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Windows 10 PC cumulative update build 14393.10 released to Insiders on the Fast Ring

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 PC cumulative update build 14393.10 has been released to members of the Insider program on the Fast Ring.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Microsoft's Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar:

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In a follow-up post, Sarkar also confirmed this build was just for Windows PC Insider members. Microsoft is due to release the big Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Tuesday, August 2 for all Windows 10 users.

For more Windows 10 Anniversary Update coverage, see the links below.

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  • We need mobile too :v
  • C'mon guys. Tomorrow is a big day for them. Give them a break
  • Meh, -_-
  • It's today for me :P
  • Already august 2 here
  • Lol. I just realised its the second here as well. While reading the article, my brain had me convinced it was tomorrow
  • Yes!!!!! :)
  • Seems to be coming on slow ring, too, at least for me. KB3176929?
  • Also to Release Preview
  • Yes. This is a simple update, not a new build. Fairly certain point releases goes to everyone running that build regardless of insider ring setting. But Dona said to fast ring so... might be a copy paste or out of habit.
  • Did anyone notice that the pic resolution now shows on the camera settings for non pureview phones but is greyed out. Maybe we will be getting the option to select in a future update:)
  • Seems everyone is busy getting there devices ready!
  • For tomorrow.... that is
  • It's already August 2. I'm patiently waiting through my way for the BIG ANNIVERSARY UPDATE. Fireworks boom boom.
  • Keep hitting 'Check for updates' then ;)
  • Gotta prepare my firecrackers. :P
  • Mobile????? Lol
  • Hey Cortana isn't working since last update on my 1520. And messages didn't restore. Kinda pissed :(
  • Roll back to 8.1 train Hey Cortana, upgrade to latest build without hard reset, Hey Cortana should work. If you perform a hard reset, Hey Cortana training will be lost and it won't work on the latest build. For some reason if you don't do it this way, Hey Cortana cannot be activated on the latest builds. Pretty sure MS is aware of the problem, lots of insiders have left feedback on it. I did the same to my L1520 and I use Hey Cortana almost daily on the latest build.
  • is Hey Cortana feature out in India for 8.1? i was never able to try it on 930
  • No option in my L1520 but it is there in L950Xl. Dunno why
  • What r new features in anniversary update
  • Search the article for ' anniversary update ' it's all there
  • Here it is!
  • It's already tuesday in india. When will we start getting update?? Finger crossed.
  • Night , check after 11pm
  • Yes.... It's still 7:00 pm of august 1 at Redmond us
  • You will get this in upcoming weeks please be patient
  • I think it's possible we have it already on insider lol
  • Do we really have nothing on what this update fixes for PC and Mobile? Also, when will it be available for Mobile? UPDATE: Its installed on my PC now. So far there is a noticeable improvement in reliability for the taskbar. Edge seems to have improved CPU usage as well.
  • No mobile update?
  • Only for insiders???
  • Just installed a KB31766929 and my system became unusable. How do I back out of this patch? Typing this from phone... EDIT: OK, I force power cycled and it's still very unresponsive. Waited like 15 minutes and things coming alive again. Weirdest patch I've seen.
  • I have three PCs that were un-enroled from Insider after 14393.5 that got this.  Clearly NOT Insider only as Dona claims
  • Ditto, got it on my SP3 that's in the Release Preview ring...
  • Ah, Release_Preview IS an Insider ring... But yes as Rvacha says, those on Production are getting it too, not just Insider rings.
  • Yeah and the article said Fast Ring only, that was the correction we were making.
  • Lets recap:
    I have three PCs that were un-enroled from Insider after 14393.5 that got this.  Clearly NOT Insider only as Dona claims
    Ditto, got it on my SP3 that's in the Release Preview ring...
      In the context to which you were responding (i.e. the post you addressed), it clearly reads as though you believed RP to be non-Insider, I was merely correcting that. Best Regards.
  • On my laptop Cortana stopped working. Has anyone else have this issue? All I have is the search icon which replaced the Cortana icon  
  • Yes. I thought they fixed it, but then it happened again earlier today. Reboot fixes, but annoying.
  • Thanks Xsled, Still not working. All I have is the search icon that replaced the Cortana icon.      
  • I unistalled the update and got Cortana back and then I reinstalled the update and lost her again.
  • It seems like the update changes the way the system detects your current location... or, was it my only thought?
  • Did you check language and region?
  • Did you check language and region?
  •   Yes I did. It is in the English (United States). I still have the setup Icon and some basic settings    
  • Ok
  • This update broke Cortana on my Surface 3.  She's still there on the Task Bar and she still opens but she can't do anything.  I hope they don't roll out this release as the Anniversary Update and break Cortana for everyone.   UPDATE: She's working again.
  • Same here. Even though my region is set as US, which my default setting for over a year now. =(
  • It's on the Release Preview ring too.
  • Nope only fast . Man I need a new build for phone too. :-S
  • Uh, I don't know what to tell you.  I'm on the Release Preview ring and just got it on both my desktop and tablet.
  • Non-insider will probably released till evening in INDIA ...
  • I am on Prerelease ring, still got this one. Downloading now.
  • Yep, just got it as well. This machine has never been on anything but Release Preview Ring and even that only since 7/28 when RP got AU so this is definitely rolling out to more than just the Fast Ring, intentionally or not.
  • This update went very smothly & quickly on all my 14393.5 PCs. No apparent issues, Cortana works just fine on all
  • " Microsoft is due to release the big Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Tuesday "  ^^^^^ its already tuesday morning here release all the things  /o\
  • When i will get mobile update?
  • Wen u do
  • RTM my asssss!!!!
  • For those with software agreements you can download 1607 via VLSC now!   For home users, I wonder what the Media Creation Tool grabs?
  • Not just the Fast Ring, I just got it and I'm on Release Preview...
  • When u update for mobile..
  • Mobile version is not update..give it mobile build version
  • Installed on my Fast Ring laptop. Cortana search works. Nothing seems to be broken.
  • I downloaded and installed the update within 3 minutes as I was on build 14393.5 before this update 14393.10. It is working and perfectly too. The update only changed my sign in password and replaced it with Microsoft Account password. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As others mentioned earlier, 14393.10 arrived on the slow ring. Installed it and everything is running liquid smooth so far.
  • Hope that this lands in slow ring for Mobile as well maybe tomorrow. If so ill expect it to be more reliable :D
  • when will it be released according to IST?
  • After 10pm tonight
  • I got Anniversary Update via Windows Update yesterday around 11.00 pm. When I was shutting my PC down I was being asked about 'install update and shut down'. Once I have checked Windows Update there was 'Windows 10 Technical Preview 14393'.
  • Why thumbs down? It's true. I was surprised that PC has never been part of Insider Preview Programme.
  • I have three computers in the Fast Ring that are on 14376 and they don't get any updates any more...? I tried switching to Slow Ring, and temporarly stop the Insider program, but to no avail. Anyone have any idea what this can be or how I can fix it? Really annoying! Never had problems with Insider or builds before.
  • have you tried rolling back to a previous build or doing a "reset my pc"?
  • Didn't receive it yet. Checked multiple times
  • Anyone getting the W10 AU yet? I am anxiously waiting :P
  • Nope not yet