build 15063 ISO files now available to download

The ISO files for Windows 10 preview build 15063 — widely considered to be the RTM build for the Creators Update — are now available to download. If you want to get a fresh start with a manual install of 15063 on your PC, then you can grab the files from Microsoft (opens in new tab) and do just that (via Neowin).

Build 15063 first made its way out to Insiders starting last week, and Microsoft has since rolled out a couple of cumulative updates on the Mobile side of things. The ISO files for the latest build briefly appeared on Microsoft's download servers earlier this week, allowing some to download them ahead of time, but the download links were quickly revoked. The latest build's appearance on the Windows Insider site is the first time it's been officially available.

Build 15063 is expected to be the last major build available ahead of the April 11 launch of the Creators Update to the public. For now, you can find the ISOs, along with instructions on creating your install media, at the Windows Insider website.

Download Windows 10 build 15063 ISOs from Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Get in!!!!
  • If you are not an insider, will this upgrade your windows AE to CE without ever expiring?
  • 15063 is not time limited in any way
  • I'm failing to upgrade to 15063 via windows update. If i download the iso can i upgrade that way?
  • Yes
  • Yes, although it's possible your update will still fail, depending on where the failure occurs. You may have to do a clean install.
  • I do not want Insider Preview ISO, but RTM ISO.
  • It is exactly the same thing. Whether or not you enable Insider determines that.
  • Downloaded & did a clean install. Deleted the earlier Windows OS & found out that the total install came to only 12 gb. Good work. Microsoft!
  • I clean installed and it runs great on my Surface Book, however it is domain joined and it won't sync settings from MSA. Worked prior to clean install.
  • Your domain joined account take priority now. You can not sync MSA settings when domain joined.
  • Ah that would explain it... seeing the same behaviour here
  • It says it can work with MSA or work/school account. I think something is broken because it worked after upgrade, just broken on clean install. Same thing happened with 1511 or 1607 and then they fixed it.
  • having some issues with this release, hig cpu usage, (>30% at idle), resulting slowing transitions between windows, slow start menu when transparency is enabled, all in a corei5 6200u, 8gb ram, ssd 128gb.
  •  Imagine how poorly it runs on an AMD 4400+  With only 4 GB of RAM.  Under windows eight (not 8.1)  it hauls ass,  but both 8.1 and 10 are over bloated.  And all of the action center settings that I like to turn off are all greyed out now,  While defender can't be turned off.  I do my own security and antivirus on all of my machines,  Windows 10 won't let me run the system the way I want to run it,  I tried for two months then went straight back to Windows 7 
  • "Widely considered RTM" is a dangerous thing to say. I hope this is RTM also, but that's probably not going to be true. Donna even said that this most recent Insider Build will allow us to update directly to the RTM. Therefore it's a fair assumption that we should not consider this RTM until they make an official announcement saying so.
  • It's possible but highly unlikely at this point that they would release another full build. They are preparing cumulative update patches now.
  • No, the last build fixed it to where AU users could update to CU. That would mean they were getting it ready to go live.
  • Well i wanted to try the refresh windows from Windows Defender Center and i am not disappointed :D 
  • If this was still classed as an Insider build users would not be able to select the Release preview ring, as this ring is only available on the Current Branch build. In other words 15063 is now the current branch, replacing 14393
  • The rumors about a special "custom-built" edition for the Chinese (govt) isn't a rumor anymore: "Home China" is officially listed among the other editions.
  • I got the ISO files that were briefly available on the MS servers, and updated my laptop to 15063. So far, no problems. Don't see any dramatic improvements either, so changes in Edge, new Night Light feature, but basically no big changes for my purposes.
  • Some reason this upadte is called creators updates cause it has been focused on createing and using other creations better, Go figure. If all you use windows for is office and browsing the web you wont really use any other new fetures.  Gaming wise this a huge upadte and makes Gaming on PC much much better.  Even gaming on surface 4 pro is actually doable with newer realesed games in game mode.   Reading Comics and books at night has also improved alot with the night light feature. I have been using every insider build since release on the fast ring and this is by far the biggest improvement of manging resource.   Defender has been improved majorly,  Edge has Gotten a lot more features and alot better ( Hope they settle on a hub icon, it changed pretty much every build) 
  • what exactly is ISO?
  •  International organization for standardization.  In this case it refers to a file type that can be burned onto a disk, an ISO image file
  • how much GB it takes to download the update of 15063 version